Star Wars: The Mandalorian – How Boba Fett Survived His Return of the Jedi “Death”

The second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorians have finally made their Disney+ debut with an episode that will delight fans until next week. New creatures have been attacked, Star Wars legends have been explored, Easter eggs have been recorded, and many favorite fans have amazing appearances in this episode. It is true that there has always been some support from fans in Mandalorian, chapter 9: Marshall has been put online with links to scenarios that many fans will experience, including the return of Bob Fett. This character is believed to have died in Star Wars: The return of the Jedi, so of course the fans have questions.

Before Disney acquired Lucasfilm, there was an extensive network of Star Wars stories told in books, comic books and games. Fans have nicknamed it Expanded Universe. Disney has removed this continuity and now publishes it under the noncanonical flag of legend to make way for a new and more coherent expansion of the Star Wars universe.

But the merit for the greater universe is often attributed to saving Star Wars from darkness. A decade after the return of the Jedi Theatre’s debut, interest in Star Wars has waned. Editions of Timothy Zan’s novel, Heritage of the Empire, and the Dark Horse comic strip series, both published in 1991, allowed fans to step back in time and continue the story of Star Wars into the past after the events at the cinema.

It was in the Dark Empire that the fans first learned that Boba Fett had survived Sarlacque, although they didn’t know how it happened until years later. In 1995 Bantam Spectra published anthological fairy tales of the Jabba Palace. The book contains a short story called The Bar: The Bob Fett J. story. Д. Montgomery (aka Daniel Case Moran). The story’s about Bob Fett’s time in Sarlack.

When Boba Fett wakes up in the Sarlack, he makes telepathic contact with Siusecho, one of the first victims of the Sarlack. Shusayo’s consciousness has merged with the sample. Shusajo tells stories he has heard of other Sarlaca victims, including a Jedi from the Old Republic. Boba Fett is not interested in stories, but she has an idea. By forcing Suseggio to tighten the muscles around Bob’s jetpack, he’ll cause an explosion. The explosion frees Bob Fett from Sarlakk’s inner liner. Bob then uses percussion grenades to blow a hole in the creature’s flank. Boba Fett leaves the room and is the first to escape from the Sarlacque, although he is badly injured by the court.

Bob would be dead if the bounty hunter Dengar hadn’t found him in the desert. Dengar took care of him, and the two worked as partners for a short period of time. A year after Boba Fett escaped, he returned to Sarlaca, who was still alive, and told Suseho that one day he would return.

And then Boba Fett came into his new life. He went bounty hunting, and later he started a family. He even fought Han Solo and then trained Han and Leia’s daughter, Jana. But it was an ancient, vast universe. We don’t know where this new continuity will lead Bob Fett.

On Friday Disney+ releases new episodes of Mandalorian Weekly.

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