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It was like the World Series ended too fast.

When Julio Urias met Willie Adams on Tuesday night, he finished 951. Baseball game of the year 2020. 951. The 2019 season game was played for comparison on June 8, while the team is still in fourth place in Washington.

How could Adams not swing on this course if even a wrong ball helped build a slightly straight field this season, another field. We haven’t finished baseball yet.

And after a few minutes, it appeared that the third baseman of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Justin Turner, had been tested on COVID-19 – the results of the upcoming semifinal – and we were reminded that the season is coming to an end very soon. Not very fast, actually.

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Was the victory of the Dodgers in six games at the Tampa Bay Rays a good run? At least it was a good show. Was it great? In our 116 World Series ranking there are 30. We’re gonna find out why.

We have based our classification of each classic fall on four key factors:

1. The game leverage index, on a baseball scale that measures how close a game is to each other and the probability that each team’s chances of winning the next game will change. A game that lasts almost nine innings and ends on the 10th minute. Winning a round is judged much better than a race where the team starts early and runs away with it.

2. The championship shoulder index in the baseball arena. It looks like a shoulder, except it contains the tension of the show itself. The seven-game line is scored much better than the sweep.

3. How memorable the show was. The 1988 World Series wasn’t particularly tight, but it creates an instant memory for a single run.

4. The historical importance and the pleasant character of this story.

We will indicate the ranking of each World Series in the first two categories. The last two are subjective, so we describe them as well as possible.

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Those that ended before they started

Fault! The file name is not specified. We will always remember the battle in the bay because of the earthquake at Loma Prieta. In fact, the 1989 World Series games were the closest. MediaNews Group/The Mercury News/Getty Images

116. 1919 : Red over White Sox in eight races (best of nine): 105. 1st place
Leverage Rating : 103.

Eight White Sox players were paid to lose, and the games didn’t even happen. It’s a pity the Reds could have won after all, but they never used that knowledge.

Thirty years ago, the Loma Prieta earthquake… …and caused the world. Tim Kurkjian

115. 1989 : About the quadrangular giants series
: 116. Lever arm
: 116.

It’s not just that the Giants never ruled. They only managed to finish two sets in a row, or even a draw. Moreover, it was halved by the deadly earthquake, and when the game was resumed (contrary to the objections of some civic leaders), we were still afraid that the earthquake would shake.

114. 2007 : Red Sox over the Rocky Mountains in four levers series
: 110. Lever arm
: 100.

The third match lasted 4 hours and 19 minutes for no other reason than the Red Sox. It is still the longest game of nines in the history of the series.

113. 1937 : Yankees Five-Arm Giants Series
: 105. Lever arm
: 103.

A rerun of the 1936 World Series, not even close. Tighter.

112. 2012 : Giants versus tigers with four levers
: 111. Lever
: 65.

The story is softened to be remembered as part of the mini-spokesperson of the Giants. But for some giants, the years 2010 to 2014 contain wavy arches full of curves. Barry Zito, the highest paid player of the Giants, did not make it to the 2010 World Series, but won his first game in 2012; Pablo Sandoval was suspended from the 2010 World Series, but won the MVP title in 2012; Tim Lynchukum’s career collapsed and he will not make it to the 2014 World Series, but became a multiple ace in 2012.

111. 1939 : Yankees on the red in four lever series
: 112. Play shoulder
: 41.

Victory in the fourth. The game won Joe DiMaggio in the singles in overtime. When the red fielders lost, the second run went home. Intruder Ernie Lombardi threw the ball and then squatted on the ground, apparently thinking of the futility of all this, as DiMaggio himself ran home and scored a goal for the Junior League homerun.

110. 2008 : Phyllis on the pentagonal race
: 71. Lever action
: 39.

The best game in the series – Game 3 – started 90 minutes late because of the rain and didn’t finish until almost 2 a.m.. The second best game in the series, the addictive Game 5, was interrupted by rain and then snow and ended two days late in the sixth round. It was also played with a general failure.

109. 1976 : The red on the Yankee in four sets
of levers: 101. Lever arm
: 55.

I wanted to sweep up the team so they could be ranked among the big teams where they belong, said Reds manager Sparky Anderson, and it worked. Yankee manager Billy Martin was thrown out at the end of the last game because he threw the ball to the referee.

108. 1966 : Orioles above the Dodgers in four levers of the series: 104. Play Shoulder: 80-й

The Orioles scored three points early in the first set of the first game and then led the Dodgers to two points in the whole series.

The solution to Don Mattingley’s big mystery. Sam Miller

107. 1905 : Giants on A in five series
: 82. Shoulder
: 66.

The world still didn’t know if it was his show. The AL pennant was almost won by the White Sox, whose owner had sworn not to participate – as the Giants failed to do in 1904 when they called it just an exhibition. This increased the chances of the L.A. sending the team in second. Athletics pulled a pennant and saved us from that timeline, but A-star Rube Waddell didn’t serve for as yet unknown reasons. One of the accusations is that Waddell was bribed to miss it.

106. 1920 : The Indian on the Brooklyn Robinses with seven (best of nine)
series shoulders: 96. Shoulder
: 106.

Cleveland probably only did this because the White Sox lost their best players to disqualification at the end of the season when the Black Sox scandal broke out. Brooklyn pitcher Rube Marquard was arrested for selling tickets to a police officer.

105. 1990 : Red above A for four
Series levers : 98. Lever
: 68.

Two closed games, but no closed series – at least not until game four, where the Reds lost their two best goals early in the season, and the return of the five suddenly seemed credible, if not unlikely, after all. But the best gift this series gave us was the answer to a pretty good question about the little things that were asked many years later: Who’s the only pitcher who won the game after the Hall of Fame vote? This is José Ridjo, whose performance as MVP in the 1990 World Series – including 8⅓ sterling innings in the aforementioned Game 4 – probably earned him a vote in the 2000 poll. (After many attempts to recover from his injuries, Ridjo was finally healthy enough not to retire in 2001. He did not win – or lose – any game in 2001, but entered the game in 2002 (5-4).

104. 2010 : Giants over the Rangers in five
series lever arms: 103. Lever arm
: 107.

In the draw, Ian Kinsler dropped one of them from the top of the soft wall in midfield and physics abandoned him: Somehow the ball stopped moving and bounced a double instead of a home run. The Giants won 9-0. Baseball is a game of thumbs and punches.

103. 1908 : Kab on the tiger in five consecutive shoulders
: 92. Shoulder
: 69.

The National League held the biggest pennant race in history, culminating in the craziest baseball day ever, and then the Cubs traveled to Detroit to meet the much inferior AL-team they had faced a year earlier. The way in which you can see Superman beating Lex Luthor in the second act and then investigate price fixing in the agribusiness in the third act is very anticlimactic.

102. 1961 : Yankees above red in five standard
levers: 94. Shoulder
: 105.

On the 12th. The Yankees episode was broadcast 15 years later: Mickey Mantle took off his clothes and left the stadium before the end and Roger Maris refused to be interviewed. I’m in a hurry, guys. Maris told the reporters. Parties mean nothing to me.

101. 2006 : The cardinals on the tigers in five series
: 86. Lever action
: 71.

The series’ biggest hit, with an extra shot at winning the championship (cWPA), was David Action’s double-header in Game 4 – only the 447th largest double in the history of the series. The cardinals are the worst champions in the world with 83 victories, measured by that number.

100. 1998 : Yankee on the four lever paddle of the
series: 100. Shoulder removal
: 60.

The Yankees won 114 regular season games, the third in a row, and with the start of the World Series it was decided that they had to beat the Padres in order to preserve the legacy of the club as the best team of all time. But in the middle of the series it was decided that in order to prove something, it was not only necessary to win, but also to destroy the Padres. That’s exactly what they did. As a result, the Yankees set a record of 125 victories that year, and the percentage of victories (including the games after the end of the season) was only lost by the Yankees of 1927 and the Pirates of 1909. Personally, I would put them in fifth place in the GOAT interview, but other smart people could put them in first place.

Wrong series with big players

Fault! The file name is not specified. Hall of Fame, third baseman Brooks Robinson, essentially won the Fall 1970 classics in a glove. Bettman/Getty Images

99. 1938 : Yankee on the cable car in four series
: 99. Shoulder removal
: 62.

Lou Gehrig was dying, but no one remembered. He just knew he was tired. In every match that would be his last World Cup.

