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The Tampa Bay Pirates and New Orleans Saints meet on Sunday at the NFC Stadium south of Raymond James in front of a large crowd. The Saints are ahead of the Pirates thanks to their first round (34-23) victory, where Tom Brady faced Tampa Bay in his first regular season game. Brady threw for 239 yards and two touchdowns with two interceptions in this game, including Rush Six. But Brady recovered strongly from that nightmare when the Buccaneers set a 6-1 record in the last seven games and the NFC took a 6-2 lead in the south. Brady threw an 18-pass touchdown with two interceptions during the break, plunging into the battle for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

In October, Brady was the first Buccaneer to win the NFC Striker of the Month after beating the Green Bay Packers 38-10 and the Las Vegas Raiders 45-20.

With Brady in tears, analysts like Close Shannon Sharp of the Hall of Fame and former quarterback Michael Wick expect the Buccaneers to avenge the Saints for the first week. I have to go with Bucky. I think the Bucs are going in all directions, aggressive and defensive, said Vic on the episode First Things First on Fox Sports 1, which was transcribed by the author of the YouTube video. Vic added that the addition of the wide receiver Antonio Brown will be another important factor for the Buccaneers – a 5-5 point chance of a favorite over the Saints.

Saints with stagnant attack

Vic is also worried about the stagnation of the complaints of saints and says that they don’t seem to get better or worse every week. The former NFL quarterback added that it will be difficult for corner runners Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins to cover the Buccaneers wide receivers including Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Brown.

Vic noted that the Saints will give themselves a chance to win if they activate their game, but otherwise, according to the former NFL quarterback, Brady and the Buccaneers will go through them.

At Huddle & Flow, Chief @PatrickMahomes’ QB puts on his personal hat and gives us his best QB (excluding himself) for things like gun control, lightning detection and a two-minute attack, as well as angle and speed, which are at the top of the list.

– Jim Trotter (@JimTrotter_NFL) 5. November 2020.

Sharpe, for his part, said on his Undisputed with Skip and Shannon show on Fox Sports 1 that the game would be close, but he chose the Buccaneers for a 27-26 victory.

Like Vic, Sharpe believes that the attack of the Saints will probably not take place in the last games, since he has only won the last three losses with an average of three points. Sharply added that the Buccaneers defense is excellent, causing the Saints’ offensive line for quarterback Drew Brees problem.

In the case of Saints (5-2), John Sigler of USA Today noted that it was the first time a rival beat Brady out of the division in 19 years as starting quarterback. During his 20-year career with the Patriots, Sigler Brady said series records of 32-3 in the Eastern AFC against the Buffalo Beals, 23-12 against the Miami Dolphins and 29-7 against the New York Jets.

Brady among the Mahomezfavorite quarterbacks

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomez said in an interview with NFL Network’s Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter’s Huddle and Flow podcast that Brady is one of his favorite quarterbacks in terms of skill. In a report by Luke Easterling of USA Today, Mahomez praised Brady for his ability to read lightning concerts in defense of the enemy. He knows it will happen before it even happens, Mahomez said about Brady. Mahomez also praised the strength of Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, who were able to carry out a two-minute attack.

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