The Undertaker Shows Up on Jimmy Fallon for a Special WWE Halloween Treat

Jimmy Fallon managed to surprise WWE fans with a special performance by The Undertaker on The Tonight Show. This week during the audience segment, Fallon read a note from a fan who knew his love for Halloween and the WWE and asked the host of The Tonight Show to combine the two. I can’t, but I know who can, and his name… According to Fallon, Junior presents a video with a famous wrestler in his equipment from the Second World War.

The Undertaker comes out of the darkness while his WWE music plays in the background. He sees a scarecrow with a Jack-o-lana mask nearby, and for some reason the dead man doesn’t like it at all. He grabs the inanimate support and, after moving over the pin, gives him the headstone — his last typical maneuver — before he crosses his arms and reaches the pin. The poor scarecrow never had a chance.

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Rest… в… Peace, says the wrestler after crushing the pumpkin with his shoe.

The Undertaker’s debut in the WWE took place on the 22nd. November 1990, as part of a Survivors pay-per-view television series. This year the 34th annual Survivor Series will be held again on the 22nd. November, and this event celebrates Undertaker’s 30th birthday. Other games announced : WWE World Champion Randy Orton versus Universal Roman Reigns and Team Raw versus Team SmackDown.

In June Junior spoke openly about his sports career in the Junior documentary series: Last trip. This year he called it the Boneyard Match vs. AJ Styles on WrestleMania 36, which was filmed in a cinematic style that contrasts with traditional wrestling. Eventually Dead Man won the race and buried Stiles alive before leaving the arena on his bike. For the time being, Junior thinks it’s a great place to celebrate the end of his sports career.

Sometimes it’s time for the cowboy to really leave. I have nothing more to gain or do, Junior says in the documentary. This documentary] has helped me in recent years to open my eyes to the bigger picture and not to judge myself so harshly anymore. I can do more good outside the ring than inside. I’m finally in a place where I can accept it.

This month, the WWE network is also celebrating 30 Days of the Dead, collecting interviews, documentary footage and some of the best games coming to the WWE Hall of Famer. Brothers of Destruction, a new WWE documentary about the relationship between The Undertaker and his brother-in-law Kane (Glenn Jacobs), recently premiered at the Austin Film Festival and will soon be released at the WWE.

Who knows if we will ever see The Undertaker in the WWE ring again, but watching him unload a scarecrow is probably the best part. Hopefully, the person behind this round – Mark Calaway – will continue to act as vice principal from time to time. The news is coming from Jimmy Fallon’s YouTube channel.

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