98. 1951 : Yankee on the giants in six levers of the
series: 67.
Play Shoulder: 99-й

A series between debutantes Willie Mace and Mickey Mantle: What could go wrong? The .182 Maze hit him without hitting the base too hard. Mantle took a thorn in the manhole cover, collapsed like a gunshot and played with pain for the rest of his career.

97. 1913 : One Over Giants results in five
series: 90. Shoulder
: 72.

In the second match Christy Matheson entered the lowest round of the ninth, the score was even. He escaped the inevitable traffic jam – the riders in second and third place didn’t go out with anyone after a teammate’s mistake – and led the winner to 10th place. This is a depot for the highest VPA in low season: 1.0.

96. 1970 : Orioles above red in five levers of the series: 102. Shoulder: 77-й

Brooks Robinson’s defense at third base won. Poor Reds driver, Sparky Anderson, kept shaking his head and mumbling: So far it’s the complete series, reports The New Yorker.

You have to fix the baseball while we wait for the games to resume? We gave the best teams, who could never win it all, another chance at glory. Press field 32 Components.

Round 1: Sweet 16: Elite 8: Final 4:
And the winner… ?

95. 1930 : A on the cardinals in six series
: 81. Lever action
: 93.

Game 5 : Lefty Grove, the best pitcher in the world, came out to take a free kick to George Earnshaw in the eighth inning of the Stowaway game. Grove, who had thrown a full game the day before, threw a blind eight, then Jimmy Fox came back from the ninth and Grove threw a blind eight to win.

94. 1967 : The cardinals on the Red Sox in seven levers series
: 63. Lever arm
: 110.

Bob Gibson had three starts: three full races, three licensed races, three wins. It’s not the world series he’s most reminded of!

93. 1963 : Dodgers over the Yankees in four Series
levers: 113. Lever arm
: 104.

Sandy Koufax made two starts, two full races, one with the record of $15,000 at the time. It’s not the world series he’s most reminded of!

92. 2009 : Yankee on Phyllis in six sets shoulder
: 93. Shoulder
: 96.

The Yankees won the 27th edition and ended Pedro Martinez’s career. Martínez signed a one-year contract with Phyllis in July, after the terrible 2008 season at the Mets. On the last stretch he was pretty good, and then he dominated his only start in the NLCS – revitalized and updated, if not all the best. But in match six, the Yankees beat him after four sets, four races, for the second loss. It started at 84 miles an hour. After the game he tried to avoid the reporters, but they found him and surrounded him with an elevator, while a Yankees fan – who had somehow escaped security control – yelled at him because of questions from reporters, Amy K. Nelson wrote. If Martinez stops playing baseball like that, it’s a bad end for one of the best pitchers. It was, but maybe in the end it was the right ending. Pedro was one of the greatest men of all time, no one denies that. He had some of his greatest moments against the Yankees, but also almost all of his worst. He even admitted he was having fun. Ending your career with a Yankees fan randomly shouting at your father’s identity is either depressing or perfect.

91. 1977 : Yankee on the Dodgers in six sets of shoulder
: 87. Shoulder clearance
: 91.

It all came from me, Reggie Jackson said that summer. I’m the straw stirring the potion. Manager Billy Martin hated him for that – soon after they were almost on the bench, but then Jackson supported him: five homers in a series, three in an exciting game 6.

Beautiful series in which just something happened to

Fault! The file name is not specified. Don Denkinger’s classic alarm bell from 1985 is one of the most famous blunders in the history of baseball. Bettman/Getty Images

90. 1910 : Above the pups in five levers of the
series: 106. Lever arm
: 76.

The competition chose the World Series of all things to present a new, more dynamic baseball, and the results were immediately visible: The score went from 3,8 games/games in the regular season to 5,0 in the World Series (and 4,5 in 1911). Baseball probably needed a change, but the use of the World Series for the experiment would be if Rob Manfred announced that the competition would move into robotic kicking zones just before Gerrit Cole dropped his first field in October last year.

89. 1944 : The cardinals above St. John’s Louis Brownes in six series
of levers: 48. Play Lever
: 48.

(See below.)

88. 1943 : Yankee about the cardinals in five sets of levers
: 49.
Play shoulder: 24-й

(Carry on.)

87. 1945 : Tiger over the dice in seven levers series
: 30 Playing the shoulder
: 98

These champions are officially canonical, but in the course of three seasons the talent of the competition has been exhausted. At the end of World War II, the league had about 500 Major League players with 400 active players each, and the tournament schedule was strange. The Brownes, the worst baseball franchise in the league, won their only pennant in 1944, and the dysfunctional Kabs somehow won in 1945. However, all three series were competitive and well attended, and the crowd was thankful that baseball (at the request of the president) had found a way to keep the game going.

In the series 1945 we have the curse of the goat children. The local tavern keeper, Billy Sianis, was thrown out of the stadium with his stinking, wet goat. According to legend, Sianis cursed the team that had formed after his death in 1970. This happened immediately after the collapse of the Kabs aux Mets in 1969, and how the story of the uselessness of the Kabs began to unfold on a national level, and when the aberrant world series of 1945 might have mixed with all the other series.

86. 1903 : Boston Americans via Pirates in Eight (Best of Nine)
: 95. Lever action
: 113.

An undeniable success, with a huge number of visitors, which gave the event enough impetus to be repeated and become a thing of the past in 1905. In the first round there were 17 triples, 33 faults and Deacon Philip missed five full games.

85. 1983 : Orioles on Phyllis in the five levers of the series: 75. Play shoulder: 58-й

When the eighth inning of the first game was approaching, the score was 1-1. President Ronald Reagan prepares to leave the field and gives a brief interview to Howard Cosell.

Scott McGregor had already reached eight when the ABC team member waved to wait. He did. When he got permission to serve, his first shot was a misplaced fastball that hit Harry Maddox. The result is 2:1. There’s a certain fluidity in the game, McGregor said. I told that guy never to do that to me again. I said: Sell your Datsun another way.

The Orioles then won four straight victories, including three from behind, to win the so-called I-95 series. The 1980s were marked by a series of nicknames. The Brewers and Cardinals played a series Souda, the Giants and A – the Battle of the Bay, the Cardinals and Royalis – I-70 series, and the Dodgers and A series, I swear it, was called a series of pollution fog.

84. 1985 : Wings above the cardinals in seven
series levers: 42. Shoulder
: 70.

For the sixth. The game, as described in the New York Times, would be played as a boring but fast game. Whether what happened next has to be moved up or down this list is a matter of personal philosophy.

The Cardinals won three or two games in Game 6 and 1-0 at the end of Game 9 in Game 6. (MLB commissioner Peter Uberroth has in fact cut the royal dugout at the moment, so he will be there to award the World Series trophy to the cardinals. The royal family has certainly noticed that. We noticed, a member of the royal family said 🙂 Jorge Horta of the Royals took us out of the round and landed at first base. The shooting of Cardinal Pitcher Todd Worrell over the sandbag was clearly on time, but the first judge of the base, Don Denkinger, declared him unharmed. Warrell showed the bag to insist he put his foot in it. Thinker says Horta just hit Worrell.

From there the royal troops gathered, while Denkinger, fearing that he would miss the call, secretly urged the cardinals to take the initiative and declare his call invalid. After the game, Cardinal Manager Whitey Herzog went to the press conference: The top two teams should play in the World Series. She should have the best judges, too. I’m sorry. It’s a joke. We haven’t had a single call from three American competition juries on this subject. You want my opinion? It stinks. He remarked with a final fatalistic note that Denkinger would not be able to make a decision at the 7th Congress. The game will play the role of the plate jury. We have about the same chance of winning as a monkey.

They lost the 11-0.

A missed call from Denkinger would have been the most famous missed call in baseball history for about 25 years, until Jim Joyce missed a similar call, which would have been the final of Armando Galarraga’s perfect game. There were two major differences in the impact of two missed calls:

While the sport and the Galarga themselves were largely united in their support for Joyce, an excellent referee with an impeccable reputation, who expressed regret for the missed call in tears, Denkinger was vilified. The duke and pitcher Joaquin Anduyar were expelled from school the next day because of an argument with him, and the above quotes from the duke not only give him no reason to doubt, but also indicate an actual bias. Louis disc jockeys revealed his phone number and home address and received hatred and death threats, some of which were investigated by the FBI, others provoked police protection. In the following years the cardinals continued to say that they had been deceived, and it took a decade before the duke and the cardinals publicly softened their attitude towards him.

