Joe Biden will have ‘bedrock science’ plan to end Covid on 1st day

President-elect Joe Biden, who gave his first speech after winning the election Saturday, said fighting Kovid through basic science is the top priority of his administration (Photo: Getty).

Joe Biden announced that basic science should take control of the coronavirus by the time he takes office next January.

In his speech as elected president, Biden said for the first time Saturday night: Our task begins with mastering Covid. We won’t be able to get the economy back on track, restore vitality, enjoy the most precious moments of life – grandchildren, cuddles to children – until we have everything under control.

On Monday, I will appoint a group of eminent scientists and experts as transitional advisors to help adopt Biden Harris Covid’s plan and turn it into an action plan to be adopted on 20 December. January 2021 begins.

This plan will be based on rock science. It will be built with compassion, empathy and care. I will spare no effort, no effort, no obligation to use this pandemic. The Coronavirus infected about 10 million Americans and killed more than 237,000 people.

Biden said Monday that he will appoint a group of scientists and experts to help create COWID 19, starting on his first day as president: This plan will build on the foundation of science. It will be based on compassion, empathy and caring.

– CBS News (@CBSNews) 8. November 2020

It is widely believed that President Trump’s changing attitude towards the virus and the attacks on his own government’s scientists have ruined his chances of re-election. At the beginning of October he himself was hospitalized with Covid after clarifying social norms, but he soon overcame this problem with a prototype antibody therapy that is currently not available to the public.

In his first speech as President-elect of the United States, Biden also promised to restore the soul of America. In a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said that I wanted this office to restore the soul of America, the backbone of the nation, the middle class, so that America would once again be respected in the world and unite us at home.

I’m honored that so many Americans voted for this vision.

After a fierce campaign, Biden tried to bridge the gap between his Democratic Party and President Trump’s Republicans by saying he knew the people who would vote for his rival would be disappointed before he added anything: We have to stop treating our enemies as enemies. You’re an American.

Biden and vice president Kamala Harris joined the new First Lady Jill and her second husband Doug Emhoff in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday for a speech (Photo: EPA).

He moved on: I promise to be a president who doesn’t want to divide, but wants to unite… who doesn’t see red and blue states, who sees only the United States, and who works with all his heart to earn the trust of all of you.

That’s what I believe in in America. This is about people, and that’s what our administration will be.

Biden, who was introduced by his newly elected vice president, Kamala Harris, also said he would prioritise the fight against systemic racism, economic injustice and climate change.

He said… America has asked us to unite the forces of justice, decency, science, and hope in the great battles of our time.

The struggle to control the virus, to create wealth, to protect the health of your family, to achieve racial justice and eradicate systemic racism, and the struggle to save our planet and control the opportunities offered by climate change… and give everyone a fair chance.

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