Celebrate the Holidays Safely in SLO with Light Up Downtown •

Decorations for Mission Square, City Streets and Illuminated Windows

San Luis Obispo – For more than 40 years, the center of San Luis Obispo has been the place where people come to record the memories of the feast. This year, the expensive family tradition will be a little brighter as Downtown SLO, the city of San Luis Obispo and other community partners rethink the season to ensure everyone’s safety while maintaining a festive atmosphere.

With family favourites such as the cancelled holiday parade and the classic carousel that doesn’t work because of KOVID, the centre of ASO and the city of San Luis Obispo are rethinking the 2020 holiday season. The new programme, Light Up Down, will feature a dazzling range of Instagram lamps, temporary murals and sleeves – all outside for COVID’s safety. A full event calendar and more detailed information will be available on SLOHolidays.com.

The holiday season starts on Saturday the 28th. November, with the shop Le Petit Samedi, celebrating the local shops. This year the initiative of Shop Malo will continue throughout the season. Family favorites such as Santa’s house and the 21 meter long Christmas tree will be on display at Mission Plaza, with new bright and colorful lights and attractions, shop windows and illuminated buildings at Light Up Up Down. All events take place in the open air and visitors are expected to comply with the KOVID-19 safety regulations. Put on a mask, don’t gather in large groups and stay out of the way while enjoying the sights of downtown San Luis Obispo.

In addition, Downntown SLO will offer holiday opportunities that are nowhere else to be found, with a wide range of small shops and country shopkeepers. For a complete overview of our unique stores, please visit the business directory on DowntownSLO.com.

A full event calendar and more information is available on SLOHolidays.com. Check regularly for updates!

Dim the lights: Visit Mission Plaza for the central part of Light Up Down. Santa’s house and Christmas tree are surrounded by creative and colorful lighting installations, a 20-foot rainbow light tunnel, a fascinating Dine Out Downtown outside dining room, lit by a forest of trees, and five interactive Memory Moment Pods. Visually attractive during the day and dazzling at night. Mission Plaza will be the ideal place for family photography and a place to pick up festive memories. Special thanks to our team of volunteers and creative people from City SLO, Downtown SLO and Karson Butler Events for rethinking our festive experience in 2020.

SANTA’S HOUSE: Santa’s house will fly from the North Pole to his usual location on Mission Plaza to take a life-size photo of Santa in front of the house. Bring the children home to take the letters for Santa, and this year the children will get the letter back! The Santa Claus House is sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Collection.

HOBBY BOOK : Enjoy the festive atmosphere in the heart of Mission Plaza with this 6 meter high, beautifully decorated and fully lit living Christmas tree! The tree is sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Collection.

TREASURE HUNT – LOOKING FOR THE CHRISTMAS MOUSE: This free activity book, available at the Santa Jaus and in the shops in the city center, contains a charming story and a treasure hunt with eight clues that children and families can find together while strolling through the center. Every event book has a chance to win a prize! In cooperation with the Children’s Museum of San Luis Obispo, a mouse and mouse hunting program is offered to support safe festivities for children.

A WALK WITH CHOLADAS: Walk through the center of San Luis Obispo to see how the shops, windows and floors are illuminated during the holidays. Visit SLOHolidays.com and get your map and directions to see colourful and fun shop windows, parquet floors and other surprises and visual pleasures. You can even see Santa in his sled!

EXHIBITION OF WINDOW DECORATION : Businesses in the city centre celebrate festivals with inspiring showcases and illuminated exhibitions. Scan a QR code in your favourite shop and vote for the person you want in the popular mood.

MENORAH LIGHTS: On the steps of the mission in San Luis Obispo takes place from the 10th to the 17th century. A pro deo candelabra ceremony, coordinated by the MCC federation, will be held in Hanukkah every evening at 5 p.m. in December.

ALL OVER THE WORLD: Discover and learn more about the multicultural winter holiday with colourful banners hanging from the street lights. Proposed by the Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of the City of San Luis Obispo.

VOLUNTARILY WITH US: If you would like to volunteer during this festive period, please sign up at DowntownSLO.com/ Volunteer.

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