NFL Week 9 takeaways, stat leaders

NFL Week 9 takeaways, stat leaders
NFL Week 9 takeaways, stat leaders

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Week nine of the NFL was a big win for the Bill’s as Josh Allen’s Buffalo attack overcame MVP Russell Wilson and Seahawks favorites. The chiefs narrowly escaped the angry Panthers, the hawks were able to avoid another lead explosion and Dalvin Cook went crazy again with the Vikings. Jake Luton of Jacksonville almost won his first game, and Alex Smith came out in the middle and lost to Washington.

In a nocturnal showcase, the Chargers lost heartbreakingly to the Rayders, Tua Tagovayloa and Dolphins to Kyler Murray and the Cardinals, while the Steelmakers remained undefeated and took on the Cowboys.

On Sunday evening, the Saints scored a one-two-three goal in their guest appearance. The 38-3 victory gave Tom Brady one of the biggest defeats of his career and made him a favorite for the NFC South, where he spent an entire season.

All this and more in week 9, the biggest trips outside the NFL.

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Great actor: CB Marcus Peters Raven, 5 Tackle, 1 Interception, 1 Forced Loss


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Quarterback Lamar Jackson and the Rooks have shown that they can overcome adversity. Jackson shifted all ten gears in the second half when Baltimore came out of a deficit situation for the first time since 2016. It was a tough week for the Ravens, who lost their all-proletariat to Ronnie Stanley due to an ankle injury and discovered that all-pro cornerback Marlon Humphrey tested positive for COVID-19 and trained without six defenders as he was identified as being in close contact with Humphrey. But in the second half Baltimore defeated Coltow and improved their position to 6-2. Raven’s coach John Harbo said the word to describe his team was power of mind. You understand the seriousness of this victory, Harbow said. — Jamison Hensley.

Next game: in Patriots (20:20 ET, Sunday).

The losses have been difficult to swallow and now the Colts have health problems in several key offensive positions, with a short week of preparation for the AFC’s counterpart in the south, Tennessee. Tight End Jack Doyle will have to approve the concussion protocol for Thursday’s game against the Titans, as well as the availability of the T.Y. receiver. Hilton will recover after missing a race on Sunday due to a groin injury in the first half of race day eight in Detroit. — Mike Wells

Next part: Titans (20:20 ET, Thursday).

Great actor: QB Josh Allen Accounts, 415 crossings, 3 TDs (and 1 emergency TD)

Allen fought against teams with a record of at least three of the 500 games in his career, but it was his defining moment. He was chased throughout his career (seven times), but he scored big goals – 415 yards and three touchdowns. He outperformed MVP Cup Leader Russell Wilson and returned to the playing level he showed in the first four weeks of the season. Sunday’s victory was a monumental prelude to a difficult four-game game in which the cardinals, the chargers and 49 players were in the lead. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

Next part: Cardinal (16:05 p.m. Eastern Time, Sunday).

There were so many signs of improvement in the Seahawks’ defensive struggle last week. And so much for the idea that on Sunday he will remain in the line of fire with the security of Jamal Adams, and at the defensive end Carlos Dunlap made his debut in Seattle. Adams and Dunlap did their part by combining 2.5 of Seachooks’ seven bags with another heavyweight shot in the course of the race. But apart from that, Allen ended up in the Seattle defense, illustrating the lack of extra defense after the mobile quarterback with weapons. On Sunday, when the Seahawks choked on defense again – Seattle never left Coach Pete Carroll with a lead of 44 points or more – there was no way to get past Wilson’s four corners. — Brady Henderson

Next race: in Rams (16:25 ET, Sunday).

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Russell Wilson fights Bill’s defense with two breaks and two losses when the Seahawks lose to Bill 44-34.

Great actor: Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill, 113 yards reception, 2 TD.

How long can leaders live with Harrison Butker fighting for extra points? On Sunday he missed his sixth season of PAT against the Panthers, and this time it almost cost them the game. Butker remains reliable on long shots, but his fight against the PAT will be a problem if the bosses reach the difficult part of the schedule and then go to the finals. – Adam Thacher

Next race: in Raiders (20:20 ET, Sunday 22 November).

