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(CBS Local) – The Battle of the Tigers returns to CBS this weekend when LSU meets Auburn in a networking game of the week. The results of the preseason showed some glamour for both teams, but the game known as the Tiger Bowl has been fought hard over the past four years and will probably be repeated on Saturday.

For the LSU, the battle for defense has been the biggest action of the season so far. The Tigers lost many starts on both sides of the ball until the end of the game, but it seems that the defense has suffered more losses. They give 30 points a year – a figure that would be even higher if the exhausted Vanderbilt team were robbed of its 40-7 victories.

CBS Sports Network analyst Aaron Murray, who analyzes the reasons for the team’s struggle, points to the striker and the lack of pressure from the boys.

I don’t see a pass from the line of defense. I think that’s the biggest problem, Murray told local CBS station Ryan Mayer. You look at this team and sometimes they can stop the race, but they just don’t have that Rusher…. dominant pass. Difficult, you can be the best corner of the world and have the best coverage, but when there are three, four or five seconds, it’s hard to stay with the receivers that long.

Like all teams @AuburnFootball had to prepare for an unprecedented season.

Gus Malzan and C.J. Britt say that COVID is responsible with @aaronmurray11. pic.twitter.com/b9sWVp G.

– SEConCBS (@SEConCBS) 30. October 2020

That could be a problem, Murray said, to the Auburn team, which has a strong broad receiver group led by junior Seth Williams, who has an average of 18.3 meters per catch this season. However, Auburn’s offense fought back on his own and, based on points scored (24.4 PPG), ranked the 71st in the country, led by quarterback Bo Knicks, who had problems with accuracy (58.7%) and spins (4 flights).

While Murray praises the athletics of the Knicks and the strength of his hands, allowing him to play a few games with other quarterbacks, he can’t say that a sophomore has yet to learn when to quit the game and see the next run.

I think the key for Bo is just to play himself. Bo gets in trouble if he tries to do things when there’s nothing, Murray said. He has to learn that sometimes the defense wins. And there’s nothing wrong with throwing the ball…

Nix’s match against LSU was last season’s game in which he finished with just 15 of 35 passes for 157 yards and a touchdown, which brought another one on the field. But thanks to Auburn’s defense, they were able to keep the game going, which wasn’t enough with 23:20. It will be interesting to see how he plays this time against the USL defense, which bites less than last year’s group.

LSU QB TJ Finley Credit : Jonathan Bachmann/Getty Pictures

The USL has its own questions for the quarterback, as starter Miles Brennan is unlikely to play this game as he is still struggling with a lower body injury. This means that TJ Finley, who started last week with a hyperefficient 17/21.265 yards and a touchdown with another performance on the ground against South Carolina, will make a fresh start. The newcomer, who got 4 stars after his graduation, impressed head coach Ed Orgeron last week with his performance.

What impressed me most was his balance, Orgeron said about Finley. He was so sure of himself.

Murray showed interest in playing against Finley this week and noted that the LSU did well last week and that the front line dominated the cocks with 276 yards of racing. With Auburn allowing more than 180 yards per game on the field this season, Murray believes this will be one of Saturday’s most spectacular games.

If I’m Auburn, you have to find a way to stop the race and let the ball flow into TJ Finley’s hand in third and long situations, Murray said. It’s something he didn’t have to deal with last week.

LSU enters the game with 2.5 points in the favourites. The race is scheduled for 3:30. Beginning of the eastern period at the CBS.

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