Why Obama saved his harshest critiques of Trump until the campaign’s end

This time, according to Obama, now.

The former president believes that the years he spent with Trump are the key to his ability to forcibly attack his successor on behalf of Joe Biden, his former presidential colleague and the man who ran for president, who placed the slander of Obama’s legacy at the heart of his political ascent.

Obama now looks forward to launching Trump on behalf of Biden, both by exposing his political differences with his successor and by blaming Trump for some of his personal obsessions. Obama is very attentive to Trump’s daily actions and in his speeches he has begun to respond to those criticisms, asking the president to address issues that Democrats know he is uncomfortable with.

And everyone watching is clearly happy with Obama’s cataractic release.

Can you imagine I had a secret bank account in China when I ran for re-election? asked Obama jokingly, referring to the New York Times report on Trump’s unsolved bank account in China. They called me Beijing Barry.

That strategy will continue this weekend when Obama joins Biden in the main state of Michigan on Saturday.

On Friday an interview with basketball player Lebron James and Obama will be broadcasted. This is the latest example of how the former president is trying to win young, black voters for Biden.

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Obama’s decision to postpone Trump’s rhetorical bombardment until the end of the election campaign, according to a source close to the former president, was deliberate.

He has been judicious in weighing the pros and cons of keeping his abilities at home, making most of the current White House resident and getting the attention of the people, said the counselor, admitting that Obama appreciated his role in the Trump Attack.

Obama’s goal, according to the advisor, was to leave something in the tank during Trump’s early years as president, so he could go there after the election.

David Axelrod, an old friend and advisor of Obama, said that Biden also needs to firmly establish himself as a party candidate before Obama raises his profile. Axelrod rejected any criticism that the former president had not been active enough in this campaign. He said it would have been much riskier to show up earlier and give Trump more time to try and use Obama against Biden.

Given its value, it would be wise not to abuse it, said Axelrod, a CNN sponsor. They used it in targeted digital calls to the ridings the Democrats would wake up to in this election: young people and people of color who didn’t come in the numbers Hillary Clinton had hoped for four years ago.

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It doesn’t appear that Obama remained completely silent during Trump’s presidency – the former president warned of the consequences of Republican efforts to abolish Obama in 2017, launched his attacks on Republicans in the 2018 by-elections and gave a sober but caustic speech to the Democratic National Congress earlier this year. He has also participated in dozens of democratic efforts to win voters in 2020, including digital ads for candidates across the country.

But all these political incursions have pale in comparison to Obama’s unbridled criticism in the final days of the presidential campaign.

Last week in Philadelphia he questioned Trump’s tax policy and work with the coronavirus, while raising personal thorns such as gossip about relegating presidential and mayoral speeches.

Really? Obama asked in disbelief when he remembered Trump and said he wouldn’t change much in his response to the pandemic. A little? Nothing comes to mind that could help some people protect their loved ones?

A few days later, Obama said Trump’s attempts to seem hard were a facade.

He likes to be loud and talk. He thinks the frowning and meanness is difficult, Obama said at a rally in South Florida before he realized Trump suddenly ended a noisy interview. But if 60 Minutes and Leslie have gotten too hard on you, you’re not so tough.

And in the last example, when Obama followed Trump’s daily news closely, he laughed at the president for complaining that the news agencies were saying too much about the Coronavirus.

More than 225,000 people have died in this country. More than 100,000 small businesses have closed. Half a million jobs aren’t just in Florida. Think about it, Obama said. And what’s his closing argument? That you’re concentrating too much on Covida. He said it at one of his rallies. Kovid, Kovid, Kovid, he’s complaining. He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage.

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Obama has spent years trying to follow a long tradition of former presidents not attacking their successors by regularly telling them that he appreciates the way George W. Bush remained largely outside election politics during his presidency. However, Trump has changed this calculation.

As a consultant put it: The acquisition was a disruptive president, including a former president who avoided direct attacks on his successors.

Obama’s revival delighted Democrats and clearly distorted Trump, who chirped about the former president when broadcasters like Fox News and others broadcast his speeches live.

Obama attracts a very small number of people, Tromp twittered about Obama’s speech on Tuesday. Biden hardly paints anybody. We attract tens of thousands of people. You’ll see it again today. The Great Red Wave is coming! !!

The relationship between Obama and Trump has been unbalanced for a long time: The outgoing president called his predecessor much more than Obama called his successor.

But Obama’s last attempt changed the relationship. After years of ignoring Trump, who tirelessly promotes conspiracy theories about him, Obama used his unique silence to lift what he decides to say at the most important moment.

Although Obama likes to play the trump card, this election will be an important test for the former president, who has so far failed to convey his popularity to other Democrats. This was especially clear in 2016, when her frequent raids in the presidential campaign prevented Hillary Clinton from crossing the finish line, resulting in an unexpected victory.

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