The party continues at Coastal Carolina after win over BYU

It was 10 p.m. Saturday night in Conway, South Carolina, and while the stands at Brooks Stadium were long gone, a quarter of the pitch was packed.

From the 25 meter long line to the back of the end zone, the Black Carolinos of the coast and their carriages gathered in groups, laughing, laughing and sometimes even crying with their families. They stood patiently in line, waiting to be photographed together at a certain spot on the field, which will now and forever be the sacred highlight of the diamond, right on the 1-yard line, where the BYU Dax Milne receiver was wrapped by Mateo Sudipo’s Coast Guard and thrown on the tee spot after the deadline.

The applause has stopped. The empty booths were littered with posters with dog-ears worn out by waving in the cells since dawn and were broadcast on College GameDay. Welcome to Dirty Myrtle, they exclaimed and welcomed a game of Mormon Mule and a thousand other memories that Conway is located in a holiday area officially known as the Grand Beach, but lovingly referred to by locals as the Red Neck Riviera.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Jamie Chadwell (right), head coach of Team, cuddles his wife Solmaz after the Chanticleers’ victory at BYU in Conway, South Carolina on Saturday. Team Chadwell is now 10-0 and the number 11 in the country. AP Photo/Richard Shiro

But at the end of Saturday the party left the aluminium stands and went to the beach bars. Carolina Beach no longer shines in the lobby of the fantastic Myrtle Beach Shakers Days. The only sound that now dares to interrupt the chances and laughter is the regular ringing of the bell. Beaty’s victory clock hangs just behind this end zone, and when 5,000 fans left the stadium, it seemed as if each of them would take turns calling back.

A group of coastal Carolina wagons gathered in the crowd, and one of them went to the bell tower in the dark when one of them said It sounds good, doesn’t it? Hey, Coach, I wonder if they can hear it nationwide.

Coach just smiled and nodded. Jamie Chadwell took a moment. The head coach, who was only at the top for the third season and was a full-time coach for the second season (he was temporarily head coach in 2017), has scrupulously endured every moment of this incredible 10-0 season. A year in which a football team that didn’t even exist 18 years ago and was selected last in the Sunbelt East, never appeared in the rankings and therefore never played a Top 25 match and only two days before the start of the match knew it would be in 13th place. The bat will play BYU.

As Chadwell said in a warm-up on the electric chair and repeated three hours later on TV, when his team celebrated a 22-17 victory on the field behind him, we are about even with 2020 – a story to be proud of. We’re having a lot of fun. I think people should have some fun now. But we don’t just do mule rides and crazy locker room parties. We’re pretty good at football, too.

Yeah, that’s it. And, yeah, he’s really lost in the Good Coast Times benign enlightenment. In October, when the Chanticleers scored 5-0 and hacked into the AP Top 25, their story was broadcast everywhere, but the focus was on their intricate WWE-style choreographic celebration in the locker room, such a fierce hair contest with a product that would compete behind the scenes with Fashion Week in the 1980s, and so much explanation of what the hell Chanticleer was in the first place. (Tip: call your school’s English Literature teacher and ask him or her to repeat the Chaucer lessons you overslept for).

Big victory for the big party. Guys having fun #CHANTS

– Silas Kelly (@sila_SK_elly) 25. October 2020.

But the fact is, BUU head coach Kalani Shitake said on Friday, less than 24 hours before his cougars took to the field in Conway. He made a joke that carrying the mule, like Silas Kelly and Teddy Gallagher’s coastline backers do, could be a great way to increase social distance, and then he explained that I liked it. It’s super fun, and I like to see the team having fun. But I think as long as people keep an eye on this, they might lose sight of the fact that this is a very good football team.

I love your coaching staff. I’m a football junkie and I watch football at all levels all the time, so I love FCS football. And that’s why I’ve known Coach Chadwell a long time. His stroke is a fascinating thing. You won’t find it in many places. So while people in the locker room are watching and enjoying these celebrations, I hope they also appreciate what this team is doing to make these celebrations happen.

