Mississippi State Bulldogs’ COVID-19 issues force postponement of game against Auburn Tigers

Mississippi State Bulldogs’ COVID-19 issues force postponement of game against Auburn Tigers
Mississippi State Bulldogs’ COVID-19 issues force postponement of game against Auburn Tigers

Saturday’s football match between Auburn and Mississippi has been postponed due to problems with KOVID-19 in the Bulldogi program.

Based on the positive tests and that considered close contacts, as well as injuries not related to VIDOC, we do not have the minimum number of athletes available to compete in the Sabbath vs. Auburn game, MSU Athletics director John Cohen said in a news report. Although we are disappointed that Saturday’s competition has been postponed, our priority is the health, safety and well-being of our student athletes and staff. We will continue to follow all established protocols and think about the most responsible way to return to the field.

On Monday the Securities and Exchange Commission made a statement that the game will be temporarily postponed to 12th place. December has been postponed.

Auburn football game on the 14th. The meeting of 10 November in Mississippi was postponed due to positive test results and subsequent quarantine of members of the Mississippi football program, as prescribed by the southeastern conference COVID-19, according to the statement.


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This week’s COVID 19 tests were a particularly hard blow for the SEC, as Texas A&M was forced to stop training after receiving some positive results. LSU’s match against Alabama is in jeopardy after LSU received several positive tests this weekend, including forwards, defense and special teams.

We will continue, said Greg Sankey, member of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Monday. We can’t just give up our hands and keep trying, but we have to sit down together, depending on how many faults there are, and we have to react. It’s hard to predict. This is one of the lessons we have learned over the past few months.

Previously, the US Securities and Exchange Commission had set a minimum threshold of 53 exchange receivers to participate in the competition.

Players who test positive for KOVID-19 should be quarantined for 10 days. Players deemed to be at risk from contact with a suspected positive result must be quarantined for 14 days.

Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork said the Texas Securities and Exchange Commission should open the possibility of issuing a statement on the 19th. December to allow overtaking matches for all teams not participating in the conference championship.

He said the sports directors of the conference could discuss this possibility at their weekly meeting on Tuesday.

We all saw this coming, so the protocols are in place, Bjork said. That’s why we built the extra week. I hope we can create more flexibility if we look at the 19.

So that the games on the 19th. In order for the event to take place on 1 December, the sports directors had to agree to its inclusion in the programme and then the presidents of the universities/rectors had to give their approval. Sanky said it would be part of their conversation in the future.

We want people to have a chance to play, so that’s definitely part of the conversation, he said. Of course we have to be ready to name the division champions for our competition, so that will be a priority for us.

ESPN’s Heather Dinić contributed to this report.

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