While Joyce’s missed call resulted in even more votes for an immediate resumption of the game – to protect players like Galarga and referees like Joyce – Herzog refused to do the same after Denkinger’s mistake. When asked whether the League should use tight adultery in tantrums against the Duke’s bad referee, he first answered that something had to be used. He retired quickly: No, you cannot use direct playback in such songs. The decision will take four hours. It would take 30 years before phone calls like Denkinger’s could be verified, something Denkinger would be grateful for in 2010.

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we look at how the Big League has predicted the future. Sam Miller

83. 1997 : Marlins on Indians in the seven-shoulder series
: 9. Shoulder
: 53.

It was a fantastic series at the time, but the wrong team won. Somehow we knew then: The Marlins were a reborn rival based on a free agency that immediately abandoned the club owner, while Cleveland was a failed story with the drought that swept the city during the sports championship, from the heyday of the Major League to a real local powerhouse. But after the victory of the Marlins, who then traded all their good players for a shocking surrender, they became an irreparable blemish on baseball history.

82. 1959 : Dodgers over the White Sox in six levers of the series
: 68th
Lever: 88-й

The Dodgers attracted 92,000 fans in each of their three home games. The unfavorable size of the Los Angeles Coliseum contributed to the tradition of attracting fans with transistor radios and filling the stadium with the voice of Wina Scully.

81. 1906 : White Sox Over Cube in six sets
of levers: 50.
Lever action: 84-й

The 1906 Cubs are one of two teams that have won a record 116 games in one season, but like the 2001 Mariners, the historic regular season preceded the defeat at the end of the season.

80. 1914 : Bravely grabs four
series levers: 88. Lever
: 16.

The Wonder Braves were in last place in July, but they responded with a roar and then swept the much-loved track and field. The owner of the A, Connie Mack, virtually gave up the fitness, sold some of her best players, and her team fell to 43-109 in 1915.

79. 1918 : Red Sox in Cubs in six levers Series
: 38. Lever
: 22.

It is likely that the 1919 World Series was not the only one trying to lose. Sean Daveny’s book, The Original Curse, claims that the Cubs of 1918 may have done better than their city’s rivals in corruption.

78. 1922 : Giants about Yankees for five (one pulling) levers series
: 79.
Lever operation: 8-й

According to the New York Times, Game 2 had the most dramatic end of all games in the world series, and it’s still shocking 100 years later: The referee called him at 16:45 in the dark, with the score at 10 and the sun, in the opinion of the audience, was a draw. The players were hit by thunder and the crowd was confused. Thousands of people attacked the commissioner, shouted accusations of corruption and claimed baseball wanted another day at the goal. The League suppressed their anger by donating tickets to a charity fund for veterans.

77. 1948 : Indian on the brave six lever series
: 41. Lever
: 36.

It is almost certain that the 2017 World Series wasn’t the only one affected by shield theft by players with illegal technology or illegal personnel. If you had to choose another team to go crazy, it could be the Cleveland Club of 1948. According to Paul Dixon’s book, The Hidden Language of Baseball, Cleveland used a telescope that year that Bob Feller had used as an officer during the Second World War. The telescope was mounted on a tripod in the Cleveland bulletin board and was operated alternately by Feller or Bob Lemon, who remembered that he could see the dirt under the lover’s fingernails. They called the gardener to the next field, who then used another hole in the bulletin board to pass signs to the strikes in Cleveland.

A group of Yankees has won.

Fault! The file name is not specified. The legendary 1927 Yankee assassin Babe Ruth pulled brooms against pirates. Photos by Bruce Bennett/Getty Studio

76. 1953 : Yankee on the Dodgers in six levers of the series: 77. Play Shoulder: 75-й

In ten years, the Yankees and Dodgers have competed in the World Series six times. In good times, this rehearsal has added weight and history: a whole world series of world series! But in smaller moments… …how often do you listen to a band’s sixth album? This film, the fourth in the series, was the most forgotten of the six. It was Vin Scully’s first show.

75. 1927 : Yankee on pirates in four series
: 97. Shoulder
: 35.

If this episode was the best of ’99, the Yankees would win by 50 percent. The only surprise was the disappointing end: Babe Ruth had the chance to end it with a walk, but the wildernister site opened the first base and he walked deliberately. Then Lou Gehrig had a chance to end it, but he took it. Instead of a signing moment in one of these great careers, the Yankees won… won another wilderness field.

74. 1949 : Yankee on the Dodgers in five levers of the series: 66. Play Shoulder: 44-й

Tommy Henrich hit the first home run of the World Series. You can see it and hear the call of the Red Hairdresser and wonder how much less they are used to receiving it. The barber barely raises his voice. Henry’s just laughing. Look at her smile, Barber said, the size of a watermelon. He shook a pair of hands.

73. 1999 : Yankees above the brakes in four
series levers: 108. Lever arm
: 101.

In 1998 the Yankees won 16 games more than the Yankees, and the 98th is rightly the club that the modern members of the dynasty remember best. But the race of these Yankees in the off-season was more impressive: They won 11:1 in three playoffs and beat their opponents by 70:19. Their sweeps in Atlanta were in a different category than the sweeps in San Diego in 1998: The bravest, unlike the Padres, the great team of all time, won 103 victories, marking the third consecutive season with more than 100 victories. The year of the All-Union teams, All-Union ratings, All-Union memories, where the culture looks back on the past 100 years and overestimates what the historians were hiding from them, this momentum was the right end of the century: The Yankees won eight World Series sweeps in the 1900s. Only one team has won eight World Series.

72. 1978 : Yankee on the Dodgers in six levers of the series: 55. Play Shoulder: 67-й

The 21-year-old rookie, Bob Welch, was told to defend his lead in a race of the second race, which required a meeting with Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson, with two leading and one in the ninth. Jackson Welch asked Welch to throw nine balls before he met him. Three days later, at 10:00, Welch took over. An exciting game.

Short but memorable

Fault! The file name is not specified. Kirk Gibson’s home run of 1984 is not the best of his memorable October explosions… …but it was very special. Rusty Kennedy/AP photography

71. 2004 : The Red Sox on the cardinals in four levers of the
series: 107.
Lever operation: 90-й

It’s one of the most memorable series of the last 50 years – except that you really remember the SLA between the Red Sox and the Yankees. The World Series itself was fake, but it deserved praise for what it was and for the accurate description of Joe Buck: It’s been 86 years. Generations come and go. The second sentence has been shortened.

70. 1984 : Tiger over Paders in five series
: 91. Shoulder
Playing shoulder: 85-е

As with the rest of the season of the Tigers – beginning of the 35-5, laying wires in first place, sweeping the CSLA – it wasn’t tight at all. But apart from the joy that the 5th The game is dominated by a great team, there is also a consistency that ranks among the best in October : Goose Gossage, ordered Kirk Gibson to leave on purpose and discouraged his manager. Then Gibson came home to clean up the show while lifting his gun as he walked through the bases. It’s just delicious.

The MLB has taken a final decision in the case of the theft of the Red Sox brand. Boston did too good? What’s going on with Alex Cora? June Lee

69. 2018 : Red Sox on the Dodgers in Five Arms
Series: 73. Lever arm
: 17.

The Red Sox have won most of the races. The Dodgers won the best: the 18th. The third game, which lasted more than seven hours.

68. 1917 : The White Sox on the giants in the series of six lever arms
: 53. Lever arm
: 74.

At 4.10am you can watch the breathtaking footage of Benny Kauff’s race in the Game 4 home run park while old men wave their hats and blow into the air. Later, Kauff was banned from playing baseball because of a car theft.

67. 1907 : The cable on Tiger in five levers (undecided) Series
: 78.
Lever operation: 23-й

Ty Cobb was 20 years old and had just won the baseball title, but the Cubs closed it down. Their profit of 0.704% in the regular season is the seventh highest.

66. 1942 : The Yankee Cardinals in five sets shoulder
: 83. Shoulder
: 40.

For the fifth game, the Yankees tried to confuse the cardinals by demanding that the card manager be locked in the bank. The judge joined them, but it drove the cardinals crazy: Team captain Terry Moore told the coach of the Yankees that this is another reason why there will be no World Cup tomorrow. He was right, because the cardinals won the ninth draw with two home runs.

