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The line-up for Week 16 of the NFL is filled with big games, including the historic victory of the Saints over the Vikings on Friday. Our NFL Nation reporters give us the keys to each game, a bold prediction for each game and the final score.

In addition, ESPN Stats & Information provides statistics for each match and an overview of current playoff scenarios, while the Football Power Index (FPI) crushes the figures with a match score (on a scale from 1 to 100) and a match forecast. Kyle Soppe from ESPN Fantasy and Dave Bearman from ESPN Chalk also distribute useful nuggets. Here you’ll find everything you need to prepare for a weekend of NFL football games.

Let’s take a look at the full programme for week 16, including the game between the Rams and the Seahawks that NFC West might decide. (Playtime is Sunday, unless stated otherwise).

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Saturday, 1 p.m. ET | NFL Network
Compliance Rating : 51.9 | Distribution : TB -9.5 (54)

What to look for: Are the pirates staying behind again? They did it last week for a game against Atlanta. Detroit’s been playing hard to get since Matt Patricia got fired. For example, giving up an early lead on the Lions could be a challenge for a Tampa Bay team that wants to qualify for the playoffs and not shoot for the third consecutive year as Detroit. — Michael Rothstein

Bold prophecy: Leading 17-0 on Sunday, the Falcons scored three touchdowns in the first half against the Lions and gave up 31 points per game, most points in the league. Don’t you think that’s brave enough? The last time they scored three touchdowns in the first half was in week 7 against the Raiders, and they’ve only done it four times this season. — Jenna Lane.

Figure it out urgently: Tom Brady won during the regular season 8-0 in his career and will play on Saturday. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only four quarterbacks have had more wins on Saturday since 1950: Jack Kemp (14), Bobby Lane (9), John Hadle (9) and Len Dawson (9).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Bucs can secure a place in the playoffs with a victory or loss against the Bears. Tampa Bay hasn’t participated in the playoffs since 2007, the second longest active drought in the NFL playoffs. The lions are expected to be the eighth choice in next year’s selection and still have a 12 percent chance of making the top five, according to FPI.

Injuries: Pirates | Lions

What you need to know for a fantasy: End of year mode is a real waste of imagination, so you just have to be a good beginner to get volume or score points. With that in mind, Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown of six goals in ten consecutive games. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Five of Detroit’s six home games this season have surpassed the total. Tampa Bay has now played four away games. More information can be found here.

Lane’s choice: Bucs 35, Lions 23
Rothstein’s Choice : Buccaneers 31, Lions 17
FPI Prediction : Tuberculosis, 78.0% (average 10.3 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: Buccaneers activate Donovan Smith’s left tackle from the reserve/COVID-19… Darrell Bevell has made changes – but not enough to address the flagrant shortcomings of Lions…. to address the flagrant failings of Lions. A slow start can be a fatal mistake for the Bucks… Looking for the CEO of the Detroit Lions: Interview with Louis Riddick

Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ET | Amazon Prime
Compliance Rating : 66.6 | Distribution : ARI -5.0 (48.5)

What to look for: The cardinals have had an average of seven sacks per game in the past two weeks, and that number is not expected to be lower on Saturday against the 49ers – especially with the inexperienced C.J. Beathard behind the center. Nine defenders have been fired 33 times this season. Expect another pocket party with the cardinals, especially the grumpy Hason Reddick. — Josh Weinfuss.

Bold prophecy: DeAndre Hopkins finished with 10 catches and 100 yards for the second time this season against the 49ers. Hopkins made 14 catches for 151 yards in week one, and while these numbers are impressive, it’s not surprising that Hopkins matched or surpassed them this time. The Niners have allowed five wideouts with over 100 meters of reception this season, and Hopkins has added another one. — Nick Wagoner

Figure it out urgently: Hopkins leads the NFL in receiving yards. Since the 1970 merger, no veteran (i.e., not a rookie) has led the NFL by receiving yards in his first season with a team. Hopkins could be the first since Harold Jackson in 1969 for the Eagles.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Game


Keyshawn Johnson and Marcus Spears predict that the cardinals will defeat the 49ers in an NFC West game.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Cardinals make the playoffs with a victory and a loss against the Bears. They haven’t reached the play-offs since 2015, when they lost the NFC championship game. The 49ers will be eliminated from the play-offs and will be ranked 12th by FPI. The expected selection gives them a 37.9% chance to be in the top ten.

