Donald Trump’s stunning abdication of leadership comes as coronavirus pandemic worsens

He spends time with consultants and does not develop a strategy to tame an uncontrolled health emergency, but looks for a way to win the already announced lost elections. He has also taken the time to relieve the leadership of the Pentagon, and since he has few appointments on his public agenda, he seems to be spending his days following news reports and false information about election fraud on Twitter.

In fact, Mr Trump, his family and his advisors are wasting all their energy in a desperate attempt to save a job – a presidency – which he apparently has no intention of saving in any meaningful way.

Given the Covida 19 crisis and the economic turmoil that followed, this is a particularly surprising and surreal failure of leadership, even for a president who downplayed and lied about the true nature of the pandemic and repeatedly predicted that the virus would simply disappear.

Prior to the election, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows led the way, telling CNN that the pandemic could not be contained.

Now that the elections are over, Trump’s White House seems even less worried than before.

Explosion at Kovida’s house

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The disease, which has killed more than 240,000 Americans, has not paid much attention to the bruises the president has suffered after a defeat he has yet to admit. It also exploded after the election. On Wednesday, more than 140,500 new infections were reported in the United States and more than 1,100 people died. More than ever before, nearly 65,000 patients have been hospitalized for this disease and the rate of growth is alarming for physicians who fear that healthcare will be abandoned in the coming weeks.

The situation is more serious than in spring in the Northeast and in summer in the Sunbelt when Kovida-19 and Sunbelt started spraying. The infection curve stretches almost vertically and the virus rages across the country.

These alarming figures and the reality of epidemiology and exponential spread mean that Mr. Trump will leave the nation in the Marines of Disease and Death when his term expires in January. And with every day that passes, the disaster that Biden will inherit is getting worse, and even if Pfizer announces this week that its prototype vaccine is 90% effective, it means that there is some hope at the end of a unique and painful winter.

Thanksgiving already looks like a bad day, authorities are warning Americans not to come home to family for fear of new epidemics. The example of Canada, which celebrated its own harvest festival in October, suggests that this festival will in any case leave a legacy of illness and death.

However, there is no warning from the president, who received the best medical care the United States could provide when he fell ill with Covid-19 last month. He could use his megaphone to tell Americans to be careful, wear masks and keep a social distance in order to limit the spread of the pandemic, which he had weakened before the elections.

Trump is not the only one that has been neglected. Vice President Mike Pence leads the White House Coronavirus Task Force, but he hasn’t held public briefings in weeks – although he has spoken with the team this week. As a result, there are no instructions from the west wing on how the Americans can alleviate the thousands of deaths expected before Mr. Biden takes office, who has made the fight against the virus his priority.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday released an updated mask guide in a rather low-threshold announcement that could have avoided the president’s wrath. The agency said there was now evidence that wearing the suitcase over the face could protect both the owner and the people he might come into contact with.

However, the absence of a chairman is a major concern of medical experts.

We have a pipe vacuum, Dr. Carlos del Rio, associate dean of the Emory University Faculty of Medicine, told CNN.

Dr. Sima Yasmin, a former CDC disease inspector and CNN medical analyst, told CNN’s John King on Wednesday that the current irrational slaughter – 1,400 American deaths per day – equates to three or four planes crushing and killing people every day.

From the beginning, we needed what we needed: a powerful response to the pandemic. I’m so afraid we won’t see him… at least not until the day of the dedication. Meanwhile, the situation will continue to deteriorate, Yasmine said.

Chief of Staff Biden has experience with epidemics

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Biden made a final statement of intent and appointed Ron Clayne White House chief of staff on Wednesday night. Clay, a Washington veteran, served Biden in a similar position when he was vice president, and was also king of Ebola Obama, so he used to allocate health care resources to the U.S. government.

The President-elect had already indicated that his attitude towards the coronavirus would be much more practical than that of his predecessor. Biden wears a mask at all his public events. On Monday, he appointed 12 members of an advisory board of eminent scientists to evaluate American efforts to combat the pandemic, one of the world’s least successful.

The purpose of wearing a mask is not to make your life less comfortable or to take something away from you. This should give us all something in return: a normal life, Biden said Monday. The goal is to return to a normal life as soon as possible, and masks are very important for this. It won’t be forever, he said, to try, unlike Trump, to convince Americans that wearing a mask isn’t a political statement.

While Trump and Pence say nothing about the pandemic, the Coronavirus Task Force continues to inform states of the seriousness of the situation.

Community enlargement continues to accelerate in the upper half of the country, where temperatures have cooled and the Americans have settled, according to reports from the 8th World Economic Forum. November, which were handed out to the states on Tuesday night.

The working group, which in last week’s reports warned of a significant deterioration in the solar belt, said the deterioration only continued last week, resulting in the most diffuse distribution so far.

The reports suggest that proactive testing should be part of the containment effort. The verdict was in itself overwhelming, as the massive tests and follow-up required at the start of the pandemic had still not been carried out by the White House a few months later.

With Trump’s refusal to cancel the elections and release funds and access to ministries, as well as funding for the Biden transition team, there is growing concern that efforts to contain the pandemic are being compromised.

But the president shows no obvious concern.

Betsy Klein and Jeff Greene from CNN contributed to this report.

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