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We’re about halfway through the NFL season, which is unlike anything we’ve seen in the coronavirus pandemic so far. Each team has already played at least eight games, so it’s time to take stock of the first half and see what’s ahead of the qualifiers.

How do you describe the first half? What are the most important unanswered questions? What is the balance between the different teams at the end of the season? The national association NFL answers questions from the 32 teams.

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The first half in a nutshell: New accounts. After three seasons in which coach Sean McDermott’s teams thrived on the defense and were ignored on the offense, Bills has an explosive attack that can set the ball in motion at will. And it had to be, because the Buffalo Defense took a big step back from 2018 and 2019 – although there have been signs of life in recent weeks.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Is this operating system capable of pressing all cylinders one after the other? The notes have not yet played a game in which all parts of the ball play at a high level, although they do show that they can. Buffalo are at best a candidate for the AFC – the question is whether (or how many times) this team will play soccer in the extra four quarters.

What’s the hardest game left? 14. Week against Pittsburgh. The Stallers seem to be the best team in the NFL, and already in week nine they are the last unbeaten team. Their defense – especially the passing rush – will slow down Buffalo’s offensive line, preventing them from getting through the season at this time. But the Beals’ victory could have a huge impact on the AFC qualifications.

Final prediction of the recording : 12-4. According to my preseason predictions, the accounts are talented enough to win enough games to secure a play-off spot and advance to the 17th round. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

The first half in a nutshell: The Flores Trust. The dolphins are doing well again, at least a year earlier than many had predicted after their spectacular recovery. Coach Brian Flores has led this team from 0-7 starts in 2019 to 10-7 in the last 17 games. The October quarterback that turned veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick into newcomer Tua Tagovayloa seemed curious on the surface, but like almost everything that put Flores in touch with the Dolphins, it worked. With the first five points and an exciting young Buy More, the dolphins are now more optimistic than they have been in more than a decade.

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The biggest question that remains to be answered is whether Miami can make the playoffs without a reliable game? The Dolphins are in a hurry to finish 28th in the NFL (97.1 yards per game), a combination of a bad run blocked by the young offensive line and ineffective running by the Players Commission. Hope for the return of Miles Gaskin after a knee injury at the end of this month, combined with many rehearsals for the offensive line, will lead to an improvement. But it is unrealistic to expect the dolphins to go from bad to good in the second half of the season. The next question will be whether Miami’s strengths in defence, special teams and passive attacks can be balanced.

What’s the hardest game left? 14. Kansas City Brass Week. The defending champion is still one of the worst teams in the NFL, and MVP Super Bowl Patrick Mahoms will test the improved defense of the Dolphins, who has had some problems with the mobile elite Buy More. On the other side of the ball Tagovayloa plays one-on-one with the number six of the Kansas City defense. For a beginner it will be a big challenge, but for the Dolphins and their fans it will be great to get in the middle of these important challenges.

Final prediction of the recording : 10-6. With a 50 percent chance of reaching the play-offs, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index, with the first five goals scored and a young CB growing up in Tagovayloa, the play-offs are a realistic goal. — Cameron Wolf

The first half in a nutshell: Breathtaking burglary. Everything looked good – 2-1, which could easily have been 3-0 if Cam Newton hadn’t stopped at the 1-yard line in Seattle, then KOVID-19 struck Newton and sent the whole team away. The patriots haven’t been the same since.

The biggest question that remains to be answered is which Newton will come along? Is it the quarterback who raised his back injury in the first two weeks of the season? Or the quarterback who seemed disturbed by the long distances from the start of the spectacular discovery? When Newton found his rhythm, the patriots looked vulnerable, although they missed a solid arsenal of catch cards on the wide receiver and the narrow end.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Cam Newton has yet to prove that he is the long-term answer to the Patriots’ quarterback question. Elsa/Getty pictures

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Newton. The Patriots have a big question for the quarterback in the future, and after two games, many observers wondered how much it would cost to sign Newton for overtime. The question now is whether it’s time to take a closer look at Jarrett Steadham. Things are changing fast, which reminds us that Newton still has a chance to make a difference. Using the ninth week of the rally to beat the jets was a good start.

Final prediction of the recording : 8-8. That probably wouldn’t be enough for a play-off spot, while the 9-7 could give the Patriots a chance. But with home games against Baltimore, Arizona and Buffalo on the schedule and away games against Miami and both teams in Los Angeles, the chances of a second half are higher. — Mike Travel

The first half in a nutshell: Unbridled shame. For the first time in the history of the Jets franchise, 0-9. Worse, they’ve only played three games. The attack, in which the boy of coach Adam Gaza was involved, was an epic failure and scored only ten touchdowns in nine games. When a team has trouble getting into the red zone, let alone the end zone, the problem increases everywhere. The register should be fundamentally revised. One more time.

The biggest question that remains to be answered is quarterback Sam Darnold. Could he play well enough to convince General Manager Joe Douglas to resist the temptation to sign Trevor Lawrence of Justin Fields for a top-level game in April? It will be a big challenge for Darnold, who couldn’t rise above the bad coach and the poor quality of the supporting cast. Instead of helping him succeed, the poorly equipped jets blew him up. That’s too bad. If the jets land first, they will probably trade them in and restart the clock with a new Buy More contract. Darnold can help himself – and his business value – by making good use of his right shoulder and doing everything in his power to incite crime when there are not enough leaders. Good luck.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? In the season of disappointment, Chris Herndon’s tight game is the most important. Not only does he not play passes, but every time he touches the ball something bad seems to happen – two stray balls and two lost passes. Geys was so high up Herndon’s ladder he called him a unicorn. He missed 15 races in 2019 due to a disqualification and injuries and has not recovered. Herndon, 24, has another year as a rookie. I hate to give up a talented player, but he has to show something in the last seven games to justify his place on the list in 2021.

Final prediction of the recording : 1-15. The jets are gonna have a victory somewhere that’s gonna cost them first choice… it will be the biggest thing in the history of the jets. — Rich Chimini


The first half in a nutshell: The guts are broken. The Ravens have the same 6-2 record as last season, but it’s not noticeable. In Baltimore there was no sign of a magical race like the one in 2019. Quarterback Lamar Jackson doesn’t come close to his MVP form. Crows have proven to be better than Colts and Browns. But Baltimore is a notch among the NFL elite, who stumbled in defeats against defending Super Bowl champions and the undefeated Steelers. The defense of the Ravens is of the calibre of the champions and keeps the league teams below 17.8 points per game. The attack continues, and the fact that Ronnie Stanley’s all-profit (ankle) grip for the season is out of the game doesn’t help. Finally, the success of the season in Baltimore will not be measured by the regular season. De Raven made the playoffs after making a sudden and unique appearance in each of Jackson’s first two seasons.