Injuries: 49 years old | Cardinals

What you need to know for a fantasy: Hopkins shot twice as many shots than his teammates in the first week of the game in San Francisco and scored 87.5% of his goals (all other cardinals: 57.1%). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Arizona has been a 9-17 TTY favorite since 2015 (2-4 TTYs since signing by Kyler Murray). More information can be found here.

The wainwright’s choice: Cardinals 27, 49ers 20
Weinfuss’ Tip : Cardinals 37, 49ers 24
FPI Prediction: ARI, 52.5% (with an average of 0.9 points)

Contest absolutely readable: The 49ers sign Josh Rosen in support of C.J. Beathard… Why Cardinal Prince Amukamara made more than 300 deliveries while working for DoorDash.

Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET | NFL Network
Compliance Rating : 44.2 | Distribution : BN -3.0 (47.5)

What to look for: Who will actually be the Raiders’ quarterback. Derek Carr left Las Vegas with a sprained groin after losing Thursday night’s overtime to the chargers. Marcus Mariota, who was only active in the third game, almost led the Raiders to victory and gave the attack a whole new face with his ability and willingness to extend the game with his legs. Carr was limited in his training on Tuesday because he shared practice sessions with Mariota, which gave the Dolphins two styles to worry about. But on Wednesday, he participated fully. — Paul Gutierrez

Bold prophecy: Tua Tagovailoa will lead the dolphins in the fourth quarter and reap the profits. It did not show large statistics on a regular basis, but it did occur most often at key moments. Tagovailoa already has two returns for the fourth quarter and two victories to its name. Now that the Dolphins need a victory to stay in the play-offs, he’ll be back in the running for the 29th straight. — Cameron Wolfe

Figure it out urgently: There is a big difference in this game in defense. The dolphins are in first place in defense (18.4 points per game), while the Raiders are in 29th place (30.1 points per game). The Dolphins have not led an NFL defense since 1998, while the Raiders are likely to finish their 20th or worst season in a row with 14 points.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The dolphins come in this week with a 36% chance of making the playoffs, according to FPI. Their odds rise to 62% if they win on Saturday, but drop to 16% if they lose to Las Vegas. If the Ravens win or lose, the Raiders are out of the playoffs.

Injuries: Dolphins | Raiders

What you need to know for a fantasy: Josh Jacobs could have saved your team last week with a touchdown, but efficiency is a big problem. After a run of 20 meters, he only has an average of 2.3 meters per gate against the chargers. Relying on touchdowns is nothing new, but it’s hard to count on a team that has lost four in a row. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Miami has won nine of the last ten games and is one of the best in the 11-3 ATS league this season. Miami has been at 20-6 ATS since week five of last season. More information can be found here.

Wolfe’s choice: Dolphins 24, Raiders 20, Gutierrez: Dolphins 27, Raiders 23
FPI Prediction: NAV, 56.7% (average 2.3 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: The winning season of the dolphins should bring joy to the present and the future… DeVante Parker dolphins bring smiles to pediatric patients in Uncle Vante’s dress… If Derek Carr has been compromised, maybe it’s time for the Raiders to see what Marcus Mariota has…… The BQ argument? Marcus Mariota just loves to play for the Raiders.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 73.6 | Distribution : IND -1.5 (44.5)

What to look for: The Steelers have not had a balanced attack for weeks and it will be very difficult to get the game going again against a Colts defense that chokes opponents on the ground. James Conner missed the loss to the Bengal with a quadruple injury, but Benny Snell played decent in his absence. If the ground game of the Steelers remains dysfunctional, they will need a much better game of Ben Roethlisberger to get out of their triple game crisis. — Brooke Pryor.

Bold prophecy: Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster said this week that he finished dancing to the opposing logos during the pre-game warm-ups, and although the game is played in Pittsburgh, that new attitude will pay off. His first 100-yard reception match starts on the 28th. October 2019 and his second match of the 23rd. Graduated in December 2018. — Mike Wells

Figure it out urgently: The Steelers have held below 20 points in four straight games, their longest series in a season since Roethlisberger’s successor year 2004. They have not been under 20 points since 1969 in five consecutive games in one season (six in a row). They lost their last 13 games in ’69 and ended the season 1-13.

