Man City to offer Messi a contract in January

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the transfer market developed differently during the summer than all previous ones, but there were many more shops, and the most important ones can be seen here. The window may be closed in the major European competitions, but here are the best rumours from around the world.

TOP STORY: City of Maine offers a contract to Messi in January.

Barcelona will have to make some adjustments in the coming months and the company Sport said that the interim president, Carles Taskts, would have to save about 300 million euros to avoid a financial crisis.

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Of course, Lionel Messi’s high salary can play a major role in this situation, because the 33-year-old has made it clear that he wants to leave Camp Nou when his contract expires in 2021. The Argentinean decided not to bring the club to court this summer, but according to the Daily Telegraph, Manchester City is prepared to offer him a pre-contractual deal in January so he can move to Etihad free of charge at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, in a context of growing debts, Barcelona still want to sign contracts with the players, and Sport have offered to return in January for Manchester City center-back Eric Garcia.

The nineteen-year-old made it clear that he would not extend his contract with Man City and that he could leave in the summer when his own contract expired. Reportedly, Barca is willing to offer 8 million euros to land her earlier, but the city has withheld about 20 million euros.

Barcelona also have their interest in Benfica striker Darwin Nunez, who is looking to replace Luis Suarez, according to ESPN sources Moises Llorens and Sam Marsden.

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9:50 GREENWICH TIME: When transfers end badly, part 345.

The real Betis midfielder Joaquin said he wouldn’t greet the former Valencia coach, Ronald Cooman, at the Sabbath League match in Barcelona.

Kuman coached Joaquin in the Mestalla stadium during the 2007-2008 election campaign. The winger scored five goals in 49 games and won the Copa del Rey (although he was in the final), but Valencia finished 10th and Cuman was fired in April.

It was not the best experience of my sports career, said a former Spanish internationalist at El Largero. It wasn’t good to be honest. I don’t even want to talk about it, because what happened there hurts me.

I wouldn’t even consider Kuman a murderer. Luckily he didn’t last long, so we could save the season. I will not honor him, and he will not honor me. There’s no better time than now to meet barca.

9:14 TO GREENWICH: The Corinthians are expected to sign a contract with the Brazilian defender Jemerson of Monaco worth about 4.5 million reals (700,000 euros).

Jemerson, 28, reportedly reached an agreement to terminate the contract for this small sum, said the Globoesporte, who arrived in Brazil on Tuesday to sign the contract and undergo a medical examination.

8:30 GMT: Former Melbourne midfielder Victory Josh Hope decided to retire from professional football at the age of 22 because fear, mainly caused by intimidation of online fans, prevented him from enjoying the game.

Hope, who was released at the end of last season after winning four years, told Instagram on Tuesday that he had decided to call there instead of switching to another A-League club.

It’s a constant struggle with the people you have to support, he writes. Some things I would see not only in relation to myself, but also in relation to others, were an insult. And I’m not talking about football!

If it gets personal, the color of their skin, the way they talk, their haircut… I don’t want any part of it.

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Casey Keller of football club ESPN believes that the recent injury of Christian Pulisik in Chelsea could last several weeks.


Atletico Madrid Declaration of interests in Lampastay

Tariq Lampti has attracted attention with his performances since joining Brighton and Hove Albion, and according to the Daily Mail, Athletico Madrid has joined his fan list.

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Bayern Munich and Seville have already been added to this list, so it can be difficult for the seagulls to hold their right hand.

However, they want to keep him in the club, and although the young man signed a three-year contract in January, they will offer him a new and improved contract.

It looks like the young man’s got a lot of chances in front of the winter window.

Long-term resident status is requested.

Fernando Llorente hasn’t played a single game in Naples this season, but he’s still wanted.

Calciomercato reports that the 35-year-old striker has his options, with references to both Genoa and Benevento.

However, if the International of Madrid Athletico make a gesture, it may not be easy for them to get it, and both clubs should also be interested.

Since his departure from Tottenham Hotspur, the Spaniard has remained almost anonymous, but perhaps at the end of his career he will be ready to take a big step forward.


– There are often winners and losers when a football club takes over, and Phil Jones thinks he might miss it if Burnley has new owners, reports The Mirror. The defender of Manchester United was not in the team of Ole Gunnar Solsker, and Sean Diche is reportedly involved in a credit scam for him.

– Juventus has tried to get Federico Bernardezky off the books, and maybe one day that will happen, according to IlBiancoNero. The club wanted him to leave the club temporarily or permanently in January, but the 26-year-old refused to leave because he felt he could change everything in the Serie A championship. The message says he’s ready to leave the Alliance stadium after another fight if he gets a good offer in the winter window.

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