ESPN Fantasy Basketball 101 – How to play

They love basketball. You follow the NBA, cheer on your favourite team and watch a series of matches on television.

And you still haven’t played fantasy basketball!

If this sounds like you, this is the perfect season to try it out. The NBA is full of exciting talent, from youngsters like Luca Donsik and Trey Young to MVP Giannis Antetokoonmpo and veterans LeBron James and Kevin Durant. There’s never been a better time to jump into a fantasy game.

2020-21 Fantasy Basketball comes just in time for the holidays! Make or join the ESPN Fantasy Basketball League today! Sign up for free!

Imagine Stephen Curry joining your team when he shoots 3 points off the ground and leads you to victory. Or what it’s like to have Anthony Davis in the team when he scores 30 points, 20 rebounds and five blocks.

These are the moments you remember as a fantastic manager!

In fact, many of those who have played fantasy basketball over the years can remember the specific games that some players had before them. An epic point night by James Harden or Damien Lillard, perhaps, or a triple opportunist by Russell Westbrook.

This is so much fun. Okay, this is fun!

If you’re not an expert, don’t worry – we have everything you need to know to get into the competition and recruit the winning team. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you still have the means to experience the joy of imaginary basketball as millions of people do every year.

Make your competition.

Every imaginary basketball league is different. Although there are basic rules and parameters that apply everywhere (see below for more information), each competition assumes its own personality based on parameters such as list size, injury locations, statistics and other characteristics.


We recommend that you take part in a competition or create a competition that corresponds to what you are looking for. If you want to decide more randomly and set up your lineup once a week, look for a competition that uses weekly lineup changes. If you’re a little more tenacious in all this and you want to be able to add and launch players every day and make new formations, then this is the kind of competition you need to get into.

It’s about doing what you want. Find a league that watches your players every night.

With that in mind, we’ve developed ESPN Fantasy Basketball 101 to give you an overview of how to get started, prepare for the design and play throughout the season.

And now it’s time to sign up and join the party!

First steps

ESPN Fantasy Basketball FAQ

Click here for a quick overview of the most important topics related to the game.

How to sign up for the ESPN Fantasy application.

You’ve been invited to the ESPN Fantasy Basketball League? Do you want to start your own competition as a competition manager? We have full instructions for you here.

How to register on the site

Whether you are invited to an existing league or you want to create your own league as a league manager, you will find everything you need here.

Competition institutions

Once you have created your own league, make sure that all the rules and settings of your league – including the size of the roster, the points scored, the regular season schedule and the playoffs – match your preferences. We’ve got all the details on how it’s done here. Pay attention: This season

What did you sign up for? 1Б9.

Check your competition and team pages.

It’s time to find out more about your league and team locations, so you know where everything is. We have a detailed tour for you.

Know your rules.

It may sound incredibly simple, but even veterans of fantasy basketball often assume that they know the rules of their league, even if they don’t know them. Breaking the rules can be expensive, so make sure you know them before you write them.

Go to your Fantasy Basketball League page, click League, and then click Settings. Here you will find all the rules that apply to your competition this season. This includes making a plate, scoring, planning, the play-off structure and much more.

Take the time to look at each section carefully. To make sure you understand the reasoning behind each line, take a look at our overview of the competition parameters.

Project preparation

A good design makes your season a success, and the crucial point is to prepare for it in advance. This includes formulating strategies and printing rankings that reflect your division’s ranking.

Don’t worry, we have an individual expert evaluation and strategy overview in the ESPN Fantasy Basketball Recruitment Kit.

Preparation for the design of the car

If you’re not planning on taking part in a live project, that’s fine. Our system automatically prepares a project for you.

However, you have the possibility to determine how our system should train your team. Go to your team’s page and click on Change Self-adaptation Strategy. Here you can decide which player positions you want to choose, in which parts of the design and how many players in each position you want to choose in total.

First class projects

Enscription drawings are just practice drawings that are not good. It’s a great way to get used to ESPN designs, make sure you know how it works and test different strategies. This could mean, for example, preparing a player in the first round, instead of preparing a small attacker in the first round and waiting until the fourth round for the player.

You can also use these practice draws to see which player goes higher than expected and usually slides for one or two (or more) turns. This is an extremely useful knowledge that you can take and exploit in a real design, avoiding these slippery players until the end of the game, when you have a good idea that they will still be available.

To see how everything works in the ESPN design space, click on this link.


Draft Day is the most exciting day of the season because it’s where your team plans to go to reality. You finally have the opportunity to gather a group of players that you can support throughout the season. Of course you can add or remove players all year round, but the design remains the most important part of your list and you want to make sure you don’t miss out on your best players.

Once you have prepared the project by reading the actors and strategies and have participated in various simulations, you are on your way to success. Believe in your assumptions and don’t look back.

In order for everything to run as smoothly as possible, you must adhere to these practical rules.

The season begins, let the fun begin!


Most competitions have at least a few managers who appreciate the art of doing business. If you are one of these people, trade will be one of the most entertaining aspects of fantasy basketball. If done right, it’s a great opportunity to improve your list while getting rid of those you may no longer need or want.

There are several important factors that need to be taken into account. You need to look at the list of the team you’re dealing with and understand who, if anyone, would want to divorce that manager. For example, it would be imprudent to make an exchange offer for a leader of a team struggling with injuries and a healthy leader. Even if you never want to make your best bid with your first bid, be careful not to underbid. This may be offensive to another manager and may result in that person not only rejecting your offer, but also cancelling all future business negotiations with you.

Seasonal strategies

In addition to trading, there are other factors to consider during the season, such as B. How to manage your matches in the Rotary league, how to approach the playoffs with your head and how to work best with the drop grid View the Seasonal Strategies section of our Design Kit.

Beautiful basketball etiquette

Every two years, no matter what league you play in, you meet someone who gives you trouble. Sometimes they call it a bulletin board, and he’s a bully. In other cases, this involves a constant flow of uncontrolled commercial offers and dubious transactions. Whether you play in a very competitive league or just want to have fun, you want to prevent other players in your league from behaving like this.

In general, this simply means following the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated in your competition.

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