Heisman Watch — Justin Fields’ return means Trevor Lawrence has competition

Welcome to our weekly Heisman watch for the 2020 college football season. Later this year the authors of ESPN.com will vote for their top candidate Heisman.

To obtain the final evaluation, we use the following methodology: 15 voters, five votes each. Points system: five points for first place, four points for second place, three points for third place, two points for fourth place and one point for fifth place.

The voters: Andrea Adelson, Kyle Bonagura, Bill Connally, Heather Deanich, David M. Hale, Sam Khan Jr, Chris Law, Harry Liles Jr, Ivan Meisel, Ryan McGee, Adam Rittenberg, Alex Scarborough, Mark Slabah, Tom Vanharen, Dave Wilson.

Total score: 72 (first place: 12/15)

It’s remarkable: After all, Lawrence is a man. After 366 consecutive passes without interception, a 1.80m quarterback with 220 pounds was selected in consecutive games. The one he beat with 47:21 against Syracuse was his first choice out of six. However, Lawrence lost 289 yards and two touchdowns.

I’m quoting: It could have been a game to beat the stats, but Lawrence generously let the 46-poon Syracuse loser hang around with six pawns. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about Heisman, but we should push Clemson QB for the Nobel Peace Prize. — David Hale from ESPN.

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Total score: 51 (first place: 2/15)

It’s remarkable: According to his criteria, Jones had a week off. The 387 entrance courses were the second of the season. He didn’t throw a touchdown (even though he ran for a point). But he made 80.6% of his passes and the Crimson Tide is still undefeated.

I’m quoting: Two things really stand out when I study his tape. In the first place, his pocket knowledge is particularly pronounced. A 1.80m junior wearing a red 3 T-shirt can manoeuvre in tight spaces and shows stability by clinging to defenders whose defences are down. Second, the precision is there. — Todd McShane from ESPN.

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Justin Fields throws a few touchdowns and adds another one on the ground as he travels from Ohio to Nebraska.

Total score: 45 (first place: 1/15)

It’s remarkable: The Big Ten are back and so are Fields. He scored 20 of 21 passes at 276 yards and two touchdowns, tracked Buckeyes 54 yards in a hurry and walked to another score of 52-17 for Nebraska.

I’m quoting: We didn’t have to wait long to remember why Justin Fields is one of the leading players in student football. – Chris Lowe from ESPN

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Zack Wilson comes out of his pocket and makes a field pass to Dax Milne for the BYU touchdown.

Total score: 20 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: Since intercepting the third set of BYUs this season, Wilson has been impeccable. He threw four touchdowns and 287 yards in the 19th of 25 and won 52-14 against the state of Texas as the BYU improved to 6-0. Juniors 6-3 have a total of 16 touchdown passes and six touchdowns this season.

I’m quoting: Whether UBO has a real chance to make the playoffs is important, but Wilson’s chances of becoming a Heisman finalist seem more legitimate at the end of the week. — Hale

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Total score: 17 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: Harris’ three touchdowns on Saturday beat Tennessee 48-17 at less than 2 meters, but Harris still showed how dynamic he can be. In addition to his rapidly growing 96 yards, Harris caught six passes for 61 yards, both the highest yards of the season.

I’m quoting: Harris is good at running between bowls or jumping out; he has a lot of patience to find his hole. He’s improved like a catcher. And he can make some tough yards of his own. — ESPN is Mel Keeper, Jr.

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Travis Etienne scored a few touchdowns in the fourth quarter to help Clemenson bury Syracuse.

Total score: 12 (first place: 0)

It’s remarkable: A week after picking up just 73 yards and losing the fight, Etienne played 86 yards on the fly, 20 yards in the waiting room and three quick touchdowns in Clemson’s victory over Orange. It was Etienne’s first three-point game since the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl in December last year.

I’m quoting: Clemson has established a dominance standard in the CAC that is easy to adopt. — Low

Other votes:

The total number of points in brackets: Kyle Trask, QB, Florida (3); Graham Mertz, QB, Wisconsin (2); DeVonte Smith, BP, Alabama (2); Dillon Gabriel, QB, UKF (1).

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