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Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Colts can earn a play-off spot with a victory and a loss against the Ravens or the Dolphins. The Steelers already have a place in the play-offs, but with a victory over Indianapolis they can win the AFC North title.

Injuries: Colts | Steel mill

What you need to know for a fantasy: Jonathan Taylor scored 15 fantasy points in just three of the first nine games of his career, but surpassed that number in four straight games (22 PPGs in that period). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Pittsburgh hasn’t played four games in a row and comes this season with a score of 0-3 ATS at halftime. More information can be found here.

Wells’ choice: Colts 21, Steelers 17
Pryor’s Choice : Colts 23, Steelers 17
FPI Forecast : Personal income tax, 64.5% (with an average of 4.9 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: Jonathan Taylor’s confidence grows when he takes Colts to the play-offs… Mike Tomlin from the Steelers is planning to talk to JuJu Smith-Schuster about dancing with the Steelers’ logo on the… The pressure of the game is perfectly illustrated by the opportunistic defence of the Colts….. Roethlisberger: It’s better to play like shit.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment: 69.2 | deviation : KC -10.5 (54)

What to look for: Can the Falcons score enough points to keep up with the leaders? The last six opponents of the Sixers scored enough points to keep the last hole to less than seven points, but none of them could win the game. The Falcons have scored 17 points or less in three of their last five games. It doesn’t help to do the work against the bosses. They may need at least 30 points, a score they have only achieved four times, all against teams that are unlikely to qualify for the play-offs. — Adam Thacher.

Bold prophecy: The Falcons don’t lose on Sundays! But mostly because Atlanta never had one, as Kansas City scored in their first four attempts to put the game out of reach before the Falcons had a chance to ruin it in the end. — Michael Rothstein

Figure it out urgently: The Chiefs have won 22 of their last 23 games, including the playoffs. In the Chiefs’ only loss, Patrick Mahomes was under pressure 29 times – the second highest total of his career – and ended the game with a passing score of 51.2 percent, a career record. The Chiefs scored 32 points in the defeat.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Chiefs can take the No. 1 seed and the infield in the AFC Playoffs in the event of a win or loss against the Steelers. According to the RPI, the Falcons will be the fourth total pick in the design for 2021. They have a 60.8% chance of making the top five.

Injuries: The Falcons |The Chiefs

What you need to know for a fantasy: They say a name can say a lot about a person, so it’s no surprise that Patrick Mahomes has driven an average of 361.5 metres a day in his last four races at Arrowhead. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Kansas City has been 1-5 ATS in the last six games, covering last week’s game with half a point. More information can be found here.

Rothstein’s choice: Chiefs 38, Falcons 23Oaks: Chiefs 33, Falcons 20
FPI Prediction : KS – 79.3% (average 10.8 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: The priority of the Falcons should be to develop their building blocks by 2021 … Travis Kels is breaking new ground in statistics… How Younghoe Koo became a professional bowler (and cultural phenomenon) … Reid on Mahomes is changing his profile: Thanks for making me feel young.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 56.0 | Dissemination : BAL -10.5 (45)

What to look for: Can Lamar Jackson and the Red Hot Ravens continue their offensive against the greedy Giants? The Ravens have averaged 40 points in their last three NFL games and Jackson has scored over 100 points per game. Since week nine, the Giants have admitted only 18.7 points, making them fifth in the championship at that time. — Jamison Hensley

Bold prophecy: Jackson launches himself over 100 yards. He has an average of 84.3 yards in his last three starts. He’s now facing a Giants defense that had problems with Kyler Murray two weeks ago. Murray ran 47 meters in the week 14 victory over the Giants. Now New York has to take on Jackson, who Coach Joe Judge called a unicorn and compared it to an assault attempt on Gumby. — Jordan Ranan

Figure it out urgently: Baltimore wins by 10.5 points. The Ravens lead 40-0 in the regular season when they are favored by a double-digit score, the only unbeaten franchise in these Super Bowl-age games.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Giants will be eliminated from the playoffs by a victory or loss for Washington. The IPF gives the Ravens a 84.3% chance of making the play-offs, probably in the form of a seeded 6.

Injuries: Giants | Crows

What you need to know for a fantasy: Three of Jackson’s top five games this season have been played in his three games since his return in the game (29.9 points per game in those three games). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: The Giants are at 6-1 ATS this season, 18-5 ATS in the last three seasons. More information can be found here.

