What kind of ‘crazy’ stuff should Doug Marrone try? Here are some ideas – Jacksonville Jaguars Blog

What kind of ‘crazy’ stuff should Doug Marrone try? Here are some ideas – Jacksonville Jaguars Blog
What kind of ‘crazy’ stuff should Doug Marrone try? Here are some ideas – Jacksonville Jaguars Blog

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville Jaguar coach Doug Marron certainly caught the attention of the crowd on Tuesday when he said he was looking forward to the other nine games and that he was planning to get out of the penalty area to try to overcome the team’s 6-1 defeat.

I’m sure people will laugh at me for that or say something, but I really don’t care… Lucky me. I chase him, and no matter how he falls, he falls, but he’s open to me. I used to do crazy things. I used to do crazy things.

Maroon didn’t go into detail about the kind of craziness he meant, uh, but here are some suggestions…

Fault! The file name is not specified. The Jaguar LinsbackerMiles Jack fled to UCLA before devoting himself fulltime to defence. Stephen Dunn/Getty Pictures

Use of LB Miles Jack for inversion

This season Jack has had to deal with an ankle injury, but when he’s back in good health, you’ll have to wear it for a while. Newcomer James Robinson has become a nuisance with 481 yards on 107 flights, but he doesn’t have much left. Chris Thompson is the only one coming back with an aircraft carrier, he has six and is no longer on the reserve list.

The Jaguars have a rookie receiver, Laviska Sheno, who has held the ball in her hand 11 times, and they really need more shots, but Jack has to work too. Remember that Jack was named Rookie of the Year for the attack and defense at the University of California in 2013, when he scored 267 yards and seven touchdowns in five games, including 59 yards and four TDs in a 41-31 loss to Washington.

Remember that Marron stated in September 2019 that he was considering using Jack as a running back in 2018, when injuries and disqualifications limited Leonard Fornett to eight lots.

The narrow ends of the Jaguars allowed a total of 26 passes for 240 metres and one touchdown. That’s only 9.2 yards per take, that’s 25th in the NFL. Now that Tyler Eifert is in the IR, there’s only one trick left to play: James O’Shaunessy (15 x 47 meters).

Allen began his school career as a receiver and was an 3A player in the junior class at Abbeyville High School in Abbeyville, Alabama, scoring 11 touchdowns and 11 yards. All transferred to Montclair High School in Montclair, New Jersey, in high season. Not only was he the head of state with 22.5 sacks, but he also made 23 passes for 500 yards and five touchdowns.

Allen is now six feet tall and weighs 262 pounds, making him the biggest bottleneck on the list. His athletics and height will make him a fascinating target.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Jaguar Defense End Josh Allen was a star receiver in high school. Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire

Don’t laugh. That’s what Colorado coach Mel Tucker, Blaker, said he really intends to do.

People were talking: What are they doing? Are they crazy? Tucker told the Bleecker Report. But I’m telling you now, he’d have at least five or six bags. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

Yes, of course, but it’s worth a try. The Jaguars came out in week eight and finished last in the NFL with six sacks. Allen leads the team with two victories in five games (he missed two games due to a knee injury). The entire defensive line was folded into five bags.

Cheneau is a backward running receiver (6 feet 1, 227 pounds) and runs like a fullback. It would be funny to see a runner coming back, trying to pick it up like a speed trap.

Other non-conventional games

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– Eagles vs :
NFC Eastern Forecast – Brady defies Father Time, wait
– Patriots are historically bad at skidding

The Jaguars had originally planned to use Shenault as a baseball player for this season, but offensive coordinator Jay Gruden said he retired because Robinson played so well. Go ahead, go ahead.

Whether Shano takes a Wildcat snapshot or pushes him into the backfield with Robinson and another player (maybe Chris Thompson or Devine Ozigbo?), try something unusual or turn the option around. Confuse the defense, which increases the chances of a good match.

Use a couple of double steps. Flea blossom. Double back. The passes are at the end of the round. Fake puns (which worked well in 2017). False targets. Try anything, anything at all.

Crazy Flash

In fact, this season the Jaguars will be meeting defence coordinator Todd Wash more than ever. According to ESPN statistics and information, Jaguars send five or more pins 10.6 times per race, which is one time more than their previous record (9.6 in 2019). It’s the 11th. The NFL room is blocked.

Double it. Maybe even more.

The teams threw 575 yards against the Jaguar Blitz (the fourth largest in the NFL) and the second largest in the league (8.98 yards). So what’s the problem? The Jaguars already have the pockets of the NFL and let their opponents quarterbacks make 76.1% of their passes (the best score in the NFL).

It’s certainly risky to blow up so many things. If you raise it, you’re more likely to give up the big game. But it can also lead to mistakes – premature throws, misses, bad decisions – and it also means a better chance for change. Jaguar isn’t doing so well either: only six laps and only one recovery after a crash (they only managed two).

Fault! The file name is not specified. Doug Marron loses little, Jaguars are down to 1-6. James Gilbert/Getty Pictures

By going down to fourth place

The Jaguars under Marrone converted 49.3 percent (34 out of 69) of the fourth drop to 18th place since the start of the 2017 season. However, when the jaguars invaded the territory of their opponents, the percentage was slightly higher: 52.3 (23 out of 44, not counting kneeling).

It may not seem like much, but think about it: When Jaguar encounters four fourth falls in enemy territory, it can statistically extend two of those falls – which can result in touchdowns. For a team that scored only 21 points in an offensive game (which is in 26th place this season) this can be important.

Yes, it means you can give your opponents a good position on the pitch if you fail. And, yes, it also means that he will probably admit three almost safe points (Josh Lambo has done 94.9 percent of his attempts on the field, including 11 of the 12 of 50 meters or more since he joined the team in 2017). Lambo would probably be very unhappy too.

So what’s the problem? The Jaguars have only won once and it is unclear if and how long Gardner Minchaux would last with a right thumb injury. Gambling.

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