Every offensive system has a pedigree, and many of these football pedigrees are now known. The roots of Hal Mama’s air raid or Don Coriell’s grandfather’s air raid on the west coast are well documented. The distribution of Chadwell’s variant comes from a panel of lesser-known but not unfounded blood markers that deform the knowledge of Chadwell’s football past as naturally as the threads of his DNA.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Coast Carolina Attack is a patchwork of concepts dating back to Jamey Chadwell’s playing days and programs, such as II. North Greenville Division, where he had to find his way to victory without the resources of some of the best opponents of the team. AP Photo/Richard Shiro

He grew up in Caryville, Tennessee, north of Knoxville, as the son of a school football coach in the early 1990s, when many school teams in Tennessee spent their Friday nights playing versions of General Robert Neiland’s wing attack at the stadium that now bears his name in Knoxville. Meanwhile, as a graduate of the Buy More, young Chadwell became obsessed with then Tennessee quarterback Heath Schuler, who came second in the 1992 Heisman Trophy. Chadwell’s first name is Heath.

With Schuler’s NFL chess now buried, his academic career was so spectacular that it changed the game’s double threat signal. Chadwell was in the 21st. Great, just like soccer. Shuler’s head coach, Johnny Majors, was also the runner-up to Heisman, a midfielder who broke records despite his small size. Mayors have consistently preached the gospel of leverage: The other can be bigger, stronger and faster, but if you know where to hit him and in what angle you can stop him from hitting, you win. The key to this game is the leverage effect.

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When Chadwell went to East Tennessee to play quarterback, he was trained by Paul Hamilton, who joined the ETCU from the Air Force. Hamilton helped the Air Force Hall of Fame Coach Fisher DeBerry refine the Falcon attack with a lot of points – a hybrid attack that mixed the philosophy of the traditional triple option of the Service Academy (direct descent of a single wing) with some of the volatile spices collected over the years against WAC opponents, particularly the BYU.

When I played and coached in places like ETSU or Charleston Southern or Delta State, especially when we were in North Greenville, people were always looking for something to tie the score, Chadwell said last week before Saturday’s game (although at that time he thought it was against Liberty, not BYU). In North Greenville we were D-II in old Tigerville, and I had 16 scholarships, while all the others had 25. So we looked at all the benefits we could find. We got in the car and drove to the practice, where we were allowed to report. In Wofford (FCS school in Spartanburg, South Carolina) we always had a very neat option circuit, so we spent a lot of time with them. We were in the garden of Fuhrman, who in his best years was always so good with the ball. Wherever we could take something and add a page to what we wanted to do, we did it.

This led to the insulting old school showcase that was presented to the BUU and the whole nation on Saturday night. Triple base unit with the quarterback in the shooting position, plus some reversing points with an old-fashioned WAC pass key thrown like a reminder. The Mighty Shoreline Mites of the Offensive (Sam Thompson in the middle – 1.5m, 290m) maintained a much larger, unbalanced BUU defensive front all night, hurrying 282m and holding the clock all night. In the first quarter, the Chanticleers had 15 minutes of football before 11:09, including a 94-yard TD run that lasted 9:09.

At the end of the walk, Online sat down on the bench to take a break, and a defender yelled at them, grabbed his helmet and returned to the field for the first time in almost half an hour.

Damn, guys, that was hot.

In the meantime, this D-line has played its own version of the key to this game, which is leverage. In addition to a blatantly low shot at BYU defender Zack Wilson at the end of the first half, the Chanticleers played a perfect 405-yard trick, but scored only three points in the second half. For the first time this season, Wilson only got one TD pass.

As the regular season finale in Troy 5-5 is approaching, the game was postponed from November after the arrival of the Trojans of KOVID-19. He then returned to Conway, where he played the title game of the Sun Belt against Louisiana 17 and possibly the Six Bowls on New Year’s Eve. Whatever game the bowl is invited to play, it will be the first in the program. Mullet, Myrtle Beach and the locker rooms, elbows loose in off-season college football. Heaven help us all, but perhaps most of all Chanticleers’ opponent in this game.

We have a lot of fun and we like people who like it, but we are also a good football team, and maybe some people tonight who didn’t believe it will believe that now quarterback Grayson McCall has barked a raw throat after throwing 68 yards and 85 yards. His face was covered with black eyes as if he had just stepped out of his cage during the Starrkade game in 1986, and when he tried to speak he was kissed by Teddy Gallagher’s blonde head, which was undoubtedly discoloured. We always have a good time because we love each other and we love how special this season has been. But we’re also working hard to improve ourselves…

One more break. The victory bell has sounded again. The new man smiled.

Because there’s nothing better than winning.

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