65. 1974 : And on the Dodgers in the five levers of the series: Game over 62 : 31.

Herb Washington’s experience – signing an elite sprinter who does nothing but run – was tempting in theory and depressing in practice when Washington tried to study and his teammates took him by the hand. In the second part he went to Nadir: He came in as a potential liaison, with an outbound flight. Pitcher Dodgers Mike Marshall retired three times and Washington retired three times, and on the fourth move he was captured. He arrived on the ground disappointed, perhaps even ashamed, knowing that he would have to face his teammates again. You feel desperate when someone tries too hard to do something too difficult.

64. 2013 : The Red Sox on the cardinals in six levers series
: 39. Lever arm
: 57.

The beer’s flowing. Knife fights. Planes, trains… …and parachutes? The most memorable moments of the 30 MLB teams. Sam Miller

In this century, the Red Sox have won four titles, but it is this club that clumsily fits into the pedigree: The year before, the Sox won 69 games (and came in last), the following year she won 71 games (and came in last), but took a break in the course of the year. They signed a number of short-term contracts with freelancers, and when these signatures bear fruit – Koji Wehara, Johnny Gomez, David Ross, Mike Napoli, etc. – they were able to work with a number of freelancers. — … the management was as surprised as the fans, Alex Speer wrote on Baseball Avenue. The problem of short-term transactions: If these actors work well, they will have to be replaced next year. The reign in Boston was short.

Where it fits well into the 21st century Red Sox family tree. It’s perfectly adapted to the 21st century: David Ortiz had the best show of the low season. He struck 25 times and only managed six exits – and one of them was the victim’s fly. (The other is the country that put the rider in third place). His OBP .760 was the second largest in the history of the World Series. Ortiz has been the most successful player of his career in post-season history and as far as decisive moments are concerned, nothing beats the Bullpen Cop of a week ago. But this whole series is over.

63. 1911 : About the hexagonal giants series
: 64. Lever arm
: 37.

The Reventure series from 1905 – Connie Mac rules over John McGraw – but in the meantime the World Series has become a mythological force. Frank Baker came home in the second and third match. This earned him the nickname Home Run Baker, and after 109 years, all baseball fans know that name, if not a whole career of home runs (96).

62. 1933 : Giants over Washington Senators with the five levers of the series: 72: 18-й

Among the 60 greatest games in the history of baseball. …according to the cWPA… 56 are hits that are good hits. It is much easier to fundamentally change the state of the game with a home run than it is outside. But in room 60, it’s one of the exceptions. Carl Hubbell led the way in the late 11th century. Innings in the fourth game. Bases are loaded, one of them goes out, and the Giants are back on the field. Hubbell managed to get cheated.

Long ago but forgotten

Fault! The file name is not specified. Josh Beckett’s stop in Match 6 in 2003 earned him the MVP World Series award and was one of the best performances of a young pitcher in the history of Fall Classic. Jamie Squire/Getty Pictures: Jamie Squire/Getty Pictures

61. 1982 : The cardinals at the breweries in seven series
: 25 Playing Shoulder
Shoulder: 94-е

On paper it should be a big clash between totally different aggressive styles. The brewers… Harvey’s Wallbangers… hit 30 more home runs than any other baseball team this year. In the New York Times preview it was described as the lowest of the nine in the history of the World Series. Meanwhile, the cardinals have only hit 67 home runs for the team, slightly more than they tripled and stole 200 sacks. Then the cardinals closed the breweries. The series gets points for playing game 7, but loses them for the brutally boring game 6 that preceded it: Nearly three hours of rain interrupted the 13-1 victory of the Cardinals.

60. 1921 : Giants about Yankees in eight (best of nine) series
: 54. Shoulder
: 34.

World Series One on the radio, first with the Yankees. Babe Ruth was also the first outfielder, but he was sick and was only available with breaks. In the fourth game, he hit his first homerun of the season, but in the ninth inning of this exciting game, the 8-ball was scored as a punch early in the game.

59. 2003 : Yankees six-handed Yankees
series marlins: 35. Shoulder
: 30.

Few things are better than a young superstar in the middle of the World Series, and Josh Beckett – pre-World Series 2002 Francisco Rodriguez, 1996 Andrew Jones and 2019 Juan Soto – is perhaps the best modern example of this. With a 2-0 score in the exciting 6th game in New York City, this is the best start of the World Series in at least 50 years as a pitcher, 23 years old or younger.

58. 1940 : Red on the Tigers in the seven lever
series: 33. Lever action
: 108.

Fearing to be discovered, the Tigers abandoned the complex pattern of stealing plates in binoculars for the World Series. Yet the Tiger Birdie Tebbetts claimed to know every range of the red pitchers. Trapper Jimmy Wilson set the tone by shaking his forearm muscles when he called the turn. You still lost.

57. 1987 : Twin via cardinals in seven series
with leverage : 22. Lever
: 92.

The hosts won every game in the series, a remarkable ending to a season in which Gemini won 56-25 (win percentage 0.691) at home and 29-52 away (.358). I don’t mind losing World Series 7, Whitey Duke said, but you can choose not to believe it. If I can do that for the rest of my life, I’ll be happy.

56. 1909 : Pirates on tiger with seven levers from the series: The 36: 109-й

The first world series came after only seven games – but the final was a failure. The great Jonus Wagner was still a goat in 1903, but this time – his only appearance in the new season – he came in .333/.467/.500 and stole six bases.

55. 1957 : Bravery on the Yankees in seven series
: 31 Shoulder
Playing shoulder: 81-е

The fifth. The game performed Mickey Mantle’s obstructive pinch at 1-0. He was thrown out for stealing.

54. 1931 : Cardinals above A in seven levers of the series: shoulder of 61 players: 95-й

Same game as last season, but this time both teams have improved. Candidate for the best match between two teams in history.

53. 1935 : Tiger over the dice in six levers series
: 47.
Lever operation: 25-й

It is the smallest detail of an exciting series, but for a long time I was fascinated by the layout of the taxis on the field when Goose Goslin scored to complete an exciting game 6. The first basic player plays about 175 feet from the house. The third baseman seems ready to strike.

52. 2019 : National astro competitions with seven levers in the series: 43 : 88 Series

The Washington Nationals are the World Series Champions! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about your race for the title. Full Coverage

– Passana: In the breathtaking world championship.

– Miller: How will the subjects be remembered? Like giant fighter jets.

– The seventh inning that shocked Houston and forced the National Champion…

– Astros is a great crew without real greatness.

– The superhuman world series: The biggest and best of the National Astros.

The games weren’t even close to Game 7, and even after the season was over they were uncomfortably long – six of the 13 slowest games in the World Series of the decade came out in that series – and I remember clearly in the middle of the series talking about the relative boredom of that series. But seven months later, without having played an important game since then, I remember it quietly! Remember Juan Soto and Soto Shuffle? Alex Bregman tries to come up with a new flip with a home run bat, and after four innings Soto cools off recklessly? Max Scherzer scratched himself in the fifth game and then became doubtful for the rest of the series? And anyway, start the seventh game and skip five good innings with not so good stuff? When Traa Turner had to get the wrong first base and we all went crazy? Adam Eaton and Howie Kendrick on a home run. Driving? A little shark? You go out, hang out in a bar, shake hands with a friend and buy flour in a grocery store when you need it? Kendrick in 7. The match, the tenth most likely football championship in the history of the Major League, brought down the ideal field with a foul on the right? Gerrit Cole is for some reason not used in Game 7 and then appears at a press conference in a Boras Corporation hat? How divine was the result when we heard about the striking pattern of Astros? We should have enjoyed baseball more when we had it.

The other Yankees have won.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Jim Leyritz 4 home run game in Atlanta 1996 helped score with the Yankees who lost. Ron Frem/AP Photo

51. 1996 : Yankee about brakes in the
Series six lever : 44. Lever arm
: 47.

Paradox of the encapsulated impulse of the nacelle: The Braves won the first two games in New York 16-1. They won their last five off-season games 48-2 and went home to Atlanta. They didn’t win a single game because the Yankees captured the game four times in a row. Does that completely negate the power of the impulse, because no team had more than the Braves, and it gave them no advantage at all. Or does the bipolarity of the brave prove the power of an impulse – that they may be as great as they were, but when they lost the impulse, completely unhappy?

50. 1958 : Yankee above the brakes in seven standard
levers: 26. Play shoulder
: 59.

