What’s next for Trevor Lawrence? More scrutiny under a bigger spotlight

In a few hours, the biggest question will be about Klemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence next year: Is he coming back next week?

It turns out that even the leader of the movement we want to play can be protected from the highly contagious coronavirus, no matter how many protocols, tests, hours, weeks and months of careful planning are needed to try to play the university football season.

Lawrence is the figurehead of the sport and the best concept choice in the NFL. So it’s fair to say that he lost more than anyone when he decided not only to return to Clemons this season, but also to insist that all players have as much fun playing as he does. His comments in August, when he said it was safer for players to be on campus with their team than at home, had already generated attention and food for thought for obvious reasons.


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If you’re the best quarterback in the country, the leader of the Heisman Trophy plays for the best team in the country – and the favorite comes back for the national championship game – every decision, every announcement, every word is examined so directly that you can’t escape someone else’s opinion.

As did his comments earlier this week when Lawrence spoke and talked about his future in the NFL: I think I’ll go on. But who knows? Anything can happen.

This voyage of discovery led to many speculations about who wanted to play for the New York Jets. Who would give up millions of dollars at the risk of going back to school? In the next ten days, the progress made will generate more speculation for the biggest game on their calendar so far, the collision on December 7. November versus no. 4 Notre Dame.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Trevor Lawrence, who is expected to be the NFL’s No. 1 candidate in the 2021 draft, has decided to return to Clemenson this season instead of withdrawing from the competition due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ken Ruinard/Greenville News/USA TODAY Network.

The questions will be directly related to Lawrence’s health (what are his real symptoms?), medical protocols (when does his 10-day isolation end?) and training time (can he even play a game without a week’s click?).

If Lawrence’s observation of the past three years has shown us anything, it’s that you always study carefully – and find ways to put all that aside, look ahead, and stay true to your beliefs. After winning the 2018 national championship as a true rookie with a knockout victory over Alabama in 2018, people were wondering if the NFL’s draft rules needed to be changed to allow Lawrence to join the competition immediately. He’s losing millions! One title after another, it screams.

Lawrence shrugged his shoulders. Coach Dabo Piggy called all these speculations a waste of time. When Lawrence played the worst game of his career in the national championship against LSU in January, he took the blame and swore he would come back better than ever. Also, no questions have been asked about the future this week, as the issue of Trevor’s tankinga has been hotly debated since the beginning of the NFL season.

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Stephen A. Smith explains why he’s not worried about Trevor Lawrence’s absence from Clemens’ game against Boston College.

Just two weeks ago, the attacking coordinator asked Tony Elliott how Lawrence dealt with the outside noise about the future and answered that he was now really, really present. He feels perfectly at ease where he is. He takes every opportunity to run there, he’s not thinking about the future, he’s just trying to get away from the best version for his teammates.

That’s what Lawrence has in his heart. That he has made the right decision to come back this season and that it doesn’t matter what kind of criticism he’s going to get, because he thinks he has made the right decision. And because he became the most sought-after recruiter in the country, Lawrence continued to carry his team of comrades, the weight of expectation, the responsibility of leadership.

Lawrence shouldn’t be here. Other senior players with opinions about the future of the NFL have decided to retire and not risk playing during the pandemic season. Not Lawrence. Although he said in August that he didn’t think long about a refusal, he never really thought about it. Instead, when the season looked like it was about to be postponed, he helped create and lead the We want to play movement by forcing football officials and university administrators not to take the season away from the players. He helped inspire athletes across the country to perform and used the power of social media to draw attention to his collective message.

At the time, Lawrence tweeted about why players were safer on campus than at home, and wrote that we were more likely to catch the virus in our daily lives than when we played football. In an interview with local reporters a few days later, he added We just think that if the NCAA can talk and plan what we need to do to be safe, we can do it. We’re safe here, so we can do this.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Clemenson CB Trevor Lawrence will miss the first game of his university career as he will remain isolated as the Tigers take over Boston College on Saturday. Ken Ruinard/USA Today Sports

Lawrence deserves recognition for his leadership. What he’s done is true to what he is, in his most basic form: He wanted to play, so he behaved as he always does and took the risks and responsibilities that come with it.

Instead of leading again on Saturday, he can only isolate himself at home and watch from a distance, far from the sport that defined him and made him a superstar. Eventually he will come back, and when he does, there will be a deeper study, but it will be about something else. Lawrence will answer these questions as usual, perhaps with even greater appreciation for the game.

Because if there’s one thing we learned during this pandemic, it’s that the coronavirus doesn’t care who you are or where you are, anyone can find it.

Even the face of the football academy.

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