Christian McCaffrey reminded everyone what we knew before he missed six games because of a sprained ankle: It’s the best car in the league. He ran 18 times for 69 yards and a touchdown and intercepted nine passes for 105 yards and a touchdown, losing Kansas City. The Panthers reminded everyone that after losing for the fourth consecutive year, they are still not defending well enough to beat the elite team, especially one that, like the Chiefs, has great receivers. For Carolina (3-6) in low season the secondary meaning should be primary. — David Newton

Next game: against the Buccaneers (13:00, Sunday).

Great actor: LB Jayon Brown Titans, 10 tackles, 1 forced defeat, 1 bag, 1 set after the defeat. Everything you need this week
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The Titans remained without Jadeveon Clowney (knee), but they finally managed to get a consistent pass, albeit against the attacking line of the Bears, who was without several of their starters. Tennessee had three bags, which was the biggest in one game this season. The defense of the Titans in the third autumn has also improved considerably, allowing the bears to convert their initial declines into two of their 15 chances. — Thurron Davenport

Next game: against the Colts (8:20 EST, Thursday).

It is difficult to find the right words to describe how pathetic bears are. As the most punished team in the NFL, the bears have consistently sabotaged all their scoring chances and regularly destroyed themselves in critical moments, including not one but two consecutive attacks in the fourth attempt. The Titans started week nine as the worst defense of the league in the third fall and the Bears 2 out of 15 started the third fall. Tennessee fought throughout the year to stop the race and allowed 128 races per race until the Bears arrived in Nashville. The bears walked 56 meters. The bears went from 5-1 to 5-4 in the blink of an eye. — Jeff Dickerson.

Next game: against the Vikings (20:15 ET, Monday 16 November).

Great actor: Vikings RB Dalvin Cook, 206 metres speed, 2 TD (and 46 receiving metres)

Delvin Cook needs to talk to the MVP. The Vikings, who were running backwards, fooled Derrick Henry, although they missed a game and a half due to an injury and one of the two laggards and were in an average hurry of more than 100 meters to get to the game. His influence on the Vikings is enormous, and not only because of his efforts to catch the ball, with matches in a row and more than 200 meters from the crowd. Cook made a key block at the narrow end of Irv Smith, Jr.’s second touchdown, and consistently helped Minnesota stay out of the third touchdown. He’s ready for anything, Coach Mike Zimmer said. That’s why he’s the captain. That’s why he comes to work every day. He’s a great leader, he’s energetic, and the guys in the locker room really like him. — Courtney Cronin

Next part: Bear (20:15 EST, Monday, November 16).

Five double-digit losses on Minnesota by Lviv coach Matt Patricia, nine straight losses in the Championship and now two and a half seasons as head coach, very little progress. Inconsistency is always the only order in Detroit, and errors accumulate. The kilometre protection is poor and allows 275 metres to be covered in a hurry, of which more than 200 for Cook. For the second week in a row only ten people were on the field for the critical game in Lviv. And Patricia, when asked where he had seen improvement since the first week, he could only point to smaller things. You know, of course, the hurry with the woods, I thought it would be good for another week in a row. So it made sense. But on the whole, all this has to be more coherent to work together, and not a phase here, a phase there. — Michael Rothstein

Next game: against Washington (13:00 ET, Sunday).

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Delvin Cook dodges the fight and finds the opening for a 70-yard touchdown – his second goal of the game.

Great actor: Buy more Falcons Matt Ryan, 284 speed, three TDs.

Under replacement coach Rahim Morris, the Falcons continue their climb, which, despite a gloomy start to the season, makes them a team to watch in the second half of the season. The Falcons (3-6) went to 3-1 after separating Dan Quinn and restarting Morris. They still have a big gap to fill after the 5-0 start, but after week 10 they play two of the next three games against Saints’ opponents, giving them a chance to make another leap out of the NFC’s south basement. — Tim McManus.

Next part: Saints (13:00 ET, Sunday 22 November).

For the fifth time in seven games on Sunday, the Broncos fell at least 10 points behind, with the Falcons leading 20-3 and quarterback Matt Ryan leading 216 yards. In the second half Broncos Sokolov lasted 105 metres, while in the third and fourth quarter together they scored 24 points. And again, it wasn’t enough. Despite the significant improvement, the Broncos will not become a play-off team until it is much better to minimize the mistakes of the veterans who remain in the team. — Jeff Legold.