The Yankees are back after three games against one. The sixth and the seventh. New York City, which played on the streets, broke at the end of the game against the Pitcher Braves, exhausted by the 2-2 draw.

Is the title of Astros stained forever? Is the Jeter overrated? We offer the last word on each team’s most urgent problem. History

49. 1950 : Yankee on Phyllis in four levers series
: 70. Arm
: 4.

An incredibly small thing that every baseball fan who lived in the 1950s would have known is that from the start of the series in 1949 until the middle of the series in 1957, every game in the World Series was won by a team from New York. The Giants and Dodgers took 19 of those victories, but the Yankees won the remaining 28, the biggest race the team has ever experienced.

48. 1932 : Yankee on the cable car in four levers of the series: 109. Shoulder game: 73-й

Babe Ruth’s reputation wasn’t so great back then. It took a while for Ruth to warm up and surrender to the legend. This is now the most famous World Series moment of the first half of the century, which is ironic in a sense. Ruth was a celebrity with no filters, no nuances, no volume reduction, no moderation – and her biggest moment would have been the ambiguous clicking of her hand, which he probably didn’t even mean.

47. 1928 : Yankee above the cardinals in four levers of the
series: 115. Play shoulder
: 102.

After our lever index it is the second largest series in the stack, but when it comes to the Yankees of 1928, the size of the backhand is the most important point. Babe Ruth hit .625/.647/1.375 with nine guns. Lou Gehrig hit the .545/.706/1.727 with nine discs. Forget about the seven series of games – what could be more fun than watching Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth?

46. 1923 : The Yankee on the Giants in six sets
: 56.
Lever operation: 87-й

From 1921 to 1923 it was the Giants and the Yankees every year, with the Giants winning the first two. Babe Ruth did well in the first year and badly in the second, but this time he finally made it through: It reached .368, 556, 1,000 with three homers. But his biggest moment came in Game 6, when he fought with loaded bases, one-on-one, and his Yankees fell one-on-one. Ruth… is out of the picture. Bob Maisel, who stood behind him, was a hero. Instead, he brought all three races home until the end of the series.

45. 1936 : The Yankees on the Giants in six sets
: 40. Arm
: 38.

Babe Ruth retired in 1935 and Joe DiMaggio made his debut in 1936. So we can say that this is the beginning of the Yankee dynasty in the middle of the century. Yankee Ruth’s best clubs were better than any other DiMaggio team – and perhaps better than any other team in history – but DiMaggio’s years were indeed the team’s golden age: In his 13-year career he has won nine rings.

44. 2000 : Yankee about Mets in five levers of the series: 60. Play Shoulder: 3-й

The first game, as measured by the Leverage Index, was the tightest game in the history of the World Series. The end of day 6 was unclear, when the Yankees scored twice, the Mets bounced back three times and the game ended at the end of day 9, with the home team returning to one point. Then he went: The Yankees loaded and tied the game in the ninth; loaded in the tenth but didn’t score; put runners in second and third place in the eleventh but didn’t score; and loaded in the twelfth before finally making a winning run with two outsiders.

The fifth. The game was the last time the starting pitcher was allowed to win the ninth inning of the World Series. The pitcher is Al Later, who started season 11 and is still waiting for his first win as a starter. He knocked out the first two bitter players and 2-2, Jorge Posada closed the game with five shots and put him aside. But Posada went out in three, took a fast border ball that froze him, and finally practiced running. A lonely man with a broken bat and a cunning man on the ground – with a ladder on the hill – brought Posada home in a race, and a strong, precise throw that could hit Posada in the hip and stop him. The stadium of later was very noisy for the Yankees fans. He’s never won an off-season start.

Suppression and protection

Fault! The file name is not specified. Taken by Sandy Amoros in 1955 with Willie Mace ’54. Photo AP

43. 1929 : Elevator A to Cuba in five sets
: 84. Lever
: 52.

Connie Mac’s secret plan was to take a former starter named Howard Emke, release him for most of September – so he could rest and explore and because he was still only the fifth or sixth track starter – and then drop him off at the Cubs as a World Series One surprise starter. And it worked! Emke achieved a record of 13 victories, allowed only one undeserved race and won.

42. 1955 : Dodgers over the Yankees in the seven lever series
: 34. Shoulder clearance
: 89.

Catching Sandy Amoros on the left side of the track wasn’t as physical as catching Willie Mace at last year’s World Series. But Cupid’s catch was 20 times more consistent. It was the biggest game in the series and he turned what would have been a double in Game 7 into an endless double.

41. 1954 : The Giants over the Indians in four sets shoulder
: 89. Shoulder clearance
: 26.

On the other hand, many field players could have caught Sandy Amoras. No one who’s ever lived could make one like Willie Mace.

40. 1915 : Red Sox on the Phillies in five lever series
: 52. Lever arm
: 15.

The first game was a one-shot deal: Phyllis won 3 to 1. Every other game was solved at once.

39. 1995 : Brave Indian manipulation in six levers of the series: 59. Play Shoulder: 13-й

The best offensive dynasty of the decade met the best pitching dynasty of the decade, and the pitchers won: With the exception of Alvaro Espinoza (1-2) no Cleveland Bitter beats .235.

38. 1916 : Red Sox about Robins with five levers Series
: 76th
Lever: 29-й

A huge band when she was still on the Indie Label Show: 21-year old Boston pitcher Babe Ruth won a 14-year old win in the second full game. He missed the first race on a home run in the city park and then threw the next 13 without a result.

37. 1969 : Put over the orioles in five
series lever arms: 74. Lever arm
: 54.

After such a long season and so many surprises, wrote Roger Angell, one would expect that we now have a flat and perhaps one-sided world series. It would be honorable enough for the Mets if they could keep him around. None of this happened, of course, and the best news – the only real miracle – is not the Mets victory, but the quality of these five games – a collection of brilliant parables that illustrate every aspect of a beautiful game. The Mets won the third game 5-0; Tommy Age set up two big pitfalls – both, as you can admit, a bit embarrassing – to save five points.

36. 2005 : The White Sox on the Astros in four levers of the series: 57. Play shoulder: 1.

Our Serial Leverage Index, which measures the difficulty of the World Series, only ranks 56th. But the matches themselves were scandalously good. According to our leverage index, this was the densest collection of games in the World Series. Each game was either a draw or a round of the eighth inning or later. Every Starter White Sox has gone at least seven innings. Compare this to the series of seven games between the Cubs and Cleveland in 2016, where no starting pitcher reached seven games. The White Sox record for the 11-1 season put an end to the drought of the World Series, which lasted two years longer than the Red Sox.

35. 1981 : Dodgers about the Yankees in six-liver series
: 46. Lever arm
: 50.

In the year of Fernandomania, the great newcomer Fernando Valenzuela met the great newcomer from the Yankees, Dave Rigetti in Game 3. Rigetti didn’t last long, but Valenzuela did. No matter how much bitterness he passed – seven in the end – or how many pitches he threw (147 in the end), he stayed on the hill and defended the leader of Los Angeles, who made only one turn and was busy in the fifth round. In the eighth round he brought the first two men to base, but manager Tommy Lasorda still left Valenzuela, and the pitcher managed to arrange a double play and hit the ball to save himself. At the end of the eighth place, with the rider and no one around, Valenzuela fought for himself by finishing on the field. In the ninth round, with 2-3-4 Yankees (all with the right hand), the newcomer still held the hill. And he did it!

A week later, he turned 21.

34. 1968 : Tiger about the cardinals in seven series
: 80. Shoulder
: 115.

In games 1 and 4 Bob Gibson won 27 games and missed one set. Second and fifth. Mickey Lolih won a complete victory. In the 7th. The game should be one of the 12. Pitcher who’s won three World Series games. Lolich beat Gibson, and the Tigers won. (Since then, only one pitcher has won three times in half a century in this series: Randy Johnson, whose third victory brought relief).

33. 1965 : Escape action via the twins in seven levers
: 58. Lever arm
: 114.

Remember two things. One of them is Sandy Koufax who plays in the first game of Yom Kippur, an incredible statement that this is exactly the truth of the game we all want to remember. The other is the Koufax serve in games 2, 5 and 7: a deserved run is allowed in 24 innings, with 29 shots and a stop in an exciting game 7.