Raanan’s choice: The Ravens 30, the Giants 16Hensley voted: Raven 27, Giants 10
FPI prediction: BAL, 80.5% (average 11.4 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: For Joe Judge, the Giants season has always been a time of growth, not playoffs… Waving ugly towels? Ravens need help going to the playoffs…. The breed of Giants is unstoppable, but New York is still looking for the NFC East… No name, no problem: The Ravens are still in the race for the best team of the AFC North.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 35.1 | Distribution : WSH -2.5 (44.5)

What to look for: Both teams played a lot of close matches. In fact, Carolina has lost eight games by eight points or less, while the last four have been losses of Washington by five points or less. Time will tell how these teams manage the fourth quarter. Washington has made a habit of returning to the game over and over again and has been behind ten times this season, with a double-digit backlog. The last five times he got the ball at the end with a chance to win; he made a comeback. Dwayne Haskins, who was fined for participating in an event with strippers without masks, could start as quarterback in Washington, D.C., and Alex Smith is still sick. — John Keim.

Bold prophecy: Washington, sixth in the NFL with 40 sacks, awarded eight-time Panther quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with multiple blitzes that Ron Rivera uses as Panther coach from 2011 to 2019. That translates into a return of a bag of stripes for a touchdown. — David Newton

Figure it out urgently: Washington is 4-1 and Smith is the starting quarterback despite a 35.5 QBR this season, the worst of 41 players with 100 passing yards. Smith has an average of less than 5.4 airways per attempt in the competition.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Game


Keyshawn Johnson and Marcus Spears shared playtime for the soccer teams in Washington against the Carolina Panthers.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : Washington can win the NFC East with a victory and a loss for the Giants. The REIT predicts that the Panthers will finish in 5th place next year, giving them a 46.4% chance to place themselves in the top five.

Injuries: Panther | Washington

What you need to know for a fantasy: In Washington, D.C., Logan Thomas has scored more than 10 fantastic points in each of his last four games and more than 23 points in two of his last three games (13 strikes for 101 yards last week against the Seahawks). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Washington lost five games in a row and fell 4-1 in that period. More information can be found here.

Newton’s choice: Washington 14, Panthers 7
Keim’s Choice: Washington 20, Panthers 17
FPI Prediction: WSH, 52.0% (average of 0.7 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Why did the Panthers split from GM Marty Hurney… The soccer team in Washington is aware of the masculinity of Dwayne Haskins; QB apologizes… Writing a franchise BQ probably with the Panthers front office… How Washington was on its way to the NFC East title after a 2-7 start… Washington soccer coach Ron Rivera is focused on winning against the Carolina Panthers, not revenge.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment : 26.4 | Distribution : HOU -8.0 (46)

What to look for: Deshaun Watson needs three touchdowns for Matt Schaub (29) to make the most touchdowns in one season in the franchise’s history. The Bengal have allowed 26 touchdowns in 14 games, so it is possible that Watson will at least reach Shaub’s brand on Sunday. -Sarah Barshop

Bold prophecy: The Bengalis are at the back Jovani Bernard runs for 100 meters. It may seem incredibly bold, but Bernard has been in the triple digits since week 16 of the 2017 season. The Texans probably have the worst defense in the NFL, and the Bengals are likely to let them walk a lot, regardless of the quarterback. — Ben Baby

Figure it out urgently: The Texans have won eight of the last nine games with the Bengals, including the qualifiers. No team has scored more than 13 points in the last three games between Bengal and Texas: Houston won 13-9 in 2017, 12-10 in 2016 and 10-6 in 2015.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : RPI gives the Bengal an 87.1 percent chance to enter next year’s top five and expects them to take third place in general. Meanwhile, last year in Miami, the Texans traded his choice in an agreement with Laremy Tunsil. This choice is meant to go to the 6th position.

Injuries: Bengali | Texas

What you need to know for a fantasy: Texas’ David Johnson, who is on the back foot, made 11 assists in Week 15 against the Rings for his best game of the season (24.3 fantasy points). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Four of the last five Cincinnati games have failed. Five of Houston’s six home games didn’t go that far. More information can be found here.

