Author of 2018 ‘Anonymous’ op-ed critical of Trump revealed

Taylor, who was the chief of staff of National Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen, wrote a long statement explaining why he wrote Operation 2018, saying he was part of the resistance within the Trump government and that he was working to prevent Trump’s worst tendencies. Taylor said he wanted Trump to respond to the accusations he made without being able to deal with the courier. Trump called the operation a betrayal.

The fact that these works were published anonymously contributed greatly to this. It was not an easy decision for me, I fought against it and I understand why some people find it dubious to anonymously make such serious accusations against the registrant. But my argument was simple, and I stand by it, Taylor wrote.

By publishing my criticism without any justification, the president had to respond to them directly or not at all, instead of distracting them with little insults and nicknames, Taylor said. I wanted to draw attention to the arguments themselves.

Taylor joined CNN as a sponsor in September 2020.

Before that, he denied that he was anonymous. In August Taylor asked CNN station Anderson Cooper if he had written the operation and the book. Taylor said I wore a mask for two things, Anderson: Halloween and pandemics. So, no.

Taylor’s statement answers one of the biggest mysteries of Trump’s presidency. Trump responded angrily to this article when it was written in 2018 and asked the attorney general at the time, Jeff Session, to investigate the case. An internal White House hunt was conducted to determine the identity of the author, leading to months of parlor games in Washington, D.C., where the speech patterns and phrases used made it possible to guess who was behind the operation.

A year later, Taylor published an anonymous book called Warnings, which contained new details in which the president was criticized by the Trump administration. He wrote that members of Trumps’ team were planning to sabotage him in order to obtain his resignation, and that many government officials kept their own resignation letters on their desks or laptops.

After leaving the trump policy in 2019, Taylor supported Democrat Joe Biden in August and was co-founder of the Republican anti-trumpet group.

I’m a Republican and I wanted this president to succeed, Taylor said in a statement Wednesday. All too often, in a crisis, Donald Trump has proven to be a man without character, and his personal mistakes have led to leadership mistakes so essential that they can be measured by the American lives lost.

The White House has been critical of Taylor since he started supporting Biden, and Trump has called him a disgruntled employee.

White House spokeswoman Kaylie McEnani said Wednesday, following the revelation of Taylor’s identity, that the former low-ranking and disgruntled employee was a liar and coward who chose anonymity to action and flight to leadership.

It’s terrible that a low-ranking public official gets anonymity, and it’s clear the New York Times offers with never-powerful Democrats, McEnani said.

Taylor expressed the hope that more people in the government would take on Trump, noting that several senior officials have done so in different ways since leaving office.

I witnessed Trump’s inability to do his job for two and a half years in administration. Everyone saw it, although most hesitated for fear of reprisals, Taylor wrote.

In an article published in 2018 and entitled I am part of the resistance in Taylor’s administration, Taylor wrote, anonymously, that many senior officials in his own administration work hard from within to confuse a part of his agenda with his worst tendencies.

But Taylor said the original statement was wrong.

The country cannot rely on good intentions, on unelected bureaucrats around the president to lead him to what is right, Taylor said Wednesday. He’s eliminated most of them anyway.

This story was complemented by a statement from the White House.

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