The biggest question that remains to be answered is whether Jackson can take the next step as a passer-by. The Crows can’t hold a serious championship unless Jackson makes the defense pay for stacking the box. This season he fell back in the ball throw and finished 26th (62.9%), 27th (1513) and 22nd (7.1) in the one-shot pass. Jackson did not appear as a setter in two important games of the season. He walked 97 meters against the bosses and made two interceptions (including the first highlight of his career – six) against the steel manufacturers. Jackson needs to make better decisions and take more accurate photos when it matters most.

What’s the hardest game left? 12. Thanksgiving week (26 November) in Pittsburgh. For the Ravens this is a mandatory game. They therefore have at least one hope of winning their third consecutive AFC Northern Championship title and securing their home game in the post-season season. Baltimore is currently two games away from Pittsburgh and have already lost to their biggest opponents at home earlier this month. With only a modest game plan remaining, the Ravens’ final goal in the regular season is to prove they’re among the best in the AFC. In addition, it is important to brag about one’s own rights. In the last 11 seasons, Baltimore has only been captured once by Pittsburgh.

Final prediction of the recording : 12-4. According to ESPN Analytics, the Ravens have the easiest program in the competition. Baltimore has an 8.7% chance of winning. — Jamison Hensley.

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Joe Fortenbo and Tyler Fulgum collapse on the NFL MVP favorite after a fight between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in recent weeks.

The first half in a nutshell: The pain is increasing. The first half of the season showed how much the Bengal have to build up to get a place in the qualifying games. The defence has yet to be significantly improved and must find its way forward. Cincinnati also fought for the hand-to-hand victory, which it did under second year coach Zack Taylor. But the optimism around starting quarterback Joe Barrow and the team dominating 8th place is not enough. Weekly victories over Tennessee show that the Bengalis can turn the situation around at the end of this season and complete the recovery process for the 2021 season.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Is this defence sufficient for a consistent victory? At various times during the season, the defense has been a remedy for painful quarterbacks. Phillip Rivers had the best quarter of his career (that says something) when he helped close the 21-point Colts gap by winning their comeback. A week later, quarterback Baker Mayfield Brownes hasn’t missed a single shot in the last three quarters because he’s whispered he may not be Cleveland’s long-term quarterback. The Bengalis must be subjected to a proper assessment of their protection. If the unit fights for the rest of the season, Cincinnati will have to solve the problems if it wants to be competitive again.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? The defense coordinator, Lu Anarumo. His unity came together with the earlier mentioned performance in week 8 on the Titans, which gave him a much needed breathing space. But the Bengal have to keep playing well and show the players that they believe in the anarumo project. Until now, during his term of office, this has not always been the case. It should be noted that Anarumo inherited the list of aging stars and the team that had to go to a free agency in 2020 to plug the holes created by years of project neglect. And some of these signers, like D.J. Reader and Tray Waines, spent more time in the victim pool than in the field.

Final prediction of the recording : 6-9-1. According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, the Bengals will take the lead in two other games this season – in the 12th minute of the season and in the final round of the league. Week against the giants and in the 14th week. Cowboy week. They have to win six to continue their climb and Cincinnati has opponents on the horizon. — Ben baby.

The first half in a nutshell: On the right track. The Brownes haven’t made the playoffs in 18 years, the longest drought in the NFL. But at 5:3, according to the FPI, their shot is better than 50%. And with one of the last easy ranks, they have a great chance to finally break through into this gang.

The biggest question Baker Mayfield has yet to answer is as quarterback? This is the most important issue for the long-term franchise which, surprisingly, three decades later is still looking for a permanent replacement for Bernie Kosar. Mayfield had several notable moments, including the Browns record of 21 consecutive finishes and three assists for a touchdown in the fourth quarter in the 25th minute. October in Cincinnati. But he wasn’t lucky either, especially during his dark performances in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. No doubt Mayfield has improved since the disappointing 2019 season. But the next few weeks should tell us if this is really a long-term answer.

What’s the hardest game left? Cleveland could only block his place in the play-offs and unbalanced houses in Baltimore (December 14) and Pittsburgh (January 3). With the Steelers now looking almost invincible, this is probably the hardest game left in Cleveland. But the soccer of the Ravens wins on Monday night could be the most important, because it gives the Browns a real chance to win the tent and show on the national podium that they are actually playing in the play-offs and making progress.

Final prediction of the recording : 10-6. The Browns probably lead the way in their fight against the Jaguars, Giants and Jets and win two more races at home – Texas and the Eagles? — …she’ll give them 10. — Jake Trotter

The first half in a nutshell: Still undefeated. Steelworkers have an excellent track record, but they do so with fashionable imperfections. Of their eight victories, five were decided with a single result – including each of the last three games. Most importantly, the steelmakers have devised ways to win and played great games in great moments. In the first eight games, the Steelers showed many weaknesses, such as inconsistency in the game and defense. But they have also shown their strengths, such as the ability to overcome adversity. It will take a lot of work to collect the second half for the first half of the match. Everything you need this week
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The biggest question still to be answered Will the steel producers be able to continue in the same way? The last three games ended in the final, but Pittsburgh still managed to beat the top two NFL teams and the boring loser in a game that had been lost to the Steelmakers in the past. But to keep the plate clean, the Steelers have to show that they can collect all four quarters of the extra football, something they haven’t done all season. Quarterback Ben Ruthlisberger plays well, although he had a slow start in attack and his defence was generally injured in his running team. Can this team stop beating the monsters and play like their record?

What’s the hardest game left? Carry on. Yeah, it’s a coach’s speech, but it’s true. Despite their invincibility, the Steelmakers did not play well enough to watch the remaining programme and predict some tough matches for the future. Their perfect start almost ended with the fourth quarterback of the Cowboy-team scoring 2-7. Staleling has a leading position in his league and in the AFC, but with matches remaining against league rivals like the Baltimore Ravens and another match against the growing Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh must win every match to maintain their position with Baltimore and Kansas City in close cooperation with their top players.

Final prediction of the recording : 13-3. Without the second half of the farewell week, the Steelmakers won’t end the season with a perfect score, but they will still win the division. — Brooke Pryor


The first half in a nutshell: Slow start. The Texans not only fought for the start of the season – they won two games, but failed to start the games productively. In eight games, Texas has scored three first strikes and only one goal. Although Houston had problems with both sides of the ball, the attack failed to put the team in a good position at the start.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Apart from quarterback Dashawn Watson and striker Laramie Tunsil, are there any other young talents a Texan can develop, especially in defense? Perhaps Houston’s biggest problem is that although the Texan is tied for his fourth best NFL record, he can’t expect a strong design in the first or second round of 2021 because he traded it to the Miami Dolphins last season. On both sides of the ball, there is a lack of talented young players who are new to the game. The rest of the season should be an opportunity for young players to show that they can play their part in the team’s long-term plans.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? David Johnson. The returning veteran was bought from the now famous store that sent a DeAndre Hopkins wide receiver to the Arizona Cardinals this off-season, and Houston took over the entire Johnson contract worth over $11 million. Johnson hasn’t played a contract this season – he’s got 408 yards and three touchdowns in 103 attempts – and unless he changes that for the better, it seems unlikely that the Texas will want to pay his 9 millionth salary in 2021. If Houston Johnson cancels this out of season, it could save $6.9 million.