Choice of children: Bengal 21, Texas 17
Bar Shops Tip: Texas 21, Bengal 17
REIT Forecast : HOW, 70.3% (average 7.1 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: This surprising victory gives the Bengalis the momentum they need to win the tournament and … The next managing director of Texas could make room for strategic cutbacks… … Sources: Texas’ top players at the Watson event

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 21.2 | Distribution : KEY -9.5 (47.5)

What to look for: The game features two of the best-prepared quarterbacks of 2018: Baker Mayfield (#1) and Sam Darnold (#3). After his first two seasons on the roller coaster, Mayfield flourishes in the offensive of Kevin Stefanski. Meanwhile, Darnold has gone back under Adam Gase. He’s made 25 touchdown passes in two years under Gus, which is as much as Mayfield has this season. — Rich Cimini

Bold prophecy: After fighting the COVID-19 effect for the last three games, Myles Garrett now has two sacks and his first attempt at forced clumsiness since his infection. — Jake Trotter

Figure it out urgently: Nick Chubb scored touchdowns in four consecutive games, equal to the longest run of his career (2018) and the longest run of Browns rushes in the last 50 seasons (Chubb 2018, Greg Pruitt 1975).

Here is what the post-season range looks like now and what the future scenarios are.
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Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Browns can earn a play-off spot with a victory and a loss against the Ravens, Stallions or Dolphins. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2002, the longest active drought in the NFL. The Jets have at least the top two choices in next year’s project, but FPI gives them a 25.6% chance to select the number one.

Injuries: Buzzards

What you need to know for a fantasy: Over the past four weeks, Baker Mayfield has ranked in the top five quarterbacks in terms of completion rate (70.2 percent), passing yards (1,232), touchdown passes (10) and fancy points (98.9). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: From 2014 Cleveland will be a 2 to 8 ATS favorite, of which 2 to 6 ATS with a start at Baker Mayfield. Cleveland is 3-10 ATS in her last 13 away games. More information can be found here.

The choice of trotter: Browns 27, Jets 13Cimini: Brown 31, Jets 10
FPI Prediction: CCC – 71.6% (with an average of 7.6 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: Baker Mayfield brings Browns closer to the end of the play-off drought…. Living without Trevor Lawrence? How one wins changes the future of the New York Jets…. It’s been 25 years since the Browns broke Cleveland’s heart and went to Baltimore… The New York Jets, rejoicing in their first victory, represent the world to us.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET | CBS
Conformity assessment : 15.3 | Distribution : CHI -7.5 (47)

What to look for: The second place of the Jaguars is taken by top players Sidney Jones and C.J. Henderson. So it will be hard to keep Bears star Allen Robinson at bay. The former Jaguars second round pick is now only eight strokes away from matching his career record (98), and there is a chance he could catch it against the Jaguars. Mitchell Trubisky has thrown an average of 245 yards per game since returning to the starting team and has thrown eight touchdown passes with only three spikes. The Jaguars have forfeited 31 big league TD passes. — Mike DiRocco.

Bold prophecy: David Montgomery headed for a new career height with a 175 meter run. The bears are trying to force Jacksonville to surrender. Chicago can’t afford to disturb the Jaguars or the Bears’ dreams of a Bears’ final. And who are we fooling? Jacksonville is unlikely to be so interested in a victory on Sunday that it can ensure the selection of number one and quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the April draft. The easiest way for the Bears not to make a mistake is to pass the ball 35 times to Montgomery, which they will probably do. — Jeff Dickerson

Figure it out urgently: The Bears scored 25 points in four consecutive games for the first time since 1995, when they scored five in a row. This weekend they have the chance to score 30 points for the fourth straight game, something they haven’t done since 1965. Their attack has taken a dramatic turn, with twice as many yards per game in the last three games as in the first eleven.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Bears are eliminated from the playoffs with one loss and one victory for the Cardinals. The Jaguars will take first place in next year’s repeat if they lose or finish with the same result as the Jets. RPI gives them a 58% chance of losing, the highest in the NFL.

Injuries: Bear | Jaguars

What you need to know for a fantasy: Montgomery put 29.2 fantasy points on the board last week in Minnesota and came back first in 2020 to score at least 24.5 points in four consecutive games. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Since the beginning of last season, Chicago has been a 3 to 10 ATS favorite. More information can be found here.

