Vikings Update Eric Kendricks ‘Tweaked’ Injury vs. Jaguars

Eric Kendricks


Eric Kendricks missed the game of the Vikings against the Jaguars with the calf corrected, said coach Mike Zimmer.

The word tweak was a sensitive subject for Viking fans.

With Coach Mike Zimer predicting that the injury to Danielle Hunter’s training camp at the end of the season will require surgery, Zimer’s latest information on pro-bowl lineman Eric Kendricks is disturbing. Last week Kendricks was limited to training due to a calf injury, but he didn’t enter the Jaguars game with any sign of an injury. He was sent away just before the match, which for a group with no experience in this field gave a heavy blow to the defense of the Vikings.

He adjusted them during the warm-up, Zimmer said at a post-game press conference. And then they tried to get him ready for the game, but he couldn’t answer the phone.

Kendricks’ appointment to train on Wednesday will be an indication of the nature of his calf injury, but until Sunday it didn’t seem to be the biggest problem to keep him from playing in this game with high stakes.

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Viking defence sets a record in 2020 without Kendricks

The Jaguars didn’t waste any time attacking the gap left by Kendricks, while Mike Glennon James O’Shaunessey hit O’Shaunessey from 24 metres out of the scrum halfway through the first game. The Vikings won 9-0 in the second quarter, although Zimmer did not attribute this result to the absence of Kendricks.

Clearly we had to make a few adjustments if the boys were playing in slightly different positions, etcetera. But, no, you know, anything could have happened. … This isn’t the first time someone hasn’t been able to start the game.

The Vikings overcame a defensive deficit against the leaders of the league and perhaps the best defender in the league, as several players came on stage to take the game in extra time 27-24 for the four overtime of the season.

Rookie cornerback Cameron Danzler started the Viking jump and made his first interception in the second quarter, which led to the first touchdown of the Vikings. He also underwent a forced recovery. Agent Danzler has only allowed three yards to take seven targets in his path. His achievement earned him the Football Focus of Week 13 title and the Rookie of the Week and Defensive Player of the Week titles.

Cameron Danzler plays the ball very well on his first NFL interception

– If Ragatz (@WillRagatz) is entered on the 6. December 2020.

It was difficult because E.C. is a big part of our defense, Danzler said. He’s a leader, but we all have that mentality. The next guy. And Todd Davis, he was done, and he came out, and he played very well.

Viking Plan without Kendricks

Sunday’s victory over the Jaguars should serve as a model for the Vikings to enter the decisive race in the 14th division to compete against the Tampa Bay Pirates.

Former Denver Broncos player Todd Davis, who signed for the Vikings in week 3, played all 71 defensive shots with Eric Wilson as lineman. At the start of the fourth round, Troy Dy completed a questionnaire as a linebacker, while Jordan Braelford, who was lured out of the football team’s training team in Washington after the Vikings lost the Seahawks in Seattle, was used as a rabid linebacker. Braelford fired on his 11 shots, compromising Glennon’s safety and losing his confidence.

By playing Jordan Braelford 11 Dreams, he made an impression. He put pressure on security and took him down too.

This year, the Vikings released him from the training team in Washington. He tested very well on both the wide (94th percentile) and vertical (89th percentile) jumps.

– Daniel House (@DanielHouseNFL) 7. December 2020.

The Vikings, who are currently in seventh place in the NFC playoffs, could further improve their chances by beating the Buccaneers in sixth place playoffs.

The Vikings will have to beat Tom Brady, who is 4-0 behind the Vikings in his rewarding career.


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