Jamie Redknapp identifies transfer problem for Liverpool after Joe Gomez injury

Joe Gomez is watching the Champions League match between Liverpool and Ajax.

Liverpool is waiting for the results of Joe Gomez’s CT scan after his knee injury, which he suffered while serving in England (Photo: Getty).

Jamie Redknapp has urged Liverpool to enter the market in January if Joe Gomez’s injury is serious, but he believes it will be difficult for the club, as competing teams know they are desperate and prices can be inflated.

In Liverpool there are no more options at the back: Virgil van Dyck, Fabinho and Trent Alexander Arnold are all on the sidelines and it is feared that Gomez will remain on the sidelines for some time after relegation due to a knee problem during practice in England.

Gomez has now left Gareth Southgate and Liverpool is eagerly awaiting the results of the central defender’s analysis, while in the coming weeks the games will be close and fast at home and in Europe.

Virgil of Dyke leaves the field with a knee injury in the Premier League collision between Liverpool and Everton.

Van Dyke will miss most of Liverpool’s campaign after being injured by ACL (photo: Getty).

I am choked to death for Joe Gomez if it is a serious injury, said the former Liverpool and England midfielder Redknapp in a Sky Sports podcast.

He’s a young man who’s already been injured in the knee and came back from it brilliantly. I’m a big fan of him, he seems to be a very good player, nothing like a player.

I remember seeing him play for Charlton in the FA Youth Cup many years ago and thinking he was the star of tomorrow, and he certainly proved that in Liverpool. I just hope it’s not too serious.

From an English point of view, it’s a disappointment for Gareth Southgate, but for Jürgen Klopp, if it’s a long-term commitment and you don’t have Virgil or Joe Gomez, it’s a huge burden for this team, which was a favorite at the beginning of the year.

This will certainly change things, and for all concerned, the fact that they were sometimes so impressive two years ago.

It won’t be easy without Virgil, but neither Virgil nor Gomez will make it any easier.

Southampton - Newcastle United - First Division

Redknapp believes that Liverpool may need to be strengthened in January if Gomez goes out for a while.

When asked whether Liverpool was looking forward to the January window for reinforcements, Mr Redknapp replied: It’s complicated.

I’ve heard people say they need a very big signature because Virgil will be traumatized, but if he gets the proper rehabilitation to be in shape, he won’t be far from a return in March or April in the form of an adoption.

Usually it’s six or seven months, he’s a great guy and he’ll be a good healer.

You don’t want to bring someone in for £40 or £50 million because you know someone will be back very soon, but if you’ve lost Gomez too, you certainly want to try bringing someone in in January or as soon as possible, whether it’s for credits, signatures – but it won’t be easy to win players.

Joe Gomez is investigating a training field in Liverpool.

It is to be feared that Gomez will be on the sidelines for months instead of weeks (picture: Getty).

Your hands are tied to a certain extent, because everyone knows immediately that you are desperate, so the prices will skyrocket.

Liverpool did so well in the market that they didn’t always buy big stars, they made them in those days. Virgil may be the opposite, they paid £75 million for him, but what would his price be today, maybe three times as much, because he’s such an incredible player.

The defenders are first class because there are not many good players who can play like Virgil, who can defend like Joe Gomez, who is still a young man.

I really hope it’s weeks and not months, but I don’t like the rumors coming out of the team.

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The next game is between Liverpool and Lester before returning to Enfield where he will play against Atalanta in the Champions League.

The Premier League champions hope that Thiago Alcantara can return to the foxes after his knee injury last year in the Mercyside Derby.

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