Final prediction of the recording : 4-12. The schedule is much simpler than in the first half, because the games against the Chiefs, Ravens, Steelmakers and Packers have already been postponed. The final with a record of 4-12 means that Houston will make it 2-6. — Sarah Barshop

The first half in a nutshell: Dominant protection. The excitement around the Colts at the start of the season was due to the arrival of veteran Phillip Rivers as the starting quarterback. It turned out that an extra off-season addition could have made the difference. The Colts took 13th place in the DeForest Buckner project. He took second place and worked with professional linebacker Darius Leonard to make the division a strong member of the team when it had been the weak link for so many years. The Colts were at the forefront of the NFL’s defence and now lead in many statistical categories, including authorised shipyards and interceptions.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Darius Leonard leads the Colt defense, which is one of the best in the league. AP Photo/Fire LoMoglio

The biggest question that remains to be answered is, do the Colts have enough for an attack? The defense is one of the best in the NFL, but the Colts lacks killers on offense. In defense there are Leonard, Buckner, defender Julian Blackmont and cornerback Xavier Rhodes, all of whom have played important games this season, and these are just a few examples. It’s not the same for the attacking side of the ball. They don’t know who’s gonna run out of Rivers based on a game. T.Y.’s broadband receiver. Hilton is off to the slowest start of his nine-year NFL career. A newcomer, Jonathan Taylor, lacked consistency and the offensive line did not dominate the front line as it did in 2018 and 2019. The defense cannot go beyond the Colts; the attack must do its part by finding a way to get the points on the board.

What’s the hardest game left? It’s more than a game for the Colts. Four. They have two games against AFC South’s opponents Tennessee, including one on Thursday, and a home game against Green Bay, wedged between two games against the Titans. The Colts, who are currently chasing the Titans at the top of the AFC south, are threatening to separate from Tennessee for a chance to win the championship. The Colts will also play in Pittsburgh in week 16. Colts all-time 6-19 against the Steelmakers.

Final prediction of the recording : 10-6. Chiefs, Ravens and Steelmakers seem to be the best teams in the AFC, but with two games against Texas and one against the Jaguars, the schedule is favourable for Indianapolis who, led by General Manager Chris Ballard, will finish for the second time in four years with a record win and move on to the playoffs. — Mike Wells

The first half in a nutshell: It’s very nice. After Indianapolis got bored with the start of the season and then lost to Tennessee in Nashville, where they struggled to keep the tight races in recent seasons, there was optimism that the Jaguars’ competitiveness would be better than many thought. Then everything collapsed quickly. Jacksonville was the first team in NFL history to lose three games in a row without winning a team (with the exception of the teams that opened the season) and broke the NFL record by losing 30 points in six games in a single season. As for most of the last decade, Jaguars were almost out of the playoffs before most of us bought Halloween sweets.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Jaguars have anything on Jake Luton? The sixth round threw for 304 yards in his first NFL game on Sunday, and it was the most productive throw by a rookie Jaguar quarterback at his first start. Luton started because Gardner Mincho came out with a thumb injury and no timetable for his return. During the 2020 season, Minshev received a gift to prove that he can be a long-term starter, but he still has the same problems as a beginner (comfort in the pocket, strong hands, catcher’s throw, opening and midfield work). Luton has had good times and bad times against Houston, but he has a big hand, he likes to throw the field over and show some guts with a two-minute touchdown at the end of the game. Jaguars should see more.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? From a player’s point of view, it is definitely Minshaw – although there is no guarantee that he will be back on the pitch when he recovers. Coach Doug Marron said he had to see Luton play before he made that decision. Marron and General Manager Dave Caldwell are also in trouble. The team has lost 27 of its last 36 games (16 of which in double digits), including the last seven in a row, and both are more likely to be fired after the season – except for the unlikely 7-1 victory that brings Jaguar to 500.

Final prediction of the recording : 2-14. The Jaguars have the most power on the board, but they can steal a game against Minnesota (3-5) or Chicago (5-4) because the young players in the line-up – at least for the time being – respect Marron and don’t throw. — Mike DiRocco

The first half in a nutshell: Defensive battle. The Titans didn’t get the $21 million in expected profits they had invested in their preseason card foolishness. Vic Beasley has signed a one-year contract worth $9.5 million and is no longer on the register. Jadveon Clowney ($12 million contract for the year) has brought a lot of excitement to Nashville, but he is dealing with a knee injury. None of the players have a bag this season, although Clowney has had some influence on the quarterbacks of their opponents. With the exception of Malcolm Butler, the small Tennessee player did not play well, which had a big impact on the team’s low defensive ranking in the allowed percentage (32nd place, 61.8%) and the percentage of goals scored in the red zone (30th place, 80.7%).

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The biggest question that remains to be answered Could the local defense do better? The high attack level of the Titans in the beginning disguised some defensive shortcomings, but the defeats of the steelworkers and the Bengal stressed their declining third defense. But Tennessee showed an improvement over Chicago, making only two-thirds of the decline in 15 attempts. The Titans also got three sacks in this game, after only seven in the previous seven games. A strong demonstration against the bears can bring about a much needed rise in the defense of the Titans.

What’s the hardest game left? 16. Week in Green Bay. Titan’s former offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur led the 31.6 point offensive for Aaron Rogers and Green Bay. Rogers’ ability to select teams individually by quickly grabbing and developing the game is extremely difficult to eliminate. Davante Adams plays this season just like any other big receiver in the league. The protection of the packers is also strong: Preston Smith and Z’Darius Smith are blowing off steam.

Final prediction of the recording : 12-4. The Titans are playing five games in a row, which could affect their qualification for the AFC playoffs, but the dominant fast-paced Tennessee offense led by Derrick Henry and coach Mike Vrabel’s hopes of improving the defense should give the Titans what they need to win the away game at the end of the season. — Thurron Davenport


The first half in a nutshell: Slow start. One more time. The Broncos started the season 2019 with a 4-0 score and then started the season 2020 with a 3-0 score due to various injuries, fights with KOVID-19 and a late goal almost weekly. Denver has scored at least 10 points in five of their last seven games, including Sunday’s loss in Atlanta. Yes, injuries have overloaded the line-up and yes, the Bronkos are one of the youngest teams in the league, but the veterans who stay in the locker rooms and the coaching staff have to help repair them. The Broncos will only rebalance when they look at the two-digit deficit half the time.

