Trump wavers between reality and election fiction with eye on his legacy during Rose Garden vaccine address

I’m not gonna… This government will not block, Trump said, speaking for the first time in a week as U.S. coronavirus cases plummet in the United States and hospital admissions rise. I hope that time will tell what will happen in the future – who knows what kind of administration it will be – but I can tell you that this administration is not trying to lock itself up.

This is a fleeting change of tone, suggesting that the reality of the important victory of President-elect Joe Biden is seeping into the psyche of Trump, even though he and his advisors publicly deny it.

Friday’s speech in the Roseraie was a portrait of a president clinging to power while his legal claims to election results crumble around him. He remembered that he had to show the Americans what he was doing with the power of government while tweeting his days on the conspiracy theory of lost or destroyed votes in the midst of a pandemic spreading in the United States.

The President and his advisers continue to refuse to acknowledge that they are threatening national security by blocking the transition to the Biden government. But Trump’s former White House chief of staff, John Kelly, didn’t stop Friday night when he said the consequences of Trump’s intransigence could be catastrophic.

The delay in the transition is a growing national security and health crisis, Kelly said in a statement. The current government is worth nothing to begin with, Mr Biden to inform the new chief of staff (Kamalu’s elected vice-president) Harris and ALL persons who have identified cabinet members and senior officials in the coming days and weeks. However, the downside of not doing so can be disastrous for our people, whoever they voted for.

The bi-partisan 9/11 Commission also cited an abbreviated version of the presidential transition following the disputed 2000 elections as a reason why the nation was not prepared for terrorist attacks, but national security arguments do not seem to have any bearing on Trump.

Fictitious trading

Before and after the Catinaccio, Trump seemed most worried about peddling false theories about how software flaws could change the votes in his Twitter zone without any facts, even if high election officials in his own government abandoned these theories.

One of Trump’s main targets was Dominion Voting Systems, a voting software company that he thought had somehow changed the results in Arizona. No wonder the result is close to the loss, he chirped.

But it is these theories that were found unfounded this week by the federal agency overseeing election security, the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency of the Department of Homeland Security, in a statement made with public and private officials responsible for the elections: There is no evidence that any electoral system has suppressed or lost votes, changed votes or been compromised in any way, the Bureau said.

Dominion Voting Systems also released a long memorandum on Friday, emphasizing that the company is unbiased, that there are no bugs in the software – and that the ballots have been accurately compiled and the results verified 100%. The company claimed that the accusations of suppression/delayment of votes were completely false.

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Ben Hovland, a Kozyr party candidate who heads the Electoral Assistance Committee and was responsible for testing and certifying voting machines, described conspiracy theories as confusing and insulting to professionals organizing elections across the country.

In an interview with CNN employee Erin Burnett, he noted that many of Trump’s unsubstantiated claims are not in Trump’s court records – partly because there is no evidence to support them.

The president has had the opportunity – his lawyers have had the opportunity – to present this kind of evidence, these accusations in court, and we haven’t seen it, said Hovland Friday night at the Erin Burnett OutFront.

What you’ve seen in courts all over the country means nothing. … We haven’t seen anything that casts any real doubt on the fairness of the election, he said.

Given that Biden now has 306 votes in the election, Hovland also said it was hard to imagine how a victory of this magnitude could be reversed.

According to Mr. Khovland, the professionals organizing our elections have something to work on, and they keep working on it. But right now it’s pretty clear that there is something – the boundaries are pretty significant, which goes way beyond anything you’ve ever seen in a traditional recalculation or something like that.

But on Friday morning, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro accidentally told Fox Business that Trump had won the election. We’re making progress here at the White House, assuming there’s a second term for the Visitor.

And when the White House spokeswoman asked Kaylie McEnani Fox Business to see if Trump would be present at the inauguration in January, she answered without further ado: I think the president will attend his own inauguration. Actually, he should be here.

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Another frequent aide, Attorney General William Barr, caused consternation at the Justice Department after writing a brief asking the U.S. Attorney General’s Office to review allegations of election irregularities in the coming weeks before states confirm election results. Barra’s memo indicates that prosecutors may miss important procedural steps that are normally required, such as obtaining the approval of the Electoral Crimes Department before hearing witnesses.

In an internal letter received by CNN, 16 public prosecutors, at the request of the Ministry of Justice, asked to be involved in monitoring the elections of 3 March 2009. November helped Barr cancel the mission on Friday because they said it was designed without consulting non-partisan career specialists in the field and within the department, and because time is running out for career lawyers to focus on party politics.

Richard Pilger, who headed the Department of Justice’s Electoral Crimes Investigation Unit, resigned on Mr Barr’s instructions and informed his colleagues by e-mail that he had revoked his policy of non-interference in the investigation of electoral fraud and that he had become certified and indisputable.

Results and unsuccessful claims indicate unavoidability

Amidst this cognitive dissonance in the White House, some of the strongest allegations of electoral fraud come from the Trump administration of the courts.

In Pennsylvania, two judges rejected attempts by Trump’s campaign to invalidate nearly 9,000 missing ballots in the Philadelphia area on Friday, and dropped six cases where Trump’s campaign claimed the ballots were invalid because the outer envelopes contained no names, dates or addresses for voters to fill in.

A judge, Richard Haaz of the Montgomery County General Court of Justice, noted that under state law voters are not required to complete the address section: Voters should not be deprived of their right to vote by reasonably relying on the instructions of election officials, writes Haaz.

In Pennsylvania, the law firm that campaigned for a long time to block the referendum in favour of Biden also withdrew.

In Michigan, a state judge rejected a motion by two petitioners to block certification of the results of Biden’s victory in a very democratic district of Detroit and denied a motion for an election review. This problem is part of a wider republican attempt to delay the ratification of Biden’s victory by the Electoral College by disrupting the process of voter certification.

Chief Justice Timothy Kenney stated that while the complainants did not have a full understanding of the counting process and attributed sinister and fraudulent motives to the trial and the city of Detroit, their interpretation of events was inaccurate and implausible.

Kenny, for example, highlighted the accusations of Republican challenger Andrew Sitto in the affidavit, who alleged fraud: Sitto’s affidavit sets out some general facts, but is full of speculation and speculation on disturbing grounds, a Michigan state judge wrote.

And in Arizona, which CNN designed for Biden on Thursday, Trump’s campaign is dropping its own lawsuit. He calls for a review of the ballot papers submitted in that state and admits that they failed to close the gap between Biden and victory. The national electorate has made court rulings against the presidential voters superfluous, campaign lawyer Trump Cory Langofer wrote in his statement to the court on Friday.

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