Top 3 Unobvious Advantages of Online Education

Top 3 Unobvious Advantages of Online Education
Top 3 Unobvious Advantages of Online Education
Top 3 Unobvious Advantages of Online Education

Distance learning has managed to enter the everyday life of many people: someone takes corporate courses, learns languages, or immerses himself in a new hobby.

It would seem that all the advantages of online are clear: flexibility, accessibility, and autonomy. But there are also not the most obvious benefits of online education.

Here’s what else online can surprise you with.

Expanding Boundaries

Online learning allows you to not only open your boundaries to other cities but also to expand them. For example, Drive and Listen allow you to drive through the streets of 24 countries and immerse yourself in their atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Online learning, unlike entertainment services, allows you not only to enjoy the sounds of the city, but also to learn the language with a native speaker, visit a master class of a chef, take a legal course with a legal expert, learn to cook with traditional recipes, and paint a picture.

Online learning helps you go beyond your apartment or even your country and learn from experts from all over the world. And getting a Harvard degree is now possible from anywhere in the world.

A big advantage of such courses is the opportunity to learn from professionals from different countries and get a double benefit: learn a useful skill and start learning a native language.

The key disadvantage of such education is a rather high cost. However, these courses are still affordable, and you don’t need to hit a jackpot at a 22Bet casino to try them.

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Invited Lecturers

Many lectures are now held in an online format. And as much as we would love to meet face-to-face and meet representatives from different industries in person, at the moment it is difficult.

But online events allow you to save time on travel (especially if you live in another city) and allow you to listen to the speakers not only live at a strictly defined time but also in a recording when it is convenient.

Moreover, the online format allows organizers and educational platforms to invite speakers who, for one reason or another, could not speak in person.

For example, many online conferences organize speeches of foreign speakers or invite foreigners to share their own experiences on various topics.

Online schools don’t lag behind and implement such practice in their courses, inviting foreign lecturers to hold several workshops or give a couple of lectures.

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One more advantage of online education is the possibility to track your own progress and the progress of your employees if we talk about corporate training.

In face-to-face training, mastering a skill is almost invisible to the students, and it is only possible to track the level of knowledge with the help of checkpoints. Most often such “tests” are perceived negatively and cause the student additional reason to be nervous.

Everything is much easier online. Statistics provided by many educational schools help to understand what level of knowledge you get after each lesson, how much time you spend on studying one topic, how much and what mistakes you make when doing your homework.

The same data is available to employees’ supervisors as well. They are able to track progress online, which allows them to clearly understand when the level of knowledge of an employee is sufficient for certain tasks.

Progress tracking helps to adjust training time according to the system data, to pay your attention to the topics that are slipping and to refine them yourself (or ask the instructor to explain the topic again), and to understand how much time you have left to achieve the desired level of knowledge.

However, not all platforms provide the ability to monitor your own progress and the results of your employees and to adjust your training program according to the results.

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