NHL draft 2021 – Early top-32 prospect rankings and who might go No. 1 overall

The 2021 NHL design season will not be easy to say the least. The starting dates of the North American competitions are already indicated on the whole map, while the European competitions are being developed against the constant threat of coronavirus interference. Many prospects have played little or no role since March. In short: By the time the project starts in 2021, many changes in these initial assessments are expected. There’s a lot we don’t know about this class. Consider the following extremely preliminary view of what a class can be.

To make matters worse, there is no consensus as to which class 1 player is promising. This season there is no Alexis Lafrenier or Jack Hughes. Rather, there’s a handful of top talent that might be best. Because the talent is more evenly spread over better opportunities, the class is very exciting. (Another NHL team will evaluate a group of prospects. The Seattle Kraken makes his first draw and enters the lottery with the third highest chance to win (number 1).

What are the prospects at this stage of the process? Here’s my first look at the top 32 players in the 2021 class, based on the information I’ve collected and the video I’ve watched so far.

1. Owen Power, D, Michigan (Big Ten)

The power is unique. It has a large frame of 1.80 m and 2.40 m, and it gives its game a flexibility that does not match its size. Most of what power does seems simple. Inspired by Chicago Steel’s programme, which played a major role in Project 2020, Power will be a real newcomer to one of the country’s youngest teams. He’s gonna play a big part right away… …and with good reason.

As UCL’s interim defender this year, the Force scored 40 points in 45 games for Steel in 2019-20. His score of 0.89 points per match is the fourth highest in UCL history for U18 defenders (at least 30 matches). When he played for the team that scored the most points in the history of the championship, he was the driver and did everything he could during the transition period. The Force has an extraordinary sense of hockey and a vision that allows easy movement in the offensive zone. The combination of size, range, maneuverability and power hockey feel is rare.

2. Aatu Rati, C, Carpathians (Finland)

A lot is expected of Raty, who has been one of the best juniors in Finland in recent years. He’s one of those players who does almost everything right. Still, there’s nothing special about him.

Rati strives to play in all areas, he is characterized by offensive elements of the game, and his flair for hockey is perhaps his most visible instrument. He has a good height, dominates the border with his age group all over the world and has earned the professional time he has been given. I also like his skating and shooting. It always plays at the top and is very mature, both on and off the ice.


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