47 Home Repair Skills You Need to Survive Homeownership

Advantages of home ownership

In this article you will discover incredible information that will help you get through the ordeal many people go through when they own their first home….

I recently published a similar article on buying a home, in which I ask real estate agents to share their best tips for buying a home to renovate as a first time buyer. The advice we shared was absolutely invaluable (you can find the job here)!

…It got me thinking – How about a detailed guide describing common household problems, with quick ways to solve them? And not the same boring advice from ten years ago. But original and unique advice that every do-it-yourselfer can implement quickly….

You can spend hours looking for advice on repairing your home and never find so much useful advice in one place.

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…without further delay:

1. How to repair a leaking faucet

how to repair a leaking faucet

They finally put the children to bed, but it’s never quiet in a quiet house. I.V. I.V. water matches the nails on a shelf. A water leak may be the result of a defective washer in the handle.

To replace the washing machine, shut off the water supply under the sink. Put a rag in the pipe to avoid losing any parts and then remove the handle. Put the screw cap on, remove the screw and remove the handle. Use a wrench to disassemble the bar and place the parts on the counter top in the order in which they were removed, so that you know how to reassemble them. Check rubber parts or plastic cartridges for cracks and take the worn part to a hardware store for replacement. Re-assemble the parts in reverse order. Have fun!

2. How to transport your refrigerator

magic gliders for moving heavy furniture

For anyone who has ever been with his friends during a move, investing in Magic Crawlers is a must. You feel like Popeye and have consumed a litre of spinach, as powerful as you feel to move heavy furniture with ease. Place these slides directly under the front legs of the fridge (you can use any lever or forearm to move the slide up), and then pull on. Most refrigerators have wheels on the back, so the whole unit should move smoothly. So thanks, but no thanks to Pete (best friend of the university who forgot to set the alarm on the day I moved in), I get it!

3. Must dig a hole. – Wait a minute… …

811 calls Dig safe for digging holo.

Do not be the man in the neighborhood who loses all power or is sent by ambulance to dig a hole in the wrong place and cut a common power cable. Call 811 to notify the local utilities in your area before you start any excavation work. They send a professional to your house, mark all the wires you have, and save you from electrocution or the angry looks of your neighbors when they realize that you were the cause of the power outage in the last round of the series.

4. Finding a student in the wall

How do you find a stud in the wall with the stud finder?

Manually search for sockets, switches or the place where the nail goes through the mould. So if you find a standard this way, you can measure 16 or 24 inches in either direction to find the next standard, because that’s the average distance between standards. Other methods include holding a lamp at about an arm’s length from the wall to look for dimples or cavities indicating where the wall is connected to the bolt, or tapping the light on the wall to listen for elevated sounds indicating a bolt. If you make a mistake and drill in the wrong place, you can insert a piece of curved stiff wire into the hole and find the nearest bolt.

5. Treatment of a captive lock

How to fix a jammed door lock

Is there an old door lock you’re stuck to forever? Stop turning the key. Inject WD-40 into the keyhole to lubricate the mechanism quickly, or try graphite grease. Otherwise you might have a broken spring or cup and need to call a locksmith. If this is the case, you should have your new lock serviced with a durable Teflon spray every year.

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