Katie Taylor outclasses Miriam Gutierrez to defend four women’s lightweight titles

Taylor and Githierres Taylor has now won 17 of the 17 matches.

Katie Taylor fought hard to beat Miriam Gutierrez and defend her four lightweight World Championship titles with points.

As soon as the bell rings, Taylor goes after a previously undefeated opponent who cannot account for his speed.

At the end of the fourth lap Clary Gutierrez stormed out with a sublime combination of left and right, and every time she pushed forward the stop looked very tight.

Gutierrez somehow survived, but lost 100-89 100-90 99-91 on the map.

Promotor Eddie Hearn called Taylor the greatest boxer of all time after a master class in which she hit a 37-year old Gutierrez with a lightning bolt.

I thought it was a big win, said Taylor, 34, live on Radio 5. I wanted to seal my authority early. I thought I hurt her the first time. She was very heavy and hard, she did 10 laps and I’m very happy.

There are so many big fights, and I want to record them all.

Moving Frontiers – Next Cyborg UFC ?

Kathy Taylor's ring Taylor made her ring the melody the Chicago Bulls adopted during their period of domination between 1991 and 1998.

Taylor came out of his dressing room to the sound of Sirius, a melody the Chicago Bulls created in six NBA championships between 1991 and 1998.

The hero of the Irish ring, the Olympic champion of 2012, seemed untouchable in the Wembley arena. Any shortcoming left by Spaniard Gutierrez in her defense is reflected in her creativity, speed and precision, because the champion – a favorite who bets on a 1-28 fight – justifies herself as a star who will take women’s boxing to the next level.

Rarely did she throw a single shot, but instead she opted for an outburst to hit an opponent who seemed to want to drown in a sea of blows for 20 minutes.

A quick attack in the third round – built on the left corner of the body and head – looked like a decisive attack, but was followed by a soft combination on the opponent’s ground in the fourth round, where the extra seconds could have given time to stop.

In the middle of the stage, the only question that remains is how the competition will end and where this boxing pioneer will develop.

Among the names mentioned were British Natasha Jonas and Chantel Cameron – world champion in the aforementioned division – and a spectacular match with UFC star Chris Cyborg.

She wants to push the boundaries, Hearn said. She won’t escape one of them. I don’t think there’s a fight she wouldn’t pick.

Taylor now has 17 of the 17 fights under his belt. Her obsession with her profession will undoubtedly make her wonder how she not only found the seventh step in her career.

But on the night that women’s boxing was presented in the top three spots on the battle map, it blinded, and those who watched saw the best of the burgeoning profession.

Commitment to be competitive – Analysis

Cathy Taylor Taylor dominated Gutierrez from start to finish at Wembley.

Mike Costello, sports boxing correspondent: This looks like a turning point in women’s boxing, with Katie Taylor at the top. There is a sense of dynamism around the sport, but there is not enough depth.

We need more women and girls for this sport.

Analyst Steve Buns: She didn’t waste a second in that fight. She tried to make sure it wouldn’t take longer than necessary. I’ve never seen such a broad smile as when Gutierrez heard the bell.

She wasn’t competitive, but she was convincing.

Response – Cameron beats Taylor?

World Super Lightweight Champion Josh Taylor believes that Chantel Cameron can beat Katie Taylor World Super Lightweight Champion Josh Taylor believes that Chantel Cameron can beat Katie Taylor in former World Champion Tony Belle Tony Belle has praised Taylor and hopes that she will meet Natasha Jonas in the next former World Champion Tony Belle, that she will meet boxing promoters Calle and Nisse Sauerland at her next meeting with Natasha Jonas, emphasized Taylor’s position in women’s boxing…

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