Next part: Raiders (16:05 EST, Sunday).

Great actor: Logan Ryan, the CBS giant, six balls, crucial intercept.

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Coach Joe George stressed that he had to finish the game before and during Sunday’s game. The giants finally did it to Washington. Despite the fact that 17 points almost disappeared in the break, the Giants stood their ground, so maybe they found out in the end. Quarterback Daniel Jones failed to make a turnover for the first time this year, and now the Giants (2-7) are really at their peak in the NFC East race. Next Sunday they have a big game against Orlow (3-4-1). — Jordan Ranan

Next game: against the Eagles (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Washington coach Ron Rivera will stay on the quarterback’s team with veteran Alex Smith, who looks up from time to time but lost three times to New York after Kyle Allen sprained his ankle. Another option for Rivera was the return of second quarterback Dwayne Haskins, Jr. The truth is that neither of these two options is ideal, and it is very likely that they will not be ideal next season either. Age and a slap on the wrist on Smith’s cap made him replaceable after this season, while Haskins disappointed the coaches and other employees with what they considered poor preparation habits. At the age of 2-6, Washington only took part in a division race if it wasn’t unexpected. — John Kame

Next game: at the Lions’ (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Texas WR will be Fuller V, 100 receiving stations, 1 TD

The Texans decided to let Judicial Administrator Fuller play with his five-year version instead of signing a contract extension with the often aggrieved Administrator. With five 100-yard traps and a touchdown on Sunday, Fuller has once again convincingly proved that Houston must withdraw – or another team will have to sign a big contract with him if he becomes a free agent. On Sunday, Fuller set a franchise record for Team Texas by scoring a touchdown for the sixth straight game. — Sarah Barshop

Next part: Brownes (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Quarterback Jake Luton took the Jaguars almost in overtime against Texas in their first game since last November against Oregon … …but his two-point conversion pass didn’t work. However, it was good enough (304 yards, TD pass, TD run and INT) to make the Jaguar QB situation at least interesting when Gardner Minshue II returns from a thumb injury. It was Jaguar’s closest victory so far this season, thanks in large part to Luton, who led the team in two minutes. — Mike DiRocco

Next part: Packers (13:00 ET, Sunday).

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Dashon Watson swims for Will Fuller V, who scores a 77-yard touchdown for the Jaguar.

Great actor: Raiders CB Isaiah Johnson: 2 passes in the break for the last two games until the end of the game.

Mark this first flag as the Las Vegas Raiders march on their triple march through the Western AFC. The victory of the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday at 31:26 allowed the Raiders not only to go to 5:3, but also, and perhaps most importantly, to go 2-0 in the division. On the agenda for the next two weeks are the leaders of the Denver and Kansas City Broncos, to whom Las Vegas handed over the only loss of the season. The raiders who missed the two starting events gave themselves more opportunities to make noise in the second half of the season. — Paul Gutierrez.

Next game: against the Broncos (16:05 EST, Sunday).

The Chargers found another way to lose the game, this time in the finals, after a clear touchdown won by Donald Parham Jr. was interrupted by an immediate replay. That means six defeats for the Churgers with a total of 24 points in 2020 and three to 15 one-point game records since last season. The Coach Chargers’ assistant coach rushed out of his seat in the locker room, as he was screaming and believing that his team had won, to find out the truth on his way to the locker room. It was such a season. — Shelly Smith

Next part: Dolphins (16:05 EST, Sunday).

Great actor: Shaq Lawson Dolphins: 36 yards TD back from Emmanuel Ogbah’s comic.

A year after the Dolphins were suspended from the discussion, they claim to be in the playoffs. The Dolphins lead 5-3 after winning their fourth straight game, including victories over Western NFC rivals in the Los Angeles playoffs and the Arizona Cardinals. The Dolphins were unlucky and thanks to an aggressive defense and an exciting young quarterback in Tua Tagovayloa, they were able to sneak into the playoffs a year earlier. — Cameron Wolf

Next game: Against the chargers (16:05 p.m. Eastern time, Sunday).