Dickerson’s choice: Bears 27, Jaguars 14
DiRocco: Bears 31, Jaguars 17
FPI Forecast : CPI – 69.5% (average 6.8 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: David Montgomery’s breakthrough stimulates the end of the season for… Trevor Lawrence’s editors would star jacksonville…. give it to me. Bears are confronted with decisions of the BQ in a possible future … Doug Marrone Jaguars try to win, not compete, for the first choice in the NFL in 2021… A local artist maintains the tradition of photographing the bear team during the pandemic.

Sunday, 16:05 p.m. ET | CBS
Assessment of conformity : 19.7 | Distribution : IBC -3.0 (49)

What to look for: The Chargers have won twice in a row and the Broncos have lost three of their last four games. With both teams eliminated from the playoffs, all eyes are on the young quarterbacks. For the Chargers rookie Justin Herbert plays a good role and the Broncos still evaluate the young Drew Locke. The loser of this game could be a top-10 choice in the 2021 NFL draft. — Shelley Smith

Bold prophecy: Expect a big day from Melvin Gordon, who didn’t get the game he wanted against his old team last month. He’ll definitely be there. Few players have been better than Gordon in the Broncos’ attack; he has run 260 yards and an average of 6.7 yards per carry in the last three games. He also made eight passes in that period. -Jeff Legwold

Figure it out urgently: The Chargers have lost nine games in the division, with one victory over the Raiders in week 15. They lost three in a row to the Broncos. Herbert was able to surpass Baker Mayfield as the rookie with the most touchdown pass in history.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Broncos and the Chargers have been eliminated from the playoffs. FPI expects Denver to be the 13th choice in the design for 2021, while Los Angeles will be the 7th choice.

Injuries: Broncos | Chargers

What you need to know for a fantasy: Do you think the chargers will get more than 20 points? If this is the case, Herbert should be considered an elite fantasy option, as he averaged 26.2 points in these games (28 last week in Vegas). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: The chargers have been home favorite over the past three seasons (4-14-1 ATS) and since moving to Los Angeles (9-20-1 ATS). Read more…

Legwold’s choice: Chargers 26, Broncos 21Pics from the goldsmith: Chargers 20, Broncos 17
FPI Prediction : LAC – 54.1% (average 1.4 points).

The juxtaposition should be read: Drew Lock should take over as quarterback…. Chris Harris Jr. begins the Broncos’ return season on the heels of an injury plagued season…. Why the Lloyd Cushenberry III Broncos’ training center has played every move this season… Annoying quotes, bad hairstyles and quality football: Justin Herbert’s Rookie Season Evaluation with the Chargers….

Sunday, 4:25 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment: 86.1 | Distribution : SEA -1.5 (47.5)

What to look for: Third round DK Metcalf versus Jalen Ramsey. Metcalfe had some success in his first game last December, catching five assists for 69 yards, while Ramsey was the closest defender in the mating, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. Ramsey and the Rams defeated Metcalfe in week 10 in one of the least productive games of the season. — Brady Henderson

Bold prophecy: Aaron Donald fired Russell Wilson 12 times, more than any other QB in his career. But Donald did his 10th. A week of meeting zeros all over the line, even though his teammates knocked Wilson down six times. Watch Donald turn into a monster with a multipack. — Lindsay Tyree

Figure it out urgently: Wilson has played 7-10 games against the Rams during his career and 2-5 since Sean McVay became coach of the Rams. With McVay as head coach, the Rams pressed Wilson for 46 percent of his setbacks, the highest rate in that period against opponents he had faced on several occasions.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Game


Matthew Berry doesn’t trust Russell Wilson against the Rams because the attack in Seattle has been on fire lately.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Seahawks will win NFC West with a victory. The Rams get a place in the play-offs with a victory or loss for the Bears of Cardinals.

Injuries: Rams | Seahawks

What you need to know for a fantasy: Jared Goff has picked up at least 71% of his passes in four of his last five games against Seattle and has thrown more than 290 yards in each of those four games. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: The Rams are at 9-2 ATS after a loss since the start of last season and 13-5 ATS after a loss under Sean McVay. More information can be found here.

The choice of Tyree: Seahawks 20, Rams 17
Henderson pick: Seahawks 24, Rams 23
FPI prediction: ESA, 50.2% (average 0.1 point)

The juxtaposition should be read: Is Aaron Donald Rams about to receive his third NFL defensive player of the year? … Jalen Ramsey gives DK Metcalfe Metcalfe Seahawks another chance to shine against the … Rams chasing after Akers, out for good…. D.J. Reed’s paying for the Seahawks on the corner of… … Source: The Seattle Gordon has returned.

