Prince William and Kate to travel by the Royal Train and thank coronavirus heroes

Prince William and Kate to travel by the Royal Train and thank coronavirus heroes
Prince William and Kate to travel by the Royal Train and thank coronavirus heroes

Ever since Coronavirus appeared on the scene, the world witnessed deaths from all corners. Britain is no exception and Prince William and Kate would undertake a train journey throughout the country to express their gratitude to the coronavirus heroes. It would be a three-day trip and cover Scotland, England and Wales. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to share a few moments with coronavirus heroes on Christmas and thank them for the efforts they have put in to care for those who suffered from the epidemic. The origin of the disease lies in China and scientists are trying to come up with a vaccine which is a long-drawn process.

Until that happens, it is up to the hospitals and their staff to look after the patients. Their work is all the more difficult because the disease is highly contagious. Medics advise people to maintain a safe distance from others and promote the work-from-home culture which could take over from commuting to work. Such actions would help prevent spread of the disease.

Sky News says Prince William and Kate will be paying tributes to not only individuals but also various organizations that have responded to tackle the pandemic ignoring threats of infection. Their three-day itinerary involves a journey of 1,250 miles between 6th and 8th December. They would not just meet those who are associated with waging a war against the pandemic but also share their experiences.

It would be a broad spectrum from healthcare workers to children.

Their focus would be on coronavirus

In the words of a spokesperson for Kensington Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would focus on the pandemic and the incredible work people have done across the country to contain the spread of the disease. Sky News adds that it was a difficult year for the whole world and Prince William and Kate want to express their gratitude to everyone who did his bit to help the cause.

They might be local communities who chipped in to extend a helping hand or regular staff of hospitals.

Coronavirus has thrown the world off-balance

In view of the contagious nature of coronavirus, the lifestyle has changed. Experts advise people to avoid crowded places and the axe has fallen on movies, sports and Travel. Physical contact can lead to infection, so normal gestures like hand shake and hugs are taboo.

Even, Black cabs in London face survival problems because of coronavirus. Sky News goes on to say Prince William and Kate will witness some festive performances by local artists. These would help to reveal Britain’s world of arts, heritage and performance. The government supports this sector by extending financial aid. Incidentally, The Queen loves to travel by train. However, the Royal Train has been used sparingly in recent times. The locomotives that power the train can attain speeds up to 125mph, but have a speed limit when on Royal duty.

The travel would adhere to official coronavirus guidance

According to The , the disease has wreaked havoc all over the world with the death toll continuously on the rise. It took off from China in the beginning of 2020 and has thrown life haywire.

There is no apparent cure and work is on to create a vaccine. One of the worst hit is the travel industry. Most of the airlines have grounded their aircraft and a new concept of air travel during coronavirus pandemic is the flight to nowhere. Against this background, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will embark on a three-day tour on board the royal train. They would thank community workers and frontline staff in the UK and meet those who helped in these critical times. Prince William traveled by this train in the past but it would be a new experience for Kate. All visits and official events will adhere to the government’s coronavirus guidance.

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