The bigger question that remains to be answered is whether Drew will lock this guy up or not? Patience is not a virtue, especially when it comes to a young quarterback. The castle is stuck in a constant whirlwind of impatience from the crazy Broncos region in search of its next QB franchise. The lock is depressed and currently ranks 28th or lowest in most major statistical categories among beginners in the League, including the last percentage on completion. The Broncos could help him play the racing game. The blocker will have to overcome injuries on the attack line and the attack coordinator, Pat Schurmur, will have to help the blocker better control the first and second runs.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? It’s hard to believe that the Broncos are going to make a whole plan for Locke – as they did this year – for the post-season and then give him a whole season after the middle of the season to show what he’s capable of. But Locke is probably playing to keep Denver from applying the premium plan to another quarterback. Locke is full of potential, especially at the end of the game, but the challenge is to manage what happens long before these places create 14-point situations. A blocker must master things as first and tenth game, short and medium throws, moving chains, and just occasionally throw the ball if the game can not be saved.

Final prediction of the recording : 7-9. The rest of the schedule is not conducive to a wobbly crew, as the dolphins, saints, chiefs and Bill are still on the bench. — Jeff Legold.

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Stephen A. Smith says Patrick Mahomez should be the top MVP this season, but won’t rank him as the top QB.

The first half in a nutshell: On the right track. Despite the fact that the first half of the season was not perfect, Chiefs could have become the second consecutive Super Bowl champion with an 8-1 result. They run the NFL at different times, a sign of their strength. Quarterback Patrick Mahomez plays the same way, if not better than ever, with 25 touchdowns and an interception. The Chiefs also found ways to win without a great performance from Mahomez, dropping 245 yards, beating Bills and scoring touchdowns in defense and special teams, beating the Broncos. The Chiefs look like they’re tough in the playoffs.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Six to six on the defense and a fourth place in the league with fourteen forced turns. But they haven’t built up a defensive identity, and some of their numbers are disturbing. Kansas City is in the middle of the league in the pockets for the effort, despite the fact that most of his salary is invested in baseball players Chris Jones and Frank Clarke. It’s in 28th place of the most effective in the red zone. The leaders are in 22nd place and have forced three withdrawals. These figures need to be improved if leaders are to avoid problems in the future.

What’s the hardest game left? While the matches against the Buccaneers, the Dolphins and the Saints could prove more difficult to win, the match is at 11. The game day against the Raiders in Las Vegas is by far the most important. It’s not an easy victory for the Chiefs, given the way the Raiders treated them in their 40-32 victory in Las Vegas in week 5. The Chiefs were unable to put much pressure on Derek Carr’s quarterback or maintain the speed of the Raiders on the wide receiver that day. Meanwhile, Las Vegas was pushing Mahomez incessantly without resorting to blitz attacks. The leaders have a lot to do when they beat the Raiders a second time. A victory would have cemented the bosses’ fifth consecutive Western AFC Championship, while a defeat would have signalled an intense race to the finish.

Final prediction of the recording : 13-3. The last seven games are more of a minefield for the Chiefs than the first nine, with several play-off opponents among the other seven, but a record result of 5-2 seems reasonable for a team with as much chance of winning the game as the Chiefs. – Adam Thacher

The first half in a nutshell: We’re almost there. Halfway through the 10-6 mark (after 7-9 last season) and as the No. 6 seed in the pursuit of the AFC Playoffs (the Raiders have only been eliminated once since 2002), confidence in Las Vegas is high. Particularly with major victories over Kansas City (only one loss against the Super Bowl champions in the calendar year) and New Orleans (the Saints are suddenly considered the NFC favourites) and a 4-1 road record. Most of the Raiders’ problems were self-inflicted, although they were fined almost $1.2 million for violating COWID 19 protocols. The injuries could have made Las Vegas disappear, but the Raiders reacted.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Dan is now asking the question: Can they close? Last season the Raiders were 6-4 and looked at the last friendly segment. Instead, they missed five of the last six games. Now that the experience of this collapse is recent, Las Vegas again has a favorable schedule for the second half, with three away games against teams (Falcons, Jets and Broncos) that have won a total of six games. Josh Jacobs also did not return in three of the last four races of last season after a shoulder fracture. Jacob’s workload is now closely monitored and Devontae Booker has proven to be more than capable of changing the back room. Balanced protection also needs more bending, less breaking.

What’s the hardest game left? Houses versus bosses in week 11. Don’t you think Kansas City will expect a bit of revenge on Sunday night when the country watches the Raiders take out the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in week 5? Las Vegas is on its way to a home game against the Broncos this weekend and Kansas City will come to Cin City after a week of saying goodbye and give Chiefs coach Andy Reid an extra week to come up with a plan against the Raiders. Defending the Raiders was a game declared Arrowhead, and if she manages to do it again to finish the sweep, Las Vegas may decide for the name of the division instead of chasing a wild point.

Final prediction of the recording : 10-6. Whatever the schedule for the second half of the season, nothing is predetermined – especially when it comes to the front line of the Raders and small permanent works. But so far Las Vegas has shown infallible determination with five wins in five games, and in the next two months it should be possible to bring five more games together. — Paul Gutierrez.

The first half in a nutshell: Protest and cruelty. They had to struggle with injuries in almost every position, and so did the quarterback. Newcomer Justin Herbert has mastered the situation with balance and class, but he needs the help of the defense, which has been destroyed. The defense didn’t help Joey Bose with the concussion.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Despite the record of the Chargers (2-6), their future with QB rookie Justin Herbert looks promising. Isaiah J. Downing/USA Sports Monday

The biggest question that remains to be answered Can they finish the game? With six defeats that’s 24 points – of which they lost four with 11, 17, 17 and 21 points – Loader coach Anthony Lynn doesn’t know how much more he can take. Fans, too.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Calen Ballage is back. The three-year-old couldn’t stop the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, but he made a pretty good start with the Chargers in Week 9 after being removed from the coaching staff, walked 69 yards and scored a touchdown. But his story doesn’t give him complete confidence.

Final prediction of the recording : 6-10. Tight defeats and broken peaks are proof that Los Angeles hasn’t developed the killer instinct, but perhaps next season will all change for the Chargers, who have played 3-15 games for a point over the past two years. — Shelly Smith


The first half in a nutshell: It’s incredibly bad. Blame the coronavirus pandemic. We are responsible for the absence of an off-season program, the absence of a mini-club, the shortening of training camps and the absence of pre-season competitions. Quarterback Duck Prescott and airstrikers Tyrone Smith and La’el Collins are responsible for their injuries. But neither the cowboys nor anyone else thought it would be that bad. When Prescott played, the Cowboys were 2 or 3 after five starts and two wins required a bit of luck. Defense is historically bad. The attack without Prescott was also bad, with only two touchdowns. The Cowboys have many reasons and excuses to look at the likely top 5 in the Draft NFL 2021.

