4 bold predictions for Week 8 vs Steelers


The Baltimore Crows were the top team in the regular season 2019 and set a record of 14-2. For them too, 2020 was a good year, and in the first seven weeks of the season they went 5-1. But it is during the eighth week that one of the biggest tests of the year takes place: the steelworks in Pittsburgh.

Their rivals currently lead AFC North with a perfect 6-0 record.

If you know that, it doesn’t take a genius to think it’s a great game. It’s a game that also has a lot of consequences, because it can help any team to master a division.

Okay, no pressure. They’ll still be pretty close to the records. Although it would be good if we hit each other. For the winning team it will certainly be much easier.

In the meantime, the losing team will be one step behind. It’s never fun to get on the level of another team.

Given all this, week eight should be exciting. Who’s gonna win? Which actors are making themselves known and what is under pressure? There’s a lot going on in this Clash of the Titans.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Baltimore and make four bold predictions for the Ravens in their eighth round match against the Steelers.

Lamar Jackson Bid set

2019 was a big break for quarterback Lamar Jackson. Baltimore’s quarterback was totally unstoppable, which resulted in a unanimous MVP victory.

2020 was a good year, but it was a long way from the elite season of 2019. So a lot of people are starting to get excited about him.

Some of the skeptics have come back, and the story is starting to spin around him again.

In six games Jackson has completed 63% of the tasks. However, he has only travelled 1,135 meters.

That brings him to 3,026 yards, 101 yards less than last year when he only played 15 games.

Jackson has 10 touchdown passes against two interceptions. However, with these figures it is far below last season’s touchdown (27 this year, 36 last season).

In fact he did about the same, he has on average the same 6.9 meter transfer as last year. Although it doesn’t hit the 1000 yards on the ground again, the number is close by and a good game can reduce it to 1000 yards.

Now he faces this devastating Pittsburgh defense. So those numbers keep going down a little bit, huh?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. In the last Baltimore game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Jackson played his first big game.

In this game he ran over 100 yards (on nine carriers) and scored a touchdown. That’ll stimulate it.

Jackson will throw over 200 yards and score at least one touchdown in the air. In the meantime he’s going to lift another 75 people off the ground and score another touchdown with his legs.

It won’t be the biggest game of his career, but it will be a statement that he’s back.

Demolition of steelworks by defence

Most people expect it to be a defensive game. Both teams have formidable defense units, so it will certainly be tested.

But sometimes they turn out not to meet everyone’s expectations. A defensive confrontation can degenerate into a shooting at any moment. Especially when both teams realize what kind of fight they can have and decide to hit a single homerun.

But the eighth week between Baltimore and Pittsburgh won’t be like this. Of course both teams go on the board – but don’t wait for every possible point.

Both teams will play solid defensive matches. But it’s the crows that will tie up the whole package. There are bags, things to lose and of course twists and turns.

Baltimore won’t let Ben Ruthlisberger and Pittsburgh Hurt breathe. They’ll suffocate and attack all day, and they’ll be fine.

Steelmakers can handle a few things, but that’s it. I apologize to all the fantastic owners of the Pittsburgh players.

All types of petrol stations

This could be the deciding factor. James Conner is an excellent candidate for the Steelmakers. However, it is possible that a person is disconnected.

The Ravens, on the other hand, have a handful of players to keep an eye on, including Jackson as quarterback.

That makes it much harder to stop an early Baltimore attack than most other teams.

So Baltimore could win this game. As I said, expect a defensive showdown.

In the case of defensive performance, the team that controls the possession time will often have a big advantage.

Baltimore’s gonna run a lot of ball, and time’s running out.

Not only will Baltimore do it, but it will be very effective.

It is clear that steel producers are a strong defense. In this context, you will not see the Rooks collecting seven meters on each carrier. Although they downplay this short and negative income.

The crows will eventually come under pressure for about 200 meters and they will have a great advantage in their mandate.

Winning ravens

In all this, it seems fair to choose the crows to win. Jackson’s testimony against the division’s rivals.

At the same time, it will be a great day on earth for all of Baltimore. I had Jaxom make up at least 75 yards and his runners threw themselves. It leads to several shipyards and the possession of a watch.

Finally, the defence will do its job and eliminate the steel producers.

With all this, how can I say the Ravens are losing. I can’t do that.

Baltimore wins the fight man to man. None of the teams will score more than 20 goals, but it will be a very exciting and entertaining game from start to finish.

The crows use that home advantage (or as you now call it) and go home with a massive victory over their undefeated rivals from the AFC north.

Baltimore is 6-1 this season and reminds everyone of who they really are. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has dropped to 6-1. Although they shouldn’t feel bad about losing. Nobody’s perfect, and they’re still legal Super Bowl candidates. Sooner or later, they must have lost.

John Ross, Bengal.

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