Sunday, 4:25 p.m. ET | Fox
Conformity assessment: 10.4 | Distribution : FI-2.5 (49.5)

What to look for: In their last two games against the reserve quarterbacks in Cincinnati and San Francisco, the Cowboys have had seven outs (five tricky digs and two interceptions). They had 11 victories in their first 12 games, but only four in their first game of the year against the Eagles. Since Jalen replaced Hurts starter Carson Wentz, Philadelphia has only passed the ball once and Hurts has fallen. The starting quarterback has not yet been intercepted in two starts. — Todd Archer

Bold prophecy: Jalen Reagor throws a 50-yard pass for the touchdown. The rookie has averaged 16 yards per touchdown since Hurts took the quarterback spot and is showing his explosiveness with more consistency now that he is more comfortable on offense. He’ll give his first 50+ yards catch since the first week against Washington. — Tim McManus.

Figure it out urgently: The fans have defended the ball better than Wentz this season. He gave the balloon twice out of 198 images, a percentage of 1.0%. This is the sixth highest turnover rate among the 46 QB’s with 100 shots this season. Wentz passed the ball at 2.5 percent of his tackles, the third highest rate in the NFL. Despite the last two games, his 19 rotations are still the most important in the NFL.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The loser of this game will be eliminated from the playoffs. But if Washington beats Carolina, both teams will be eliminated. The Eagles come in this week with an 8.5% chance of qualifying for the FPI play-offs. The Cowboys have a 3.9% chance. For the first time since 2011, the Eagles can sweep the series against the Cowboys.

Injuries: Eagles | Cowboys

What you need to know for a fantasy: Ezekiel Elliott’s fantasy points count has fallen in each of his last four games with a division rival. In their week 8 game he scored only 8,3 points despite his 20 contacts with the ball. So if he’s playing for the Cowboys, it’s not clear he should be on your team. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Dallas is 0-4 ATS in league games this season. More information can be found here.

McManus’ choice: Eagles 26, Cowboys 17Archer: Eagles 27, Cowboys 23
FPI prediction: LAD, 51.9% (average of 0.7 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: The Philadelphia Eagles are back with Jaylen Hurts as QB against the Dallas Cowboys… The Dallas Cowboys have found young pieces of their 2021 puzzle…. Carson Wentz’s belief in the Eagles may have been damaged beyond recognition…. Whether you like it or not, the Dallas Cowboys (5-9) are still in the playoffs.

Sunday, 8:20 p.m. ET | NBC
compliance rate: 77.7 | Distribution : GB -3.5 (56)

What to look for: Derrick Henry, who leads the NFL in the race for the second straight season, has run 100 yards or more in each of his last nine away races. Although the Packers defense is better this season (11th in the NFL after 23rd last season), it’s about the same by hurry (21st this year, 24th last year). In fact, they have allowed 4.6 yards per carry in the last two seasons (putting them in 26th place), and their carry was the same, putting them in 29th place. — Rob Demovsky

Bold prophecy: All eyes will be on Henry, but A.J. Brown will put a lot of effort into the passing game, including a long touchdown outside the borders. Brown comes out with 120 yards touchdown and two touchdowns. — Turron Davenport

Figure it out urgently: The Packers and Titans are the only teams that have a quarterback with 30 touchdowns of passing, a running back with 10 touchdowns and a wide receiver with 10 touchdowns in week 16.

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Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Packers can take the No. 1 seed and the infield in the NFC Playoffs with a victory and a loss to the Seahawks. The Titans can win AFC South with a win or loss against the Colts, as well as earn a play-off spot with a win or loss against the Ravens or Dolphins.

Injuries: Titans | Packers

What you need to know for a fantasy: Although the Titans scored more than 30 points in each of their last two away games, Corey Davis scored just 14.4 fantastic points in those games without being in the top 40. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: Tennessee has a 10-3-1 record this season and starts the regular season with a 19-4-1 with Ryan Tannehill. More information can be found here.

Davenport’s choice: Titans 42, Packers 35Demo Tips : Titans 37, Packers 31
FPI Outlook : GB, 62.3% (average 4.2 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Matt LaFleur could not coach the Titans, but his year in Tennessee was still rewarding…. Aaron Rodgers Packers: Incomplete games are not part of the preliminary round…. The timing of Adoree Jackson’s return is perfect for the Titans’ play-off race.