The biggest question that remains to be answered What are the defensive numbers to remember in 2021? The offensive will bring back Smith, Collins and a tight end to Blake Jarwin (knee) next season, provided Prescott has either taken over a franchise or signed a long-term contract, giving hope that he can be the lead unit next season. But the cowboy defense has holes everywhere. DeMarcus Lawrence plays better, but the defensive game needs more pockets. The future of Ceylon Smith’s linebacker in the team has been called into question by his failure and lack of contract. Second seeded future free agents such as Xavier Woods, Jourdan Lewis and Chidobi Awusi (who missed a hamstring injury) left no impression. The Cowboys want to keep Oldon Smith’s defensive abilities, but he has to show that he can play the whole season after such a long break.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Coach Mike McCarthy will probably be pardoned for being so weird this season. The defense coordinator, Mike Nolan, won’t be. His unit is gaining momentum, earning the most points in the history of the franchise, if not the highest score of the NFL season. The division’s last games against offensive teams such as the New York Giants, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington football team can be a blessing. Nolan brought the cowboys a plan to accommodate the staff, but it didn’t do any good, including stopping the race or creating a turnaround. Unless there’s a massive turnaround, the entire defense staff could be in trouble.

Final prediction of the recording : 4-12. The Cowboys still have one game to play against the winning team (Baltimore, 6-2), but it is unlikely that an assured victory will be sustained within the timeframe. — Todd Archer

The first half in a nutshell: He’s still recovering. The Giants won two wins in nine games, both against Washington. Clearly, their list – especially without Barkley’s return – is still not good enough. But this season it’s more about doing good and establishing his culture than winning races. So far the payment on this site seems promising. The Giants play hard and show an improvement, especially in defense. The referee seems to have steered this team in the right direction during the last eight weeks of the season.

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The biggest question Daniel Jones has yet to answer is the quarterback of the franchise? There’s no other way. Jones has not made the progress we could have hoped for after a promising season for the debutants. Many of the problems that affected him last season – bags, malfunctions, pirouettes – still exist. He just played his first clear round of the season against Washington, and even in that game he lost twice. One is unusual, the other is good. Jones’ potential is flashing every week from time to time, but eight touchdowns with up to 13 spins indicate that his 2020 season is currently dominated by his season.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? The Giants didn’t respond to Evan Engram in time, although they did ask for his availability. They consider the talented narrow end to be one of their best weapons. But the battle for the NFL lead this season has been at the expense of Engram, who lost six paces and only managed to take the lead in the ninth minute. Washington in the second round. He just hasn’t been involved in another crime under Jason Garrett. The last seven races are the key to the future of the Engram. Giants who have a fifth year on the fattening farm next year can always postpone it or leave it in this low season.

Final prediction of the recording : 5-11. The Giants have played hard and still have a few winning games ahead of them (Eagles, Bengals, Browns, Cowboys) – they may even win an unexpected game along the way when Jones finally gets them together for the big day – but this team isn’t good enough to really run NFC East. — Jordan Ranan

The first half in a nutshell: Multiple injuries. Four-fifths of the original line of attack was destroyed by fate. DeShawn Jackson and Jailen Rayhor missed nine games in combination with the introduction of Wide Receivers. Zack Ertz and Dallas Gödert have fallen. Running back Miles Sanders missed the last two games. It doesn’t stop there. Quarterback Carson Wenz worked with a training team again. There were bright moments along the way, like the appearance of a wide receiver Travis Fulgham, but sometimes in the ugly game the team took the receiver’s current into account.

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Can the biggest question still be answered Wenz stabilize? In the first half of 2020 he is extremely unstable and is in the worst season of his professional career. When participating in the 9. Bye Tournament, Wentz leads the league in terms of sales (16), interceptions (12) and bags (32), it ranks 32nd (58.4) in terms of percentage of completion and 30th place in terms of yards per attempt (6.2). He has written some great moments and already has three of his best careers in the fourth quarter, but the Eagles need a more consistent quarterback. The rest of the season will be dominated by judging whether Wentz is able to give them away.

What’s the hardest game left? Week 13 at Green Bay Packers. Any trip to the Lambeau field at the end of the season is difficult and it doesn’t help if the Packers (6-2) play as one of the best football teams. The trip to Wisconsin takes place between the home games against the Seattle Hawks and the New Orleans Saints. The Sea Hawks game will take place Monday-evening, which means the Eagles will play the Puckers for a week after the return game against Seattle (a play-off loss for the Eagles in 2019).

Final prediction of the recording : 7-8-1. The Eagles will win the rest of their championship games, as well as another game away from NFC East to earn seven wins and earn their ticket to the playoffs. — Tim McManus.

The first half in a nutshell: It’s a long process. Washington knew it would take time to build what coach Ron Rivera wanted, and that fan base: a winner. Of course, the predictions for the large reconstruction were correct. Washington has a good base of young talent, starting in defense with Chase Young and Montes Sweet. But the list of needs is long – from quarterback to linebacker, from line of attack help to extra weapons by the way. Ignore NFC East’s speech and understand what’s left of this season: laying the foundation stone. It is about creating protagonists, but also about creating habits and standards for the public welfare.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Is there a future quarterback on the roster? The answer is probably no, because the injured Kyle Allen is considered a quality replacement, he and 36-year-old Alex Smith have been seriously injured and Duane Haskins has been put on the bench, partly because of his inability to prepare for top-level races. Haskins is the only one in this group who has the combination of age and skill to take on this role, but the coaches don’t care about him. He can change his mind by being better prepared and playing well if he gets the chance. Otherwise the search will resume in low season.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Smith. By default, he’s there for the bench and injuries, but if the quarterback wants to be on the team next season – with Washington or elsewhere – he has eight games that show he can still play effectively with a leg injury. It’s hard to imagine that he will be here as a starter in the future if he doesn’t show up. Smith will also have to decide if he wants to continue playing; he has already conquered a lot just to be in this position. But if he wants to keep going, even as backup, this is his chance.

Final prediction of the recording : 4-12. Although the team is becoming more and more competitive, it will have several young players at the start and big questions from the quarterback, and the last five games will be tough. Five victories are no exception, but we’ll have to take a few breaks. — John Kame


The first half in a nutshell: Dislodge the bowel. Watching bears is an unpleasant thing. The attack is terrible. The Bears won five of the season’s six opening games, but have been in the stands ever since for lack of consistency, consistency and discipline. Bears also cannot score points (the time it takes to collect the waste), which is also quite a big problem. Bears don’t win anymore, they play ugly.

