Warriors Are “Likely” to Draft Anthony Edwards, per Analyst

Warriors Are “Likely” to Draft Anthony Edwards, per Analyst
Warriors Are “Likely” to Draft Anthony Edwards, per Analyst


Anthony Edwards is addressing the audience at a basketball game.

Every day there is more and more news and rumors circulating about the NBA 2020 project, and recently there have been allegations that the Golden State Warriors would probably turn to the Georgian Guard Anthony Edwards if he is available for their number 2 selection.

The NBA project is scheduled for Wednesday the 18th. November, scheduled, but the teams already seem to be sending smoke screens for those they can or cannot send. When it comes to an organisation like the Warriors, reports are posted on the bulletin board.

Some of them have been written about the disagreement between LaMelo Ball and his father about his suitability for the Warriors and his possible derailment in the project based on his interview. Others are interested in the fact that James Weisman is a member of the Minnesota Timberwalls and an example for the Golden State. According to Denis Avdiya’s formation he prefers to play in blue and yellow with Steph Curry, Clay Thompson and Dramond Green.

And yet, one name we haven’t heard much about is Anthony Edwards. Until recently. According to Connor Leturno of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Warriors are likely to visit the University of Georgia guard when it is available under number 2 of their choice.

According to League sources, Golden State will probably take Edwards as number 2 if Minnesota puts him back as number 1.

Who is Anthony Edwards?

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Edwards is the 6’5. Defender who visited the University of Georgia and won the SEC Freshman of the Year award with an average of 19 points per game, 5 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 40.2 percent kicks in his university season alone.

Jonathan Wasserman of the Bleacher Report compared him to Zack Lavin from Chicago and Donovan Mitchell from Utah. In fact, it’s a dynamic bomber that can refuel anywhere on the square when it’s hot. Edwards himself, however, has his own slightly higher projections, if you ask him.

His name is Dwyane Wade, Edwards said last week at the sports center. I watch TV and I think I can be that guy or I can be better than him.

Edward’s ability to score a goal will allow him to immediately agree to any team he is called to. The situation becomes even more dangerous for the Warriors when they play with the second team of the replacements. He and Eric Easter would be a much-needed setback for the rest of their list if one of the big three were on the couch. It could also be a place where Edwards could become a big player. Without having to make an immediate impression and make an important contribution, he can spend time improving his shooting and protection.

Who else could be a Golden State?

La Melo's Ball

GettyLaMelo Ball

No matter who is recruited first, the Gold State is better able to expand its competitive window and build its future. As mentioned above, each player on each team will be able to work on improving their game over time rather than contributing immediately.

When Edwards is called by the wolves of the forest, the Golden State has the choice between Sage and Ball. Wiseman fits perfectly into the team, which needs a quality center to play against players like Denver’s Nikola Yokich, Portland’s Yusuf Nurkic and Los Angeles’ Anthony Davis. Even her fellow trainer Penny Hardaway openly discusses these possibilities.

He can easily keep up with the game and pace, Hardaway told NBC Sports Bay Area this week. He’s very athletic, very fast. He immediately becomes one of the best rider in the competition. It will also protect the edge. Now he’s pretty good and it’s going to get better, especially since he’s going to play with veterans like Draimond, Clay and Steph.

On the other hand, the ball will also prove to be a wise choice. As with Edwards, the ball can be a relief on the bench and lead the team into a second block, making it easier to attack when the ball is hit. Defensively, he will have to make some improvements, but with the right guidance at this early stage of his career, he can do something about it. However, it seems that according to Wasserman, Ball has something for him in the front office of the Golden State and also someone who is not too enthusiastic.

A source told the pale report that rumors are circulating that Warriors owns could put pressure on the front lines to choose the Orb when the saga is over. Another source near the Golden State indicates that there is both a pro ball and a pro ball in the front office.

It may not be clear to whom the warriors will be called, but everything will be revealed next week when their waking hours pass.

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