Those defined by major moments

Fault! The file name is not specified. If Alex Gordon had tried to go to 7th place to score a goal, the World Series 2014 could easily have been in the top 20 of all time. Ezra Shaw/Getty pictures

32. 1946 : The Red Sox cardinal points in seven series
: 17.
Lever operation: 83-й

Enos Slaughter’s crazy sprint on a popular TV show: In the eighth inning of the seventh. In the second game it was a draw, with Slaughter – two outsiders coming on the field – scoring a goal one by one. It’s a great story, except it’s officially called.

31. 2015 : Royals over Mets with five levers Series
: 65th playing arm
: 14th

Prior to the series, the forward team of the Royals – scout Alex Zumwalt – who normally gets a ranking, showed that the first baseman of the Mets, Lucas Dood, had a bad pitching arm and that the Royals had to run at the first opportunity. The report mentioned his lateral heartbeat, Andy McCullough wrote. His volleys often deviate from their purpose. Of course, Eric Hosmer ran home in the ninth inning of game five with the usual 5-3 landing at third base and had Dudu try to turn the 5-3 landing into a double play with a 5-3-2. The shot is wild, Hosmer ties the game with two outs and the Royals score five more innings to end the series. What a great story! The Royal has revealed a weakness in the Mets that is so little known and so insignificant that it’s like a joke: First baseman tosses his hand? How often do you notice the throwing of the first baseman’s hand? The trapper throws his hand away, sure. Left field throwing arm, of course. But the first baseman throws his hand. Okay, guys, let’s go outside today, relax, concentrate and find a way to use the throwing hand at first base! And then, in one of the greatest moments in the history of baseball. They found the enemy’s secret pressure point and with a snap of their fingers the Mets were killed.

30. 2020 : Dodgers on flights in six levers of the
series: 51.
Shoulder game: 64-й

Of course they will remember this World Series as COWID-19. Turner disappeared suddenly and without warning from the Dodgers in the eighth inning, as did the canvas chairs outside the field where the homeruns remained intact as the quarterfinals were not allowed to come within 20 feet of the field. Drawing of 28 people. The fact is that Kenley Jansen and Randy Arozarena, the players who started and finished the most famous game in the series, were all KOVID-19 patients at the beginning of this summer. Applause bars in the mask against the background of the illuminated clips of Arozarena. If Manuel Margot, who’s on the fifth floor… Game tried to rob the house, surely a larger, noisy crowd wouldn’t Clayton Kershaw sound the alarm of his teammates? It’s plausible, and they’ll be talking about that possibility for another hundred years.

– The strangest world series ends at the moment 2020
– Kershaw World Champion in his hometown
-Why Raze Blake Snell moved
– Kershaw rebuilds his playoff legacy
– Passan : The fourth game of the sandbox dream.

Playback round, calendar and other

It made him great:

  • That’s clearly the end of game four. Arozarena’s victory would have been a top 100 World Series victory in itself, but facing two Dodger errors – the first sent him home, the second sent him out – gave this one player his own seismic win probability table.
  • Kershaw throws Margot out and immediately tries to rob the house, a great balancing act.
  • Kershaw won twice. It ended a story in which we were all deeply invested – perhaps more than in any other baseball story in the last decade – and which was very satisfying.
  • Arosare fun facts for decades. The rookie who set all the records of the season.
  • The early release of Blake Snell in Game 6, in which he tells scary stories about a fire that breaks out decades after the season, about a manager who took his starter out of the game too early.

Which makes it a forgery:

Although there was some tension in at least four parts, only one of them was really tight – in the fourth part with ricochets control.

    • The short lines at the beginning – not only Snell pushes in game 6, but also Kershaw in game 1, Walker Bühler in game 3 and Julio Urias in game 4 – have an unfortunate side effect that destroys the cult performance of the starter-thrower in the series.
    • The last inning ended with as much boredom as baseball can produce: a weak popup and two searched hits. After the battles of the series, the ninth run felt the ground (inaccurate, but visual) as if the spokes had given up.

29. 2014 : Giants over Royal in seven sets of shoulder
: 24 Playing Shoulder
Shoulder: 97-е

Alex Gordon lost as a possible tie, with two retirements at the end of the ninth set of game seven. The ball bounces into the midfield of the Giants, the left-handed player hits a wall and it looks like Gordon is trying to score, and at that point there are three chances:

1. If Gordon was in third place and led by Salvador Perez, this order (simple, flawed, simple, draw!) would make the tasteless world series – five of the first six games were decided by five sets or more – a pretty good series. He’d be number 67 on our list.

2. The event that Gordon organized on the third and Perez skipped makes them almost awesome. It makes Gordon’s decision to stay in third place… his coach’s decision to keep him, and his decision to obey… hypothetical. Yes, Gordon would probably have been beaten up, but it would have taken a good relay run and a pitch for the Short Stop Giants, a clean landing and a marker, and the game would have been close enough to be physical. The Royals were the team that aggressively pushed the defence of the other team in the offseason and the following season until the defence of the other team made a mistake.

3. If Gordon had gone home in the meantime, this World Series would have become a classic whether he was safe or not. Whatever happens, it would be one of the two or three best moments in the history of modern baseball. This series would be the 16th. Place on our list.

28. 1941 : Yankee on the Dodgers in five levers of the series: 45. Play Shoulder: 9-й

Pitcher Hugh Casey defeated Tommy Henrych in the ninth inning of the fourth game with a one-way advantage and two outs. But Mickey Owen’s catcher couldn’t catch him, Henry approached him and the Yankees gathered for four races. Owen was the Bill Buckner of his time, although the subsequent debacle was more like the fall of the Cubs after Steve Bartman’s game. They’re good memories now, Owen said in 1989. I quit. It’s part of baseball history.

27. 1993 : The Blue Jays on the Phillies in the
six-liver series: 69. Lever arm
: 63.

Joe Carter’s Base Knock is one of the biggest images of a triumphant baseball player. But this is Mitch Williams, whose body language I remember best in this game. It is 15 minutes of chess, all caught in Williams’ exaggerated physical form and the absolute inevitability of the event.

Serve 13 of the best baseball games, from Don Larsen’s perfect fifth game in the 1956 World Series to Roy Halladay’s flawless performance in the 2010 NLDS. Streaming classic perfect games and flawless games on ESPN+.

26. 1960 : Pirates over the Yankees in seven parts
shoulder series: 28. Shoulder
: 112.

If the pirates had just won the 6th competition, this world series, characterized by alternating Yankee punches and pirate beeps, would probably go into the 90s or worse. But game seven is the battle for the biggest game in the history of baseball: The Yankees are back in sixth place, the Pirates in eighth, the Yankees in ninth and Bill Mazeroski dropped out of the series. In the set before the end of Maz, Hal Smith hit a triple homerun with two outs in the eighth set, turning the deficit into a leadership deficit. According to the APCFR, this is the biggest goal in the history of the Major League. We hardly remember because the visit lasted barely 10 minutes. (I wonder if the home runs of Rajaia Davis and Aroldis Chapman in the World Series 2016 will suffer the same fate).

25. 1988 : A-evasion with five standard
levers: 85. Shoulder
: 43.

The Dodgers had 36 teams at home in their fourth regular season, six less than Jose Canseco in the singles. Mike Davis beat .196/.260/.270, and John Shelby was the only player on the team to have an above-average OPS. Kirk Gibson is out of the game, of course, but Mike Marshall is also out of the game. They swapped mid-season striker Pedro Guerrero for star thrower John Tudor, who was also injured in the World Series. Against an athlete who won by 104 points, the Dodgers’ pastime was a real loser, which explains why Gibson hit Homer so hard on the head in the first game.

24. 1956 : The Yankees on the Dodgers in seven series
: 37.
Shoulder game: 82-й

The caller Vin Scully as Don Larsen prepared for the 27th. Imagine his perfect game: I think it’s safe to say that no man in baseball history has ever approached home plate at such a dramatic time.