Can crime get better? The Bears have fought offensively in the past, but Matt Nagy is a coach in the offensive, which means it shouldn’t be so bad. The bears of the year 2020 resemble the bears of John Fox – a time when fans stood in large numbers far from Private Field. This season it’s no problem because of the KOVID 19 pandemic, but in the end the bears want to welcome the fans in their home games. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to pay money to see the bears play like they used to. Something has to change… …and dramatic.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Nick Falls has yet to prove that he has to be a long term answer for Chicago. AP Photo/ Kelvin Kuo

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Nick Falls. Falls is Chicago’s only quarterback for the 2021 contract – Mitchell Trubisky has to sign elsewhere next spring and Tyler Bray is third in his career – but he still has to convince people that he’s the man for the job. The violations played well with the assholes, but the total impact was underestimated. Falls aren’t the only grudge problem. Bears are chaos, with a sharp line of attack and gambling problems. However, the quarterback is always under the most pressure. If he does, he will have to raise his game in the last seven games if he wants to have confidence in the work of the No. 1 when the training camp opens next summer.

Final prediction of the recording : 8-8. The Bears have nothing to do with the play-offs for this attack. — Jeff Dickerson.

The first half in a nutshell: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. The Lions had a hard defense – missing 148.1 meters in a hasty game, 4.8 meters for carrying and 24.9 meters first down per game, making them 31st in the league. The Lions are in the bottom 10 of almost every major defense category, except the per-game card, and allow 30 points per game – the highest score allowed per game since Detroit 32.31 in the 0-16 season in 2008. The teams scored 71.9% in Detroit when they reached the red zone. It’s just that the Lions have been in a defensive jam all season.

The biggest question still to be answered For the time being, most of the questions asked to Lviv seem to focus more on the long-term future of the club. While the Lions could theoretically still run, nothing that the franchise under Coach Matt Patricia’s leadership has shown that they will. So the most important question for the team is what happens next: Will the owner of Sheila Ford Hamp Patricia and/or General Manager Bob Quinn own or regain the franchise? If this is a transformation, what does that mean for quarterback Matthew Stafford? Detroit, apart from the victory in Arizona, has shown that it can not hang around with good teams in his schedule. With a stormy December (Chicago, Green Bay, Tennessee and Tampa Bay), there can’t be many victories this season.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? There are many, but that’s mainly because Patricia is training her job and Quinn is making decisions to try and keep her job. If Quinn and Patricia are fired, many of the current players in Lviv could see their jobs threatened in 2021. Until there’s clarity with Quinn and Patricia, we can’t make plans.

Final prediction of the recording : 6-10. Detroit took two of the next three victories and stole one in December, but the combination of a porous defense and an inconsistent attack continues to plague Lviv every week. — Michael Rothstein

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Brett Favre has no doubt that Aaron Rogers will do his best to help the Packers win another Super Bowl.

The first half in a nutshell: MVP Aaron. To paraphrase Mark Twain: Reports of Aaron Rogers’ death are greatly exaggerated. After the 2019 season – to Rodgers’ design – the NFL’s double MVP immediately returned to the MVP race and could even lead it. With 24 touchdowns and two interceptions, Rodgers has the second largest touchdown in NFL history in eight games played by the quarterback with two interceptions or less. He’s stepping up the pace to break his high career for touchdown passes this season (45 in 15 games in 2011, his first season as MVP), and he seems to be perfectly synchronized with Coach Matt LaFleur as a player. And this despite the fact that Davante Adams has no constant number two beneficiary behind Davante Adams.

Is the biggest question enough, Adams? His claim that he’s the best receiver in the NFL is not unfounded, but what happens if someone covers for Adams? This hasn’t happened yet, and GM Brian Gutekunst has to make sure it doesn’t, because he didn’t go far enough to add a receiver before the deal ended (the will of the Texas Fullers was one of the goals). Allen Lazard is scheduled to return for daily cardiovascular surgery and may take his place where he left off in his 146-yard, eight-headed game in the third week after his injury. And maybe Marques Valdez-Scanling will finally find an order that fits his rhythm. But right now, it’s two questions.

What’s the hardest game left? While the Packers are at 11. The day still puts the top two teams in the southern AFC – the Indianapolis Colts (5-3) and the 16 team AFC South – against each other. Match day against the Tennessee Titans (6-2) – their fate could be determined in the regular season finale with the Chicago Bears. Yes, the Bears fell through their hit-and-run, but they have protection, Rogers and Co.’s fast linebackers and a strong front of seven seem like a recipe for slowing down this attack, and he alludes to the Bears’ strengths. Chicago stays Chicago two more times, the first time at home in week 12, but it looks like the play-off landing on the 3rd. January on the Soldiers’ Field is a lot at stake.

Final prediction of the recording : 12-4. That’s a one-game improvement over last season’s forecast. There’s always an unexpected defeat (as at home against Minnesota in week eight) and an unexpected victory on the road (as in San Francisco in week nine) since the game plan was released, and of course there may be more surprises in the second half. But there’s no reason to believe that the Packers won’t continue at the same pace unless the injuries hit them even harder than they already are. — Rob Demovsky

The first half in a nutshell: Reality. Nobody expected Minnesota to start the season 1-5, especially not the Vikings. A team that has relied on the continuity of the attack, able to carry the weight of the defense in a transitional phase, given that the victory, as previously led by coach Mike Zimer, is unlikely to be achieved in 2020. In the first five weeks of the season, the Vikings lost two points and an embarrassing loss to the Falcons. So Minnesota was sent to Minnesota during week 7 to determine whether it would choose to rebuild or try to reconsider the disagreement in the second half.

The biggest question that remains to be answered The Vikings did not make a move during the swap period, which shows that they believe they can stay competitive and fight for the play-offs. We will decide whether Minnesota will return from this NFC lane triple NFC route from northern rival 10. week with the Chicago Bears at Soldiers Field Monday night. The Vikings must defeat teams like Chicago and Detroit to take their rightful place in the league, and defeat teams like Dallas, Jacksonville and Carolina to improve their record and have a chance to advance to the play-offs.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Zimmer is not yet in discussion after the three-year extension in July, but he and General Manager Rick Spilman will need a win in 2021 to prove they have the right people in leadership positions. If Minnesota stumbles the rest of the way and is able to prepare a quarterback, Kirk Cousens will probably need time. It’s unrealistic to believe that the Vikings will take him out after 2020 if he fails and takes a hit of $41 million, but introducing a new QB to learn from his cousins for a year and eventually taking him down next season could be a turning point in the downward spiral.

Final prediction of the recording : 7-9. The rest of the time the Vikings have a good program, but it is unrealistic to think that they will beat a bad team that will show up. The Vikings have no control over their fate in the play-offs and depend on 49 players, rams, bears and even falcons tripping to secure their place in the low season. — Courtney Cronin


The first half in a nutshell: Reset button. The era of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitrov came to an end after the Falcons started the 0-5 season, which led to their launch in October. The Falcons have pressed the reset button and have been playing soccer under a more inspired brand for the past four weeks. The defense awards 23 points per game in the last four games, after losing an average of 32 PPGs in the first five weeks of the season. Quarterback Matt Ryan has also taken a 70% lead in each of the last four games.