Monday, 8:15 p.m. ET | ESPN/ABC
Compliance Rating : 67.8 | Hope: BUF -7.0 (46)

What to look for: Shooter Olszewski leads the NFL with a 19.1 yard average for kickoff yields (16 kickoff yields, 305 yards). If it continues at this rate, it will be the highest rate of return in the history of the Patriots. Only seven players in the history of NFL have an average of at least 20 yards per return per season (at least 12 returns). It will also be the first game for the Patriots, who have been eliminated from the playoffs since the end of the 2000 season. — Mike Travel

Bold prophecy: Forecasting a victory at Foxborough isn’t enough? In this high scoring victory, Buffalo’s Josh Allen will surpass the 400-yard mark as the Bills complete the first race for the defending AFC East champions since 1999. — Marcel Louis-Jacques

Figure it out urgently: The last time New England lost twice during the regular season was in 2000 (the Dolphins and Jets swept the Pats). According to Elias, the Patriots’ 19-seasonless streak is the longest since the 1970 merger (next longest: 11 consecutive seasons).

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Bills won the AFC East title last week and the FPI gives them a 68.1% chance to finish in 3rd place in the play-offs. The Patriots should take 15th place in the design for 2021.

Injuries: Accounts | Patriots

What you need to know about fantasy: The 15.2 points that Stefon Diggs scored in the first meeting look good in the box score, but was that the ceiling at that time? In this game, the total was 118 games (the lowest in a Bills game this season), and Diggs hit an unstoppable 50% of his runs. See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: New England is an outsider with 22-11 ATS with more than field goals under Bill Belichick (including playoffs) and 10-3 ATS with at least 7 points. More information can be found here.

Louis-Jacques’ choice: Bill 27, Patriots 7Flight selection : Accounts 27, Patriots 17
REIT Forecast : BUF, 58.5% (average 2.9 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: Accounts dominate the third quarter after a backlog at the beginning of the season … Patriots QB Cam Newton says: I still have a lot of soccer on…. The Bills fly over the Broncos on their way to their first AFC East Championship since 1995.

Friday evening match

Friday, 4:30 p.m. ET | Fox/NFL Compliance Rating
: 69.7 | Hope: NO -6.5 (51)

What to look for: An intriguing match between the three best defences of New Orleans and the five best offenses of Minnesota. The Saints and quarterback Drew Brees hope to shake off the rust after two straight losses – and win their fourth straight NFC South title. They still have a chance to come first in the NFC. One seed as well. But to do that, they have to defeat their nemesis. The Vikings have beaten them out of the playoffs twice in the last three years. — Mike Triplett

Bold prophecy: The hope of the Vikings to qualify is gone, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing left to lose. Another eight-day player, Justin Jefferson, will gather 132 yards to pass Randy Moss, the NFL leader in rookie receiving yards. He also scored two touchdowns on his return to Louisiana. — Courtney Cronin

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Figure it out urgently: Already in week five, the saints put the opposing quarterbacks under pressure, accounting for 39% of declines in the league. Kirk Cousins has been under pressure for two weeks in a row (two losses) and is 1-7 this season with a pressure of at least 30% of the time.

Playoff Elimination/Picture Preview : The Saints can win the NFC South with a victory or loss against the Buccaneers. If the cardinals win or lose, the Vikings are eliminated from the playoffs. The FPI gives the Vikings a chance of 6.4% to be in the top 10 in next year’s design.

Injuries: Vikings | Saints

What you need to know for a fantasy: Emmanuel Sanders was focused on 23.8% of his routes when Michael Thomas was off the field this season (compared to 17.7% when Thomas was on the field). See the review of week 16.

A fucking bet: New Orleans is 4-1 ATS against teams that have lost records this season. More information can be found here.

Cronin’s choice: Saint 27, Viking 20Triplett: Saints 26, Vikings 22
FPI Forecast : NO, 72.5% (average 8.0 points)

The juxtaposition should be read: The Vikings are learning the lessons of a lost season: Don’t waste the young stars, the lines need help and more… Could the Super Bowl or the Bust of the Saints finally reach their climax at the right time? … Justin Jefferson of the Vikings is approaching the recruitment reception… The fate of the defense of the saints: Shortly after the registration of a 92-shot team against Patrick Mahomes.

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