NFL trade deadline winners and losers

As is often the case, the NFL closing day took place on Tuesday, with more noise than hissing. Several famous names were given to the feet, but there was no late movement and few were surprised.

This year, inertia has taken its toll more than ever, as COVID 19 test requirements delay the arrival of new players and next year’s salary reflects the teams’ declining desire to sign major contracts. If you had the impression on Tuesday morning that your team was a bit far away from you, that’s probably still the case.

Nevertheless, there has been some decent activity in the past week, which is considered to be a shift towards trade restrictions. When we reach such a central position in the NFL schedule, we break, as we like to do, some winners and some losers.


This guy just won 15 games in general after being traded by the New York Jets to the Steelers 7-0, looking for depth of line and keeping Williamson’s established pedigree.

It’s fair to say that everyone who was dismantled by the Jets – Williamson, Jordan Willis’ third defender, Steve McLandon’s nose clip – won because they all have a better chance of competing with their new teams than they did with the Jets. But none of these guys made the undefeated teams.

Williamson is the biggest winner of the deadline, because he has made the biggest improvement of any player or any team.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Avery Williamson had 59 shells this season in seven games against the Jets before being sold to the Stalkers. Al Pereira/Getty Images

Last week, the Ravens missed the deadline and only months after the Vikings bought the car from a Jacksonville Jaguar, baseball player Yannick Ngakow of Minnesota bought the car.

Because Minnesota didn’t have the season he expected, he decided to pay something to Ngakoue before he left as a freelancer. The Ravens were happy to send a pick-up for the third round in 2021 and a fifth round in 2022, which made their stretch protection even more dangerous and could also influence their long-term plans.

Carlos Dunlap is not the ideal solution to Seattle’s problems, but no team will have Khalil Mack on time. Buybacks in early November should be of all kinds, and at least a Cincinnati-Bengal veteran is someone who can help.

By also returning a replacement B.J. liner. Finney, Seattle was able to offset part of Dunlap’s payroll and minimize the effect of the pay ceiling.


There are rumors that the Packers have been flying around the NFL plant all day that a Houston Texas receiver Fuller – or any other receiver at all – could land. In the end, the packers didn’t want to pay the price in Houston, so they stayed in the receiver position they have since last year.

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Those who resisted Packers in April because they took over Rodgers’ stick with a lot of guns in the first round of the design have free ammunition for their arguments. But Rogers is a career man, and he knows how the organization works. They design and develop. They usually don’t spend a lot of money to sign boys, and very rarely do they spend valuable drawings to buy boys at auctions. They also go to the playoffs almost every year. Packers goes to Packers.

The idea that they would give up the high peak for Fuller, who would swallow up most of their hat space and prevent them from using it until 2021, always seemed far-fetched.

The downside of the Rodgers clause is that with one or two agreements, the situation in Texas can really improve. They really appreciated their players, which is fair. Fuller is the first round pick in 2016, which has been a great year, and it should not be given away. But between him, Kenny Stills, who has always dealt with Brandin Cooks, and the widespread demand for receivers throughout the league, it seems that Houston should have made some sort of deal.

As a result of previous agreements, the Texan has no voting rights in the first and second rounds of NFL 2021. They have an extra quarter and a sixth, but they will need help in the low season and could use more capital for the pre-project.

Apparently Gilmore loved New England and didn’t want to be traded. But at some point he will want (and certainly deserve) a new contract. He would only earn $7 million next year, which is the last year of his contract with the Patriots.

If New England had traded him in for a team willing to give him such overtime, Gilmore could have been a draw for any team. Now he has to move to Foxborough this year and hope that the Patriots will do everything in their power – either with an outhouse or out of season with trade.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Duane Haskins started his first four games of the season in Washington, D.C. in front of the bench, throwing 939 yards with four touchdowns and three penalty kicks. AP Photo/Steve Helber

A sophomore in Washington must be part of a team that believes in him and is willing to work on his development. In principle, he should be in a situation where the equally unpredictable Daniel Jones finds himself in the New York giants. He doesn’t have anyone in Washington, and he could use a change of scenery.


Let’s look at one of the few deals that really went as planned – the Miami-Delfina deal with Ford in the Patriot Division – but I can’t say who’s helping or that it’s good for the player. On the one hand he has to stand in line to catch a ton of adjustments, because the situation with the Patriots’ wide receiver can be described as unsuccessful. The Dolphins appreciated the fact that Ford left training camp as a lunge receiver, and the Patriots recently lost the lunge receiver to Julian Edelman due to a knee injury. He was supposed to come by.

But on the other hand… …and it’s hard to believe we’re saying this… Moving from Miami to New England isn’t the best we can do right now. The dolphins, which are in second place, are ahead of New England in third place in the AFC East Zone. Their defense just failed with Ramsey and they have an exciting young quarterback in Tua Tagovayloa. The patriots have lost four times in a row and seem to be in a rather obvious position in this year’s perestroika. The crazy times we live in, where we sell dolphins to the patriots, can be a degradation.

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