Although Kyler Murray made a 106 meter jump in his career, he proved that he lost Miami to the Dolphins on Sunday, that he couldn’t do it all. The rest of the current game has not been released and some of the doubtful game sheets of Cliff Kingsbury have been moved. For Arizona to become an NFC West player, they need to find ways to play enough games for the rest of the break to make an impact and take some responsibility for Murray’s shoulders in victory. — Josh Weinfuss.

Next game: against the score (4:05 p.m. Eastern time, Sunday).

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Tua Tagovayloa throws two touchdowns and the Dolphins beat Cardinals 34-31.

Great actor: QB Ben Roethlisberger steelworks: 306 yards, 3 TD

It was another ugly victory for the Pittsburgh Steelworks… … …but it was a victory. For the first time in the history of the franchise, the Steelmakers scored 8-0, but after a lead of 13 points that was the biggest deficit of the season. But the defense showed for another week that they could play great games if they had to. Minka Fitzpatrick had come up with a great plan with two late second half breaks, including an interception and a late pass. T.J. Watt and Cameron Hayward also got a bag of money and met Garrett Gilbert in fourth place, a minute and a half before the end. Rothlisberger made a joke after the race that he was getting too old for that, but he loved winning – and so did the Steelers. — Brooke Pryor

Next game: against Bengal (16:25 ET, Sunday).

The Dallas Cowboys lost better to the Steelers, but better wasn’t enough. They still miss the lead with 13 and 10 points due to offensive sales and early fines. Gifts from two cowboys converted into six Steelers points. A penalty in the defense destroyed the bribes and a possible scenario of the fourth fall in the fourth quarter. With a 2-7 and a 4 in a row, the Cowboys do not withdraw from the NFC East race, but they are not quite there when they start their farewell week. There are no moral victories, Ezekiel Elliot said. We’re always here to win football games and we have to find a way to win. We need to get back to the lab and get some rest. — Todd Archer

Next part: Vikings (16:25 ET, Sunday 22 November).

Great actor: Packer WR Davante Adams, 173 reception zones, 1 TD

No, the packers didn’t add a receiver… …or anyone else… until last week’s trading date. But as long as they have a Davante Adams receiver, maybe it doesn’t matter. In another game, where almost everyone knew the ball would go to Adams, the 49-year-old still couldn’t stop the ball. No matter how telepathic Aaron Rogers and former big packer Jordy Nelson may be, the quarterback of the packer seems to have given Adams that superpower. Yes, the 49ers were the shell of the team that defeated the Packers twice last season, but this game will be remembered as another outstanding achievement of Rogers. — Rob Demovsky

Next game: against Jaguar (13:00 ET, Sunday)

For the 49-year-olds, the road to the end of the season looks like a tough out-of-season hike in uncertainty. The Niners managed to stay afloat for eight games, but with $80.8 million in injury reserves, they were simply surpassed and overwhelmed by the Packers on Thursday night. This could become a trend since San Francisco still has to manage the schedule, which is considered one of the three hardest in the competition for the rest of the way. All this means that the last seven games are likely to draw more attention to post-season events, which will disappoint the reigning NFC champions. — Nick Wagoner

Next race: in Saints (16:25 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: D.T. David Onyemata, 4 visits to the Buy More and the first interception of his career.

It is clear that the return of Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders has awakened the sleeping giant on Sunday evening. The Saints’ fifth straight victory is one of the most convincing and solid in the entire Sean Peyton-Drew Bree era – the defeat of Tampa Bay, which dominated both offense and defense. The Saints (6-2) took first place in the southern NFC and completed a seasonal sweep over the Buccaneers (6-3). More importantly, they showed a complete and consistent performance that has eluded them throughout the season. — Mike Triplet

Next game: By 49 (16:25 ET, Sunday).

The lights of prime time television, even at home, were too bright for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bookrunners, who are not only appearing for the third time this season on national television, but also putting their feet on the ground. After their subtle 25-23 victory over the New York City Giants last week in a Monday night football game – a game they were favorites to win by 12.5 points – Bax in football was destroyed by the New Orleans Saints Sunday night and fell 6-3, making Brady the biggest loss of his career. It was shocking. To see how we have trained all week and how much confidence we have gained, we have to go back and look in the mirror, the coach, the players, everything, said coach Bruce Arians, adding that they have kicked us every step of the way. — Jenna Lane

Next part: Panthers (13:00 ET, Sunday).

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