Donald Trump’s failure to work with Joe Biden is becoming more urgent as Covid spreads

As the 19 cases of Covida get out of hand across the country, claiming more than 1,000 victims a day, calls from his administration, the President-elect’s team and independent public health experts are increasing. More than 246,000 Americans have already died from this disease.

But instead of listening or mobilizing to address what some medical experts say is becoming a humanitarian crisis, Trump spent the weekend when the United States contracted 11 million infections, causing lies and misinformation about the election losses to multiply. At one point he showed that Biden had won until Sunday’s Tweet, before retiring with a deluge of disobedience on Twitter.

As Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of infectious diseases, told CNN on Sunday, it would of course be better for us to work together with the Biden team that will be in place on March 20th. Janvier will take over management.

It’s almost like passing the baton in a race – you don’t want to stop and then give it to somebody, said Fauci, who was put aside by the departing president, to Jake Tupper. They just want to move on. And that’s exactly the transition.

Biden’s new White House chief of staff, Ron Clayne, said Sunday that the newly elected president’s team was unable to discuss the pandemic with current health officials such as Fauci because Trump refused to initiate an implementation process – the formal process to open a transition to the new policy.

Joe Biden becomes president of the United States in the midst of an ongoing crisis. The transition is expected to go smoothly, Clay told NBC at a press briefing, adding that while the new government plans to contact large pharmaceutical companies that produce the vaccine, such as Pfizer, it is particularly important to contact the Ministry of Health and Social Services officials responsible for implementation in the coming months.

Our experts need to talk to these people as soon as possible so that we can make the most of this change of power, which we will see on the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Everything will be fine in January, Clayne says.

But an official who currently has the greatest influence on the president, Dr. Scott Atlas, who according to critics advocates a herd immunity approach that could lead to thousands of deaths, tweeted an inflammatory Sunday article illustrating the White House’s disregard for united leadership during the pandemic. Atlas called on the people of Michigan to resist the new restrictions imposed by Gretchen Whitmer’s Democratic government on schools, theaters and restaurants, which have recently become the target of an alleged national conspiracy to kidnap Covida-19.

On Sunday night CNN’s Wolf Blitzer told Whitmer that she would not be intimidated for not following respected scientists and medical professionals.

We need to be ready

Mr Fauci is not the only senior US official calling for the opening of the transitional negotiations. Moncef Slowy, the Trump’s vaccine officer, said in an interview with the Financial Times that he wanted to contact Biden’s team, but added that he couldn’t do so without permission from the White House.

While the Biden team insists on an orderly transition – with offices, government meetings and millions of dollars of public money – Covid 19 Biden advisors are increasingly talking about the consequences of the current impasse.

Dr. Celine Gaunder, a member of the board of directors, told CNN on Saturday that the situation looked like a terrorist attack or war and that the broadcast had to go smoothly. We have to be ready and in the absence of this essential data, blind spots may appear, which we cannot predict and which make us very vulnerable.

Another board member, infectious disease specialist Michael Osterholm, regretted Trump’s rejection of the crisis and said management would not arrive until January because he insisted on immediate contact between the transition period and the White House.

We hope to work with them in the near future, he said, warning CNN Saturday of a rapid increase in the number of cases next month.

The independent expert, Dr. Peter Hotes of Baylor College of Medicine, cited studies showing that 2,500 Americans could die from Covida-19 every day until January, and described the situation as a humanitarian disaster, exacerbated by Trump.

I can’t imagine a more important moment in modern American history, Jotes said in an interview with Ana Cabrera of CNN. We need a smooth transition. The fact that it’s not happening now will only lead to great losses, so it’s incredibly heartbreaking, he said.

Request for service of an economic notice

As Biden prepares to take office despite the president’s obstacles, he will discuss the economy with the vice president’s elected Kamala Harris on Monday in Wilmington, Delaware. The President-elect has repeatedly stressed that it will not be possible to save the economy in the long run without containing the virus, and after the election he used his public speeches to encourage Americans to take steps, such as wearing masks, that could save lives until the Kovid-19 vaccine is widely available next year.

The pandemic is not the only area in which Biden loses the transitional privileges normally granted to an elected president within hours of his victory. For example, it has not yet been read into America’s deepest secrets during intelligence meetings. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, it is expected that the transitional groups will be able to enter the ministries to ensure a smooth transfer of power. January at noon.

While the rest of the world has now largely accepted Biden’s triumph, and even some Republican senators say that Biden should at least receive information from the intelligence services, Trump is still obsessed with the election.

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For the first time he twittered on Sunday, at least to admit that Biden had won, and accused him of losing a number of conspiracy theories. He followed another tweet, refused to give in and ignored his unfortunate legal problems and the reality of Biden’s victory, which left several states behind.

Trump played golf twice over the weekend and on Saturday, in between his Twitter riots, a crowd of supporters began protesting against the election results in Washington.

In an interview to CBS 60 Minutes on the occasion of the publication of his promised country memoirs, former president Barack Obama compared the president’s behavior with that of a child.

If my daughters had cheated – in any match – and then accused the other side of cheating when they lost, when there was no proof of cheating, we would have scolded them. I think over the last few years you’ve felt that everything goes literally and is justified to gain power.

Biden is now trying to get the man he defeated into action, in an attempt to alleviate the desperate situation he will probably inherit in January. In a statement he made on Friday, he asked Dr. Trump to focus on the emergency in question and take urgent action.

This crisis requires a strong and immediate response from the federal government, which is unfortunately lacking. I’m an elected president, but I won’t be president until next year, Biden said, pointing out the limitations of his position. The crisis has no dates on the calendar, but is accelerating at the moment.

But Mr Trump, who held a press conference on Friday and expressed his satisfaction with the development of the vaccine while ignoring the rapid spread of Covid under his care, seems to be interested in only one thing: his own declining political prospects.

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