UFC’s Israel Adesanya Challenged: ‘Bulls*** A** Champion’



Israeli Adezania speaks at a press conference on the UFC 248 at the Toyota Center on 07. February 2020 in Houston, Texas.

The last UFC star was born on Saturday and is standing next to the Israeli middleweight champion Adezaniya. Italian Marvin Vettori continued his career by overthrowing Jack Hermansson, who had lost his place in the main event of the 16th edition. The UFC Las Vegas tour is the fourth. The Italian dream won the battle unanimously and on Tuesday rose from 13th to 5th place in the middleweight category.

Vettori is currently on a four-game winning streak, his final defeat is that of Adesani himself. They fought during the UFC on FOX: The victory in April 2018 between Poirier and Gaudtier and the last master of the style resulted in a split decision.

The Italian dream is ready to bring him back and wishes to meet Adezania again in the octagon. He thinks he has the skills to win the championship and he’s on a mission for gold.

I think I can be a world champion today and there is so much room for improvement, Vettori said in a recent interview with TMZ. Well, these guys are f*****, buddy.

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Vettori said Adesania is not a nice guy who wants to overthrow the Bulls*** A*** Adesania.

There is no love between Adezania and Vettori, and in a recent conversation with TMZ the Italian dream has found strong words about the champion.

I know Israel, and I’ve said it over and over again, he’s not a brave man, sue Vettori. He’s really not the male type. He’s taking steps he knows he can take. That’s a wise war strategy. But being brave is something else [and] he’s not brave.

Vettori’s first goal is to win the title and become the first Italian UFC champion. And to make it even softer, Vettori wants to remove the belt of the last master of the style.

I want to be the number one legitimate candidate for the damn title, Vettori said. And then I want to be the one to bring down the bull, a champion named Israel Adesanya.

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Vettori takes on former middleweight champion and number one challenger, Robert Whittaker.

Marvin Vettori

Getty Marvin Vettori celebrates his victory over Carl Robertson in the middleweight fight at the UFC night fight at APEX on the 13th. June 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Italian dream wants a fight for the title, but realizes that his chances of winning the title are slim. The latest Stylebender plans to switch to light heavyweights to challenge reigning champion Yan Blakhovich and become champion in two divisions at the same time. The potential battle has not yet been announced by the UFC and it is not known when it will take place.

Vettori, the Paulo Costa of the 16th century. UFC interview after the Vegas game for the 2. middleweight champion, shifted his attention to Robert Whittaker, number one and former middleweight champion, hoping to beat the reaper to win the title battle or the intermediate belt.

I want to go by name. And if there’s one thing you can do, it’s fight for the number one candidate, Vettori said. And when [Adesania] leaves, you will fight for the provisional title. And I think the most legitimate man there is, the number one legitimate challenger, now is Robert Whittaker. And as soon as he comes back to enjoy Christmas with his kids, we can meet him and lock him up. I think that’s the plan, and that’s definitely what I want.

The Italian dream told TMZ that his ultimate goal is to fight with Adezania for the middleweight title and settle the score once and for all. He also told the office that his lifelong mission is to win the UFC gold.

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