Atascadero Holiday Weekend Drive-In, Drive-By and Virtual Activities Well Attended •

ATASCADERO – The city of Atasquadero began to develop last weekend, at the end of the year, with a mix of attractive, family friendly and above all socially isolated and safe activities to get people out of the house and into the holiday atmosphere.

The festivities started on Friday the 4th. December, noon, when Santa sent two of his deer to Atasquadero in a floating farm in front of the town hall. Deer could be petted, photographed and even nibbled on weekends from 12.00 to 17.00.

Pictures of Connor Allen

Since 17.15 hours, the city allows vehicles to enter the flooded gardens and park around them. While the guests were surrounded by their cars, they could attend a concert of the collection of the Atasquadero Unified School District Choir and music groups that were broadcast on FM radio and could be heard by all inhabitants of the city.

The mayor of Atasquadero, Heide Moreno, and members of the town council took part in the festivities around 6:15 pm. They announced the winners of the festive Path of Light contest before the traditional countdown to the city’s lighting ceremony.

First place in the Path of Lights competition for the best use of the theme went to the house located at 3351 Via Del Sueno, second place went to the house located at 2720 Ferrocarril Rd. The prize for the most creative lighting was awarded to the house in the San Anselmostraat 3950, the second place went to the house in the Refugiostraat 9955, on the other side of town. However, according to the jury, the best lighting in the city was at 5690 Traffic Way.

The mayor of Atasquadero, Heide Moreno, during the countdown through the city (pictures by Connor Allen).

The city also announced the winner of the Downtown Business Lighting Contest, first place at the Morjesi Salon, second place at Anna & Co, third place at Salon Raconteur and an honourable mention at ARTery.

After the illumination of the historic town hall a special man with a beautiful white beard appeared when Mr. and Mrs. Klaus drove in a Model A fire engine through the flooded gardens and wished everyone a wonderful holiday.

After the ceremony, the city encouraged the cars to drive to high school to start the festive parade backwards on the school slide. Different groups of students set up 25 different floating platforms throughout the school and lit them up as parishioners came by admiring the safety of their vehicles. The groups consisted of different sports teams, the FFA, drama, carol singers and two collaborations with the Elks and Kivani clubs.

In addition to the festive season, the town has introduced a new map of light routes, available to residents from the 4th to the 25th century. The month of December is the occasion to show his festive lights or to find the best lights in the city.

To access the map of the Lightpath at Atascadero, click here (I will create a hyperlink) or for more information.

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