Strictly 2020: Will Jason Bell return as Nicola Adams and Katya Jones axed?

Strictly 2020: Will Jason Bell return as Nicola Adams and Katya Jones axed?
Strictly 2020: Will Jason Bell return as Nicola Adams and Katya Jones axed?

Fans demanded the return of Jason Bell to Strict after Nikola and Katya were targeted (Photo: PA).

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing demanded that Jason Bell return to the show after Nicola Adams and Kathy Jones Axes.

The boxers confirmed that the boxer was removed when the professional dancer tested positive for the corona virus.

The couple now isolates themselves separately to follow the government’s instructions, and the Saturday show continues.

Today, the crowd is urging Jason to return with his partner Any Mushtuk after their elimination last week at a dance tournament with Nikola and Katya.

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Can we get Jason and Luba back? # Strictly speaking, they begged on Twitter #

I am so disappointed that they should definitely invite Nikola back next year and dance with Katya again, another said. You have to bring Jason back, too, if he hasn’t already left his bladder #

Jason Bell

Jason Bell was fired from Strictly Come Dancing last week.

The Twitter user agrees: PETITION, @JasonBell33 and @LubaMushtuk TO RETURN STRICTLY, HOW @Mme_katjones AND @NicolaAdamsOBE MUST EXTRACT!

We loved Jason in the #StrictlyComeDancing@bbcstrictlyly series.

However, it is unlikely that the American footballer will return to the dance floor, because the bosses usually do not invite their former rivals.

A similar situation occurred last year when Will Bailey and Janette Munrara were forced to leave the series and Catherine Tildesley and Johannes Radebe were not reinstated.

What does this mean for the Rigid Final?

Strictly speaking, the bosses insisted that the rest of the cast wouldn’t get hurt, which means the show would go on.

The next episode will be aired on Saturday night.

They didn’t think about what it would mean for Nikola and Katya to leave next month and if anything would change.

Why did Nikola and Katya leave in a strict manner?

Nikola and Katja were removed after the professional dancer tested positive for the corona virus.

According to the protocols, they could not continue the competition.

Regarding his release on the motion, the athlete stated… Hey, guys! I’m completely devastated that my stiff journey was over so quickly. I had so much to give, and so many people to win!

But I want to thank Kata for being the best dance partner you can wish for. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, and it was an incredible experience. I don’t want to fight, but in these unprecedented and uncomfortable times, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, COVID measures are designed to ensure the safety of everyone, and I am doing everything I can to help.

Strictly speaking, Katya Jones and Nicola Adams come dancing.

Katya and Nikola made history at the Strictly Come-Dance contest.

I will spend the next 14 days in solitary confinement, so I want to apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of TikToks I post in my new free time when I’m not playing!

Katya added: Dancing with Nikola was an absolute inspiration. She gave him everything every week, and we were so happy to make more dances for the competition.

Of course I am devastated to leave here, but I made a lifelong friend and I loved every moment of this special journey. I want to wish all the other couples good luck!

Are they coming back for another round?

Nicola is reportedly hoping to return to the show for another series – to follow in Jamie Lang’s footsteps.

She hopes her hard dream isn’t over yet, said a source close to Nicola in an interview with Mail Online. There are many obstacles to overcome, but if there is a chance that she can compete with Katya in the 2021 series, Nikola will want to do it.

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Sarah James, Executive Producer of Strictly Come Dancing, also said they have a brilliant partnership and have achieved so much during their time at the fair.

We would like to thank them for their efforts, and although their time in the competition is unfortunately over, we hope that they will have the chance to dance again in the future. has contacted you for a response.

The Strictly-Come dance takes place on Saturday at 7:10 am.

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