Great demigods

Fault! The file name is not specified. Roberto Clemente’s combustion rate contributed to the 1971 Baltimore incineration. Getty Pictures

23. 2017 : Astros on the Dodgers in seven levers of the series: 17. Lever operation: 8-й

This is what you can now see in games 4 (Alex Wood) and 5 (Clayton Kershaw), considering what we now know about the theft of the Houston board. David Shenfield

It’s hard to bear. At that time it was an extraordinary series between probably the best World Series teams in history. The six games were close, and maybe the seven were unforgettable: Clayton Kershaw with his best post-season start in the first game; Cody Bellinger scored a lead that was unavailable in the second game; Yu. Darwish was eliminated early in Game 3; Ken Giles melted down and lost Houston, closer to work, in Game 4; 5 hours, 13-12 hours of overtime from Ning’s masterpiece in Game 5; Justin Verlander, who started out as a typical career starter, suddenly lost a leader to 6-Ning in Game 6 and Charlie Morton as a closer to 4-Ning in Game 7 and made the cover of Sports Illustrated with Reality. But after the discovery of a systematic pattern of fraudulent astros, the whole series smells like 1919. We don’t know what we saw or who would have won if they’d just played. Instead, he has created a champion we all regret making us happy.

22. 2002 : An angel above the giant in Seven Levers
: 32. Lever
: 79.

Only one world champion had less chance to win than the Angels at the end of the sixth race.

21. 1964 : The cardinals on the Yankees in seven sets shoulder
: 23. Shoulder removal
: 46.

Parts of Mickey Mantle were more durable than ever; parts were washed away. Mantle is no longer a midfielder, but a right-wing player on whose hand the Cardinals are aggressive. In game 3 Mantle made a blatant mistake, because the Cardinals are only beginners in the game. At the end of the ninth it was still 1:1 when Mantle left the home run.

20. 1971 : Pirates on the Orioles in seven levers in the series: 15. Shoulder play: 56-й

In the third game, in which his team dropped two games to zero, pirate star Roberto Clemente won the seventh set. He made a big swing, turned the field half upside down and sent a light bouncer back up the hill, Roger Angell wrote. Cuéllar turned to a quiet attraction and was surprised when he saw Clemente runaway. Now, hurry up, Cellar threw the ball high and Clemente was in contact. Three rounds followed and the Pirates returned to the series. Clemente also scored an important goal – a homerun in the fourth set – in the seventh game.

19. 1934 : The cardinals on the tigers in seven series
: 20. Lever action
: 51.

After an almost bitter fight in which Joe Medwick slipped to third base – and in which the Cardinals won in 7th place, the team is now in the lead. Detroit fans waited for Medwick to get into position on the left field and then threw him some fruit, vegetables and maybe some non-organic items. On several occasions Medwick was forced to flee in search of safety, while several authorities begged for peace. The announcement threatened to confiscate the game because it was the only game in the history of the World Series that had been confiscated, but the commissioner of Kenesaw Mountain Landis came up with a more elegant solution: He banished Medwick from the game.

18. 1973 : And other Mets in a series of seven: 19. Shoulder work: 27.

In match seven, the Oakland elite, who are closest to Oakland, reached Rollie Fingers for the sixth set. He came out of the traffic jam he inherited, played unsuccessfully in the seventh and eighth set, scored two outs in the ninth set and made it to the finals. But a mistake on his first goal led to a draw and the finger manager came out to bring him closer to the game. Instead, he took his left specialist, and Darold Knowles made it to the finals.

Conventional straightness

Fault! The file name is not specified. His Red Sox lost to the Reds, but the Carlton-Fiske wave of 1975 has made every World Series much better ever since. Bettman/Getty Images

17. 1992 : Blue Jays on the brave with six Series
levers: 12 Shoulder discharge
: 2

Mixed between a popular choice for the biggest series of all time and a popular choice for the best modern end of the series, it is overlooked. But the games were the second next, and game 6 was the second next catch. Charlie Labrandt, one of the most misunderstood characters of the baseball season, was sentenced to imprisonment on the hill: As a relief he threw a stowaway to 10th place, but his Braves couldn’t score at the end of that run. The eleventh set was too important for him, and he left behind two runs that would determine the game. This is consistent with the rest of his post-season career, which saw two failed runs in 1985 and finished in sixth place. Game 1991: If he is asked to do much, he will serve beautifully; if he is asked to do more, perhaps more than he should do, he will eventually stumble. He retired with a better ERA after the season than Jack Morris, but his cWPA career is the 14th worst of all time.

16. 1980 : Phyllis via Royals in six standard
levers: 29. Shoulder
: 11.

That game was the best part of game five. In round nine, the Phillies came back from behind with a two-lap rally, starting with Mike Schmidt’s single on the field – with George Brett playing on the grass in anticipation of Schmidt’s 48 hours of trying to score up close – and ending with a Manny Trillo single with Dan Quizenberry’s glove. The Royals then loaded the bases on three steps from Tug McGraw at the end of the ninth lap before McGraw escaped and tilted the series in favour of Phyllis. Measured by the Average Leverage Index, this is the closest to a nine in the history of the World Series.

15. 1962 : The Yankee on the giants in the series of seven levers
: 13. Lever arm
: 49.

What a different world he was. With a 1-0 lead at the end of the ninth round, with second and third runner and left-handed superstar Willie McCawy leading – a goal would give the Giants the title, out – Yankees – Ralph Hawk came out with his right hand to the left of his starting pitcher. Ralph Terry is known for getting the output he needs – a line at second base – and his cWPA in this combined world series is the highest ever achieved: 0.994. We’re almost there.

14. 1972 : Mark A above red in seven
series levers: 8. Shoulder
: 7.

In addition to the 8:1 shots in the 6. In the first match, the other six matches were decided with a single shot and the clubs reached the finish line with the same average shots and success rates. The great Rollie Fingers served in all six, his only point was the inability to save a train that resulted in a five inch rescue.

13. 1979 : Pirates of the Orioles in seven episodes of
: The 21st. Play Lever
: 33

When Eddie Murray opened the seventh game of the eighth set, the championship shoulder index was higher than in any other game in history. He flew to the edge of the warning lane, and after a somewhat awkward break Dave Parker brought him down. Another meter and it could be very similar to the ball that Nelson Cruz accidentally lost and for which David Freeze scored a triple in 2011.

In the weekly series on the changing face of baseball, we asked our MLB reporters to tell us the best stories they’d ever seen – with one line in mind: You had to be there to see it for yourself.

Monday: Home run
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Friday: Behind the scenes moments

12. 2016 : Kab on Indians in seven series
: 27. Shoulder
: 78.

Jason Hayward was a Cubs crazy the whole season and after the end of the season until he became their hero with a motivational speech to his teammates during the rain break at the end of game 7.

11. 1925 : Pirates on senators in seven levers of the series: 7. Play shoulder: 12.

In game seven Walter Johnson threw a full game; he missed nine games and lost. It’s hard to exaggerate how much the senators were his team. In the fourth game Johnson injured his leg in an attempt to double his chances of success. He threw himself into pain to complete his retirement. Before the seventh game, his manager, Bucky Harris, told reporters that his leg still hurts. But, damn it, he’s not touching his foot. All we need is his right hand, and he’s willing to give it to us. That’s not true.

10. 1926 : The cardinals on the Yankees in seven levers of the
series: 6. Shoulder removal
: 32

Babe Ruth was caught stealing the World Series – as a tie in Game 7 – this is the moment of Mighty Casey in the sport.

9. 1947 : The Yankees on the Dodgers in seven series
: 14.
Lever operation: 28-й

Jackie Robinson and Dan Banhead sculpt the classics of autumn. (Pitcher Bankshead appeared as a recoil and scored a goal.) In game four, Yankee Bill Bevens almost caused the first flop of the offseason and had the first Dodgers make two outs at the end of the ninth inning. That goal, the double, gave the Dodgers the victory. Bevens served in the 7th. He played effectively in the squadron and never returned to the Major.

8. 1912 : Red Sox versus Giants for eight (pull) levers series
: 10. Shoulder
Shoulder: 21-е

The world series behind Snodgrass’ Muff’s baseball glossaries. Fred Snodgrass, the Giants midfielder, scored a goal in a run at the end of the 10, under which he settled. He chased him with a running fish – some say an exciting catch – to the next room, but the story is not average. A march, a single march, an intentional march and a sacrificial fly made the Giants’ 2-1 lead a 3-2 defeat. Until 1960, the only Tris Speaker at this meeting was the biggest cWPA game in history.

7. 1952 : The Yankees on the Dodgers in seven series
: 4.
Leverage: 20.

The Dodgers had the ace of a debut with a replacement named Joe Black, who spent the first eight seasons of his career in the black league. When he finally emerged as a great leader, he caused a sensation: He was named Rookie of the Year, finished third in MVP research and helped promote the concept of Relief Ace. That year he finished 41 races for the Dodgers, but they suddenly decided that he would start the first race. He gave up a whole game and won 4:2; a miracle. In the fourth game he was effective, but three starts a week – without a break between games – was too much for him. He was taken out of game seven and the Yankees won the series again.

