Image Picker Library for Android


Easy to use and customizable library Choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera. You can also crop and compress the image according to the size, resolution and size of the image.

  • Select an image from the gallery
  • Select an image in Google Drive
  • Taking pictures with the camera
  • Image cropping (cropping the image to the specified aspect ratio or allowing the user to select one)
  • Image compression (compressing the image according to the specified resolution and size)
  • Restore the result of the image as a file, the file path as string or Uri object
  • Permission to use the camera and memory pen

Use of

  1. Gradle dependency:allprojects {
    repositories {
    jcenter() // For the ImagePicker library, this security is sufficient. Although it is also published on the jitpac
    maven { url } / Don’t forget to add your project for uCrop – internal library

Implementation of com.github.Drjacky: ImagePicker: $libVersion.


If you want to get the result of the activity in a modern way (Lambda), install the InlineActivityResult library :

Implementation of com.github.florent37:inline-activity-result-kotlin:1.0.4.

  1. If you are targeting Android 10 or later (targetSdkVersion >= 29), set requestLegacyExternalStorage to true in the manifest file of your :

  1. The ImagePicker configuration is created using the Builder template.

.crop() //Crop image (optional), Check adjustment for more options
.cropOval() //One circle in the dimmed layer
.compress(1024) //Final image size is less than 1 MB (optional)
.maxResultSize(1080, 1080) //Final image resolution is less than 1080 x 1080 (optional)


.crop() //Crop image (optional), check customization for more options
.cropOval() //Fine darker image to have circle within
.compress(1024) //Final image size will be smaller than 1MB (optional)
.maxResultSize(1080, 1080) //Final image resolution will be smaller than 1080 x 1080 (optional)

  1. Treatment of resultsStandard method (preferred method)

Overwrite the OnActivityResult method and manage the result of the ImagePicker.

overwrite fun onActivityResult(requestCode: Int, resultCode: Int, data: Intent?) {
super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data)
if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK) {
//Image Uri becomes non-zero on RESULT_OK
fall fileUri = data ?.data

// You can get the File object with the intention of
trap file:File = ImagePicker.getFile(data) !!!!.

// You can also specify the path to the file from the intention
fall filePath:String = ImagePicker.getFilePath(data)!
} else if (resultCode == ImagePicker.RESULT_ERROR) {
Toast.makeText(dit, ImagePicker.getError(data), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()
} else {
Toast.makeText(dit, cancelled task, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

Online method (with the InlineActivityResult library, only works with FragmentActivity and AppCompatActivity) (Not used with framing, see #32).

.compress(1024) //The final image size will be less than 1 MB (optional)
.maxResultSize(1080, 1080) //The final image resolution will be less than 1080 x 1080 (optional)
.start { resultCode, data ->
as (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK) {
//Image Uri will not be void on RESULT_OK
fall fileUri = data ?.data

// You can extract the File object from the expected file
val:File = ImagePicker.getFile(data).

// You can also change the file path of intention
trap filePath:String = ImagePicker.getFilePath(data)
} as (resultCode == ImagePicker.RESULTATEN_ERROR) {
Toast.makeText(context, ImagePicker.getError(data), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()
} else {
Toast.makeText(context, Task Cancelled, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()


  • Select an image with GalleryImagePicker.with(this)
    .galleryOnly() // User can only start one image from Gallery
    .start() // Default request code is ImagePicker.REQUEST_CODE.
  • Capturing an image with CameraImagePicker.with(this)
    .cameraOnly() // The user can only capture an image with camera
  • Crop imageImagePicker.with(this)
    .crop() //Crop image and let the user choose the image size.
  • Crop an image with a fixed aspect ratio
    .crop(16f, 9f) //Crop an image with an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Crop the square image (e.g. for the profile)ImagePicker.with(this)
    .cropSquare() //Cropping the square image, is identical to crop(1f, 1f)
  • Compress the image size (e.g. the image should not be larger than 1 MB)ImagePicker.with(this)
    .compress(1024) //Final image size will be smaller than 1 MB
  • Set the image resolutionImagePicker.with(this)
    .maxResultSize(620, 620) // The final image resolution will be less than 620 x 620
  • Intercept ImageProvider, can be used for analysisImagePicker.with (this)
    .setImageProviderIntercept ImageProvider
    Log.d (ImagePicker, Selected ImageProvider :
  • Specify the storage directory for captured, trimmed or compressed imagesImagePicker.with(this)
    // Check the path to the image storage directory
    .saveDir(File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), ImagePicker))
    // .saveDir(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()))
    // .saveDir(getExternalFilesDir(null) !!!!
  • Limit MIME types by gallery imageImagePicker.with(this)
    .galleryMimeTypes( //Exclude gif images
    mimeTypes = arrayOf(
  • You can also use the application code with ImagePickerImagePicker.with(this)
    .maxResultSize(620, 620)
    .start(101) //The application code is 101, you can use it in onActivityResult
  • Add the following settings to your color.xml file if you want to customize the uCrop activity.


  • Library – Android Kitkat 4.4+ (API 19)
  • Example – Android Kitkat 4.4+ (API 19)


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