Jeremy Fowler interviewed a group of more than 50 coaches, artists, scouts and players to determine the top 10 of the ranking for 2020:

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The biggest question that remains to be answered is whether this team can continue to win with Rahim Morris as head coach. Morris took the initiative and set a 3-1 record in the first four games as temporary head coach of Atlanta after the team started losing 5-0. With the exception of outfield defender Tuck McKinley, who was fired, the players seem to have hired temporary staff from Morris. If Atlanta continues to show signs of success in the remaining matches, team owner Artur Blanc may be inclined to give Morris a second chance as head coach.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Back off, Todd Gurley. The old Aries came to the Falcons with a one-year contract for $5.5 million. He is no longer the same player who was named offensive player of the year 2017. But Gurley still has his nose in the end zone this season and nine touchdowns in nine games. Those who take a GM position have a choice in the upper half of the design and can choose to join the top of one of the middle and following rounds. Linking a newcomer to Gurley with a one- to two-year contract could be a possibility for Atlanta.

Final prediction of the recording : 6-10. Two games against the southern NFC heavyweights, the New Orleans Saints and the Pirates of Tampa Bay, are already a tough task, made even tougher by collisions with the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Bosses. — Thurron Davenport

The first half in a nutshell: Madman’s gold. Expectations for NFL rookie coach Matt Roulet were a season of recovery. Three straight victories followed, even after Christian McCaffrey came back, he had a sprained ankle in the second round that pushed him to six games and suddenly he started talking about moving on to the playoffs. The Panthers are better than a typical perestroika team because they deter worthy opponents. But after four straight defeats, this is not a play-off team.

The biggest question still to be answered Learn how to finish the games. Five of Carolina’s six losses were with eight points or less and three were with four points or less. If some of them had played differently, the Panthers could easily have scored a 6-3 instead of a 3-6. The key to this success will be the destination journey. The Panthers have taken 26th place in the NFL. They finished in the red zone, with only 54% of their records ending in touchdowns, leading to the defeat of Kansas City on Sunday (33-31). McCaffrey’s injury was a factor. With McCaffrey they scored 8 of 9 goals in 20 touchdowns. Without him, they’re 10 out of 21.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? Teddy Bridgewater’s quarterback. It’s very encouraging, as Bridgewater played well in the first half of the season, so the Panthers were a bit surprised with three wins. Her inability to get the team out of control and several close defeats – that’s why Carolina was a little disappointed. If Bridgewater is consistent, the Panthers could recruit a dynamic player for the position, as they did with Cam Newton in 2011.

Final prediction of the recording : 5-11. It is hard to imagine that this team will win more than two games towards the end, as they have not yet won due to defensive injuries that were already young and inexperienced. — David Newton

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Joe Fortenbo and Tyler Fulgam discuss the favorite team of NFC after the 9th round.

The first half in a nutshell: Turbo boost. After a mediocre start, the Saints gradually improved with a score of 2-1, came back from behind and won four games in a row. They then exploded with a huge winning announcement at Tampa Bay in week 9 and dominated Tom Brady and the Buccaneers 38-3 in one of the most spectacular performances of the Sean Peyton-Drew Bree era. The fact that the two broad receivers Michael Thomas and Emmanuelle Sanders returned in good health made a big difference because this attack is so difficult to defend when it is completely intact. Alvin Camara was the offensive candidate for player of the year. And Bris remains one of the most effective HECs in the history of the NFL, despite the attention paid to his playing field. If the defense can remain consistent, the Saints will be among the elite candidates in the NFC.

The biggest question that remains to be answered It’s hard to doubt this defense after what she just did to Brady and Bucky. And that was the best defense in the NFL in three years. But we must find out if the Saints can maintain the kind of domination we saw on Sunday evening after the beginning of the season. The biggest problem for the Saints was the deep ball (they missed seven passes at 48 meters compared to the previous five games). They also have the worst NFL protection in the red zone. But they took Tampa Bay off the one-yard line for four straight games. And the trio of Cameron Jordan, Marcus Davenport and Trey Hendrickson will get better by the end of the week.

What’s the hardest game left? Kansas City is in its fifteenth week. It’s a simple answer when you consider that one of the two teams still on the saints’ list has a record of defeats. (Saints can’t lift their feet because teams like Minnesota, Philadelphia and Atlanta show improvement – but they should all be preferred). At the same time, the Chiefs look like the Super Bowl team again. And their dynamic passive attack will really put New Orleans in second place and pass the test once we know if the saints are super-caliber.

Final prediction of the recording : 12-4. If the Saints played in six games 6-2 without Thomas in the first half of the season, they should certainly be able to do the same in the second half, as they now play better and have a weak program. — Mike Triplet

The first half in a nutshell: Tompa Bay. Bucs invested all his energy in Tom Brady and managed to reach the Super Bowl in just two years. They surrounded him with a fantastic supporting cast, swapped seats with Rob Gronkowski and signed contracts with LeShan McCoy, Leonard Fornett and Antonio Brown to join professional bowlers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. But can they handle the constant attention Brady’s team gets? He put a weekly target on their backs – not red herring like they might have preferred in the past. In three prime time games this season, they have performed poorly in all areas, the last being the destruction of the 38-3 on Sunday night in soccer.

The biggest question still to be answered are books legitimate opponents or hypocrites? Will they be able to overcome the fact that they were defeated by a division opponent from New Orleans who looked much bigger than the number one in their two leagues? The Bucs looked like Super Bowl contenders when they threw a 38-10 against the Green Bay Packers in Week 6 – their first significant win under Brady – but were completely disoriented by the Bears’ 20-19 loss in Week 5. They also defeated the New York Giants with a two-point win. We are at a time of the season when the good teams split up and these Beeches rarely combine four full quarter finals.

What’s the hardest game left? The toughest final match of the Bucs was the champion of the Super Bowl of Kansas City (8-1) at home in week 12. But maybe that’s not the most important thing. Their Monday night game against the 5:3 Rams in the 11th minute. Maybe the reason is that if they can’t win the South (in theory, they can always win a division, even if they’ve been captured by the Saints, which has happened nine times since 2006), they’ll have to fight for the top position in the play-offs.

