Millwall fans applaud as players unite behind anti-racism banner before QPR match

December 2020 Millwall and QPR players wave anti-racist banners before the match.

Millwall fans cheered as their team and QPR players gathered to hold an anti-racism banner for a championship game in the village on Tuesday, days after booing for getting down on their knees.

The players were booed as they kneeled for Saturday’s derby.

The Millwall players did not kneel before the start of Tuesday’s game, but QPR did, although they stopped the move early in the season.

According to Millwall, it was one of the most important days in the club’s history.

In the letter to the fans, they added… Tonight, the eyes of the world are on this football club – on your club – and they want us to fail.

Together we won’t let that happen.

After the 1-1 draw Millwall director Gary Roott Sky Sports told us about it: I thought that was a very positive attitude. I’m proud of all the members of the club, because the past few days have been difficult.

It is likely that people showed up tonight and waited – and maybe even hoped – for a negative night against FC Millwall.

What we’ve proved tonight is that I believe the fans support our anti-discrimination message.

QPR President Ilias celebrates his first goal by kneeling with teammate Bright Osai-Samuel and raising his fist in front of the Millwall fans.

We] felt that we should do it – especially here, said the chairman of Sky Sports. So I guess it was good.

Millwall defender Malon Romeo raised his fist before and after the match Millwall defender Malon Romeo raised his fist before the match and then his T-shirt – Sponsor Kick It Out – and after raising the T-shirt – he wore the Kick It Out game logo instead of the permanent Lions sponsor.

Millwall defender Malon Romeo, who said the Sabbath memorial system was personally disrespectful and offensive, brought the team out in front of Captain Alex Pierce.

After the match Romeo applauds from the field and waves his sweater. The usual sponsor of the Millwall jersey has been replaced by the logo of the anti-discrimination agency Dump it.

He was at the meeting until 6pm last night, Rutt said.

I’m proud of him. Not only for the wisdom and passion he showed at that meeting, but also for his response tonight, and for his tremendous contribution, for me [in] a much more positive message and a much more active message and a much more positive evening – of course we did it on Saturday. I think he should be applauded for that.

Before the start of the game, the players of both clubs were standing side by side behind the flag with the same inequality. The message United for Change is displayed on the big screen of your blog.

The decision to remove the banner was taken after the meeting of the two clubs on Monday: Kick It Out, Show Racisme De Rode Kaart, Beroepsvoetbalbond, Voetbalbond en Engelse Voetbalbond (EFL).

Players, officials and staff at the Premier League and EFL matches since football games resumed in June to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement for racial equality.


Natalie Pierce, caveman sport.

Nobody likes the famous Millwall song, who cares? But Tuesday night was different – in this corner of South London the nerves were on edge.

The taxi driver yelled at our crew and told us to concentrate on something much more serious than a few jokes. Some fans have told us that their club should do more to tackle social problems related to racism.

Those who were on their way to this hiding place in the 2000s received a statement saying that all eyes of the world were on them. He added that it was strange that they want us to fail.

It was claimed that the motion was drafted without the support of the club’s director, but the siege mentality clearly worked.

When the players shook hands and hung up an anti-racist banner, they applauded and rejoiced. It happened when some people decided to get down on their knees. The club sighs of relief.

The QPR players kneel for the match with Millwall on 8 December 2020, while the QPR players kneel for the match with Millwall and the QPR players kneel for the match with Millwall on 8 December 2020. December 2020: an anti-racist banner with the same message on the video screen.

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