6. 2001 : Diamonds on the Yankees in seven minutes.

Standard lever : 11.
Play Shoulder: 45-й

It was Yankee Destiny’s peak year: The Yankees have won three World Series in a row, and with a handful of veterans retired or transferred to an independent agency, this year was considered a great success. It is the fall of Jeter’s Flip, the fall of the Yankees who defeated 116 sailors at the ALCS, the fall of Jeter’s Mr. Home Run, the fall of the anthrax attacks, the war in Afghanistan, the expulsion of President George W. Bush from the first field, and the baseball fans, who normally despise the Yankees, support them in a special post-9/11 solidarity meeting. The three victories of the Yankees in the middle of the series included two minor miracles, with two homeruns in the ninth equalizing the game and allowing them to go into extra innings. In the ninth set they sent the seventh game of the World Series with Mariano Rivera on the hill with a lead. In the meantime, Rivera has completed 78 epilogues, completed 0.70 ERA epilogues and 23 epilogues in a row (many with two entries). One of the big advantages of baseball is that there is no writer, so you can’t predict anything with a complicated story. If you ever can: That’s it. That’s it.

And then, through Rivera’s fault, they lost with one throw and three strokes with a broken bat, with a signal bat that landed a foot out of bounds because of Derek Jeter’s narrowness. They couldn’t get insurance from Randy Johnson, who took over 1⅓ one day after losing seven sets as a starter. The Yankees haven’t won the World Series once in the last eight years and haven’t won a single one since. They won more regular season games than any other team, so it doesn’t look like they collapsed, but that flash of a broken racket really meant the end of that dynasty. With hindsight it sounds like a crazy story: a reversed expectation, a twist, full of meaning. The finale of a prestigious drama. It seemed impossible then. Of course, it was just baseball.

Buster Olney wrote in his article about that night’s game: Most of the Yankees seemed to be in the world.

Two minutes, 32 seconds of pure chaos! How the most epic trick in history broke baseball. Sam Miller

5. 2011 : The cardinals on the Rangers in seven levers of the
series: 5. Shoulder
: 19

In the last hour of the game six I counted seven big teams. The ninth set started with a 7-5 lead for the Rangers, and closer to them, Neftali Feliz beat Ryan Teriott in the first outing.

    • But Albert Pujols doubled his chances in his probable last appearance as cardinal. Feliz lost control: He led Lance Berkman on four pitches, scored a draw and then fell 2-0 to Allen Craig, six goals in a row after Pujol’s goal.
    • But Feliz came back and fondled Craig while he was looking for a second way out. He took a 1:2 lead with David Freeze, the second shot was beaten.
    • But Frieze went into a deep field, in a faltering pursuit of Nelson Cruz, and left the wall to set up a triple game. He was the winner at third base.
    • But Yadier Molina left the team and finished the ninth lap. Then, at the top of the 10, Elvis lost Andrus, and Josh Hamilton – in his steep monthly decline – went home. The Rangers are back in the lead for two games.
    • But at the end of the 10th. Cardinal Play left the first two men alone and sacrificed them to a credit rating position, and when they withdrew and played in a draw again.
    • But with the cardinals in places two and three – again 90 feet from victory – Craig finished in 10th place. After that Mike Napels took first place with an 11th place and gave Rangers the chance to perform again. Rangers sent Esteban Herman to beat Scott Feldman, an aggressive move that cost them Feldman, their best pitcher.
    • But the Germans punished and put an end to the threat. The race ended on the 11th: Mark Lowe entered the game and threw 3-2 – his fourth on the field, which he rarely threw to the right and never in the full right field. The frieze was on her.

Seven scary movements in only 11 exits. To understand how epic and confusing all this has been, let’s look at this moment: At the end of the 10th. In the second inning, Cardinal La Russa’s manager meets his pitcher and then hits him with another pitcher. Meanwhile, TV presenter Joe Buck La Russa suggested to consider another pitcher before he realized that this pitcher had actually started the game a few hours ago.

4. 1986 : Put the Red Sox in seven levers series
: 18. Lever arm
: 61.

One of the measures we looked at was the response, which is the lowest chance of winning the final winner in the series. We noticed that the victory of the angels in 2002 was the second most important, because the angels had only covered 1.7% of the road to the victory parade. The 1986 Series had the highest response in the history of the World Series, with the Mets winning at the lowest point by only 0.8%. One in 100 is quite rare in this game, but not the least unlikely.

At the beginning of the 10th. Innings of the 6. At the end of the second game, the Mets – two sets lost, three sets to two sets lost – had a 5% chance of winning the World Series. After two quick exits, they’ve dropped to 1%. It’s the point where our return rate connects them to the soil. It increased to 2% when Gary Carter started in the singles, to 5% when Kevin Mitchell selected a potentially binding race and to 11% when Ray Knight selected a potentially binding race. When Bob Stanley opened the wilderness field to even the score and place the Knight in a scoring position, the Mets won the World Series by 35%: They needed a solitaire (or something like that) and a victory in the seventh game.

But then Mookie Wilson landed on Bill Buckner. What were the chances of winning the game on that little ice rink? When did he pass the first Mass? When Buckner stood in front of him with both hands outstretched… Buckner’s chances of a match are one in two hundred. The chance of him passing immediately – instead of bouncing off the gauntlet and staying in front of him, allowing the knight to maintain third place – is perhaps 1 in 1000. Or much less. The first baseman transforms about 93% of the balls he puts – or tries to put – on the field into outfits, but this includes sharp punches, hovering in the sun, linear movements, and so on. The first baseman is also the first baseman to use the ball in the field. Few games are easier than this one. I could believe Buckner had 4,999 of the 5,000 chances to convert him and win the game to 11th place.

The seventh match was also very good! Bill Buckner’s had some success.

Sam Miller reviews the history of the most important teams, players and achievements of the MLB every season since 1903. List

3. 1924 : Senators on the heptagon giants of the series: 1. Play Shoulder: 5-й

I would think to say that about five games, but I think game seven of this World Series is really this: the best game in the history of baseball. Measured by average leverage, it is the fourth largest game in the World Series and the only one in the top 10 of games called Game 7. In fact, he was the only one of the top ten to win the contract. It all started with laps – the Giants started with Curly Ogden’s right turn as bait, forced him to fight twice and then dragged him behind left-handed George Mogridge – and ended with the exit, and the series continues on lap eight :

    • The senators scored two points at the end of eighth place to even the score;
    • Giants get a trio on top of the ninth, they can’t take it home;
    • Senators who take an exit at the end of the ninth cannot score;
    • The giants are lining up at the top of the ten;
    • The giants are second out of 11;
    • The senators are in second place at the end of the 11th9
    • The Giants are bogged down at the 12th century summit. and Walter Johnson serves the fourth runner-up;
    • Senators score a point after two faults at the end of the 12th round.

In a way, that record still exists, and it’s as clear as any baseball record you’ve seen in the distant past.

2. 1991 : Twins over the brave seven lever series
: 3. Party shoulder
: 6.

Tom Kelly wanted Jack Morris for the 10th. Game 7 is out of the game. Morris wanted to stay. Kelly spoke to the pitcher’s coach, who said Morris could go ahead. Okay, Kelly said. It’s just a game.

1. 1975 : Red shoulder over the Red Sox in seven series
: 2. Shoulder
: 10.

History tells us that the iconic picture of Carlton Fiske waving his Game 6 home run was an accident, to be honest. The cameraman, Louis Gérard, would watch the ball. But he told his producer that he couldn’t have a rat the size of a cat on my leg. He’s looking right at me. So he kept the camera on Fisk, shot a character with shows from that time, but it was revolutionary. There was no reactionary shooting before the sixth game, reports the Boston Globe. Operators monitor the action by focusing on the trajectory of the punch, pass or impact. Forever after, there would be an isolating shot, looking for the athlete’s reaction to what happened.

Thus, the 1975 World Series improved all subsequent World Series. Buckner, Carter, Gibson, Bamgarner, Moe, Papi, to Howie Kendrick: The greatest moments now dive into us, overwhelming us with emotions. Fisk’s home run updated everything that followed him. But nothing that followed could surpass that.

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