Final prediction of the recording : 11-5. The seven rivals in the Bucs final are 28-26 (they play the Falcons twice, so they are counted twice), and only two of those teams – Rams and Chiefs – have set records for victories. — Jenna Lane


The first half in a nutshell: Constantly incoherent. There are times, even in the vast majority of matches, that the Cardinals look like the best football team in the world, attacking by stealing, eating the fields, scoring goals, and quarterback Kayler Murray looks like an MVP and the defense like a swarm of sacks and clams. And then there are times when both sides of the football game don’t seem to have defeated the jets – even though the cardinals have already defeated them. Arizona has already lost three teams they had to beat (the Lions, Panthers and Dolphins) and one team they didn’t have to beat (the Sikhoukas). If he would be able to bring together consecutive football sections, it would be the most difficult to deal with this cardinal team since its release in 2015. But the cardinals regularly have to organize full games, and this has been a problem so far. Everything you need this week
– Full chart | Football Performance Index
– Depth charts per team
– Transactions | Injuries
– Football Performance Index
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The biggest question that remains to be answered Can the cardinals end the play-offs? There’s no easy answer. With a 5-3 score line and a sixth place in the playoffs, with a tendency to lose, there is no guarantee that Arizona can win after the 17th minute. The cardinals still play the Bill, the Seahawks and two against the Rams. And you never know what will happen to teams like the Patriots or the Eagles.

What’s the hardest game left? Seahawks, no questions. This game can end in a victory that will save the season of the Cardinals if the division comes to a tie-breaker. Arizona saw how tough the game against Seattle was in the 7th, when the game went into overtime. Historically, Arizona has played well in Seattle, and in the game of 11. The week takes place on Thursday evening for the national television viewers. But it’s 2020, so who knows what’s going to happen?

Final prediction of the recording : 10-6. The Cardinals reached the break and the rest of the program was a little easier than expected with matches against the Patriots, Giants, Eagles and Niners, who combined in just 11 victories. On the other hand, the cards also meet the Bill and Seahawks and twice the Rams. — Josh Weinfuss.

The first half in a nutshell: With cautious optimism. The Aries continues to search for conformity, but sometimes shows that they can be excellent or even dominant. The defense, led by coordinator Brandon Steel, is one of the best in the league, averaging 19 points per game, with Aaron Donald the third NFL player of the year in defense. The aim of the first half of the year was to ensure consistency in committing offences. For five-year-old quarterback Jared Goffe, the offense came back early in the game, but recently suffered losses against 49 players and the Dolphins.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Is it possible to carry out this attack at a consistently high level? After Brian Flores and the Dolphins effectively ended the Goffe and Rams attack, the Rams left with a bitter taste in their mouths in week 9. Flores’ plan had Goffe make misleading passes – if he could get the ball. In the future, the Rams will have to find a way to solve the Dolphins’ zero-pressure problem, knowing that future opponents are likely to use this game as a draw to delay Sean McVeigh’s plan. Can Goffe regain the level of play he showed in the first five games of the season?

What’s the hardest game left? Tenth week against Seattle. According to ESPN Analytics, Ramses is the fourth difficult to reach. So choose the hardest game, because they have five divisions left to play and they also have to travel to Tampa Bay to face Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. But so far, their next game against the Seahawks division leaders is the hardest they have left to play. The Sea Hawks suffered a 44-34 loss to the Bill’s, reducing them to 6-2, while the Rams – after being eliminated from the race – recovered from an embarrassing 28-17 week loss to the Dolphins.

Final prediction of the recording : 10-6. Make sure Rams shares his series with the Seahawks and Cardinals, who have improved in the second season of Kliff Kingsbury and are in the middle of the league. The rowers have a chance to potentially achieve 11 victories if they can exploit the Buccaneers in prime time on Monday evening of the 11th week of football. — …Lindsay Tiri.

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According to Dan Orlovsky, the Seahawks should be worried after losing to Bill for nine weeks.

The first half in a nutshell: Trauma is out. Yes, many teams have suffered many injuries, but none of them have suffered 49 players. Nine games in his season are $80.8 million from the injury reserve, according to an ESPN Stats & Information survey. NFL teams don’t like to use injuries as an excuse for their performance, but what happened in San Francisco was so disturbing that there’s still no other way to determine a season.

The biggest question that remains to be answered Who will be the quarterback in 2021 and beyond? Jimmy Garoppolo will have about $27 million against the cap in each of the next two seasons, and if he doesn’t play again this season (he’s in reserve for higher ankle injuries), he’ll miss 23 games in three full seasons with the Niners. It also remains to be seen whether Garoppolo can increase his game to take the attack of coach Kyle Shanahan to the next level, even if he is in good health. In order to decide to take a different direction in quarterbacking, the Nine must first make sure they can find someone better. Garoppolo is still 26 to 9 years old as a starter despite his struggles, even during the low season. How the 49 players finish the season will be important in determining their options.

Who’s playing for his court in 2021? The one who plays quarterback. Garoppolo could miss the rest of the season with a second sprained ankle, although there is hope that he can come back late with the Niners still racing. Meanwhile, Nick Mullens and C.J. Beethard are the last two flag bearers, and they both have something to prove. Mullens is a limited free agent and Beathard has unlimited free time after the season. The Niners will have many questions about this position in the off-season, and it would be helpful if they could get some clarity about where Garoppolo, Mullens and Bitchard will be, in whole or in part, between now and 2021.

Final prediction of the recording : 6-10. Finding many more victories for the 49 players as now structured is a difficult task, given that five of the remaining seven games will be played against teams with a record of victories and the desire to push through to the qualifying games. The Niners will eventually recover a number of key players with injuries, but that probably won’t be enough to get them back in the final. — Nick Wagoner

The first half in a nutshell: Very Russell. Russell Wilson set the record for the Seahawks 6-2 as their defense fell far behind. They gave at least 23 points in each match and 44 points in the defeat of last weekend’s count. The Seahawks had the fourth largest drop in the NFL, 68.2%, illustrating how much they relied on Wilson. This happened partly as expected, but also out of necessity, as their defensive struggle forced them to throw the ball around to keep up. Wilson may lose the MVP lead after four rounds against Buffalo at the start of the season, but after eight games he still has 28 top touchdowns in the NFL.

The biggest question that remains to be answered is whether Pete Carroll can fix his failing defence? Sihouki fought in the background, where Jamal Adams and Quinton Dunbar had to secure one of the best players in the second division. And they fought to increase the pressure, forcing them into the shelter they never had under Carroll. It worked well against Jimmy Garoppolo and ’49, but made them vulnerable against Buffalo when they couldn’t reach Josh Allen. It is also not easy to wait for reinforcements to save the day, as the Seacocks scored the most points in a race led by Carroll last weekend, despite the return of Adams after four games and the debut of Carlos Dunlap in Seattle.

What’s the hardest game left? Week 11 against Arizona. Thursday night’s game will be crucial in determining the Western NFC champions. The Seahawks have a one-game advantage over the Cardinals and Rams, but Arizona missed its first loss of the season in Seattle in week 7. Another victory would have given the cardinals a decisive advantage if the two teams had won the general classification. The Seahawks didn’t score as many official goals in the previous game as they did against Kyler Murray, but they didn’t shine. Their defense will have Adams and Dunlap for revenge.

Final prediction of the recording : 12-4. In the second half of the season, the Seahawks can win 6-2 with the rest of the program, including games with the Eagles, Jets, Giants and the Washington football team, which together score 7-26-1. — Brady Henderson

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