Great British Bake Off 2020: Paul Hollywood defends Laura from trolls

Paul Hollywood trolls and targets Beacon Off Laura (Photo: Channel 4)

Paul Hollywood applauded the star of Great British Bake Off Laura after she reached the finals of the series.

On Tuesday evening, the semifinal of the series was held and the fans remained impetuous after Ermin received his shoe from judges Paul and Prue Leith.

Hermione was impressed by the show when she recently won a star baker’s title two weeks in a row. Many viewers claimed that his place in the last lap had been taken away from him.

This led some people to target the finalist Laura on the internet after Hermina’s controversial release, and that’s not why Judge Paul is here.

In Instagram, 54-year-old Paul touched on the sad people who were dragging Laura behind him and called his behavior disgusting, insisting that the right person would leave the show because of his performance in the semifinals.

His long message was read: I’ve heard some sad people walking around Laura, it’s disgusting behavior. Those of you who don’t know how Bake Off works or what’s new in the series seem to have missed what we ALWAYS did on Bake Off.

Every week is unique! No matter what a baker’s been doing these past few weeks, Paul insisted. Even if you win 4/5 stars and then have a bad week, you can be sad. This rule has been in force for 11 years!

Paul added that he set a record for his most coveted handshakes in Hollywood on the show: I also give handshakes ONLY in autographs, not for the purpose of stopping the show or technically there was an exception three years ago. Stop dragging one of the bakers!

Remember, Prue and I actually smell and eat cakes… Bring the last X.

Laura Great British Baking 2020

Paul, named Laura, got a disgusting reaction (Photo: Channel 4).

This happens after Hermione asked the audience not to be angry with her when she discussed Laura’s reaction.

She shared a message with Instagram, which she read: Please don’t be mad at me. I go for love and friendship. Honor my time at GBBO with love and kindness. There are real people behind what looks like the characters on your television. Love. Mental health is real!

Hermione stressed the importance of mental health and the effects that trolls can have, continued Hermione: Don’t be the reason someone took their own life. It’s a strong sentence, but it’s true! It happens all the time. Then let’s talk about it.

Hermione, baking 2020 in Britain.

Hermelin urged the fans not to get angry after the release (Picture: Channel 4).

When our emotions bring out the best in us, sometimes we can be mean. It is important to take the time to recognize your emotions, to know what they are and to be aware of what they will make you say or do.

She signed it: Know that you have your emotions under control, not the other way around. Pick the right one, not the wrong one. Take a moment to read what you have written before clicking the Submit button.

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Hermione was the last baker to send the parcels out of the tent after the victim experienced a series of disasters during her working week at the bakery, which Prue described as a failure, she said.

Their departure means that Laura, Peter and Dave will now compete in next week’s finals to be crowned winners in 2020.

The great British pastry will continue on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 8pm.

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