How to Become Popular Nowadays?

How to Become Popular Nowadays?
How to Become Popular Nowadays?

One of the main ideas of modernity is to become famous and as popular as possible. There are many reasons for this. This, for example, and numerous psychological reasons. A person returns to a serene childhood, where he can receive the love and support that he did not receive before. A sense of self-worth shows that you do not live in vain and that your life has meaning.

It is also worth mentioning a good salary, which allows you to feel secure and not worry about what you will eat and what to wear tomorrow. In addition, many would like to be an idol and role models for millions.

The easiest and fastest way to gain fame in the modern world is to maintain social networks. Many people try to post every day and promote their accounts now. Most content makers even buy Instagram likes in order to boost their stats.

How to Become Popular Nowadays?

Today we will try to figure out how to become popular in the modern world and why social networks are now the main way to achieve success.

The destructive desire for popularity

There is nothing wrong with being popular. This is just a desire of a person to stand out among other people and move forward due to the fact that he achieves high skill in something.

Another thing is that many of our contemporaries strive for popularity, based on nothing. To popularity for the sake of popularity. To receive the benefits that she brings with her. For this, they are ready to betray loved ones or deceive someone.

Some people think that it’s unfair to buy likes on Instagram to promote your account, but this doesn’t seem like a problem at all compared to betrayals and terrible behavior.

Manual promotion is an honest and effective way of gaining fame, compared to the desire to get rich at the expense of other people.

It is this approach to achieving popularity that can be considered even destructive for the person who agrees to it. It will be destructive, first of all, because it does not fill the person who has made such a choice but devastates.

Everybody knows that if we do not develop, we degrade. We do not even stand still, namely, we are degrading.

Chasing fame for the sake of fame, a person does not master anything new, does not make any efforts on himself, does not form and does not work out any skills, and does not create.

Sooner or later, even the knowledge and skills that were obtained at school and college will go away if they are not used. It’s like with a glass of water: if you leave it just like that, then gradually all the water will evaporate and the glass will be empty.

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The ethical path to fame

What kind of approach to gaining popularity can be called ethical? The one that, along with the wrong approach, we can observe throughout human history.

This is when a person comes to the master to learn something from him. He imitates him, adopting his techniques, first outwardly, and then more and more delving into their many nuances and strengthening himself in the chosen business.

The higher the level of his skill becomes, the more he moves forward and begins to stand out among other people and specialists of a lower level.

They start to pay attention to him and his popularity comes. They already listen to his opinion, ask him for advice, want to become his student, interview him, and begin to imitate him, just as he once tried to imitate his teacher.

How to become popular nowadays

In order to take part in any business, you must, first of all, choose it. If you have several activities that are dear to you, be sure to focus on one.

If you haven’t found one yet, look for it. And the best way to do this is to learn to hear yourself and listen to your heart.

Explore all sorts of details of your business, connect and disconnect different elements in it, come up with new ways to use them, etc.

In this way, you will be able to master not only the baseline and basic techniques, but also study the finest nuances of your business, finding in it not only skill but also virtuosity.

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The main thing is not competition, but loving your work

People who have earned popularity honestly think about what they do, not only at work but also in their free time.

Because their business for them is not just a formality and not just spending the necessary hours at work. On the contrary, it hurts them to the core, because they live it. They put their soul into it.

The main thing is not to become the first, not to overtake others, but to selfless love for your work and the desire to delve into it and improve it.

That is why it is so important to find your business, feel its taste and fully enjoy it.

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