Warriors’ Steph Curry Goes Federal In Comeback Win Against Clippers



The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers were at the door again on Friday in a return game that was not without tension. What we’ve learned this season is that every time you have a star like Steph Curry on the team, the game becomes interesting.

Although his status prior to Friday’s game against the Clippers was called into question by a minor injury, Curry led the team to a comeback victory that shocked opponents in the NBA championship game.

Curry plays the role of MVP



The Warriors’ season started when the team made a very slow start. The team is no longer the dynasty of champions that it once was, it lacks key players and integrates new members. To say that the Warriors had a tough challenge to say the least, but the team was very well matched in their victory over the Clippers on Friday.

After dominating the first half, the Warriors found their rhythm and returned to something the team hadn’t seen before this season. However, the Warriors’ saving grace is none other than veteran Steph Curry, whose shot is considered one of the best in the league. For any opponent, he’s probably the biggest threat to the Warriors.

Golden State leads by 14 points at half time and 20 points in the second period, but with Curry in the lineup there is no confidence in the lead. The goalkeeper led the team to a comeback, hitting nine three-pointers against the Clippers this season.

Curry finished with 38 points in a 115-105 victory over Los Angeles. Curry had help from his teammates, including Brad Wanamaker, who sunk many of the three key points that led the Warriors while Curry was on the bench.

The warriors have found their rhythm.



For most of the game, the Clippers had the advantage and actually dominated in every respect before the Warriors had their spark. The Warriors beat the Clippers 52-20 in the last 15 minutes of the match.

Not only did Curry lead the team on offense, but when the rest of the team finally went into sync, it was Curry who helped the team find its rhythm. The defense also took a big step forward and held the Clippers with far fewer shots than in the first game.

When head coach Steve Kerr decided to switch to a small ball set-up, the momentum changed completely. Kerr’s offense struggled early in the game behind Kelly Oubre Jr., who has so far not played well this season, and came up with another lineup that allowed Curry to shoot.

The Warriors bounced back from their first loss to the Clippers on Wednesday to share this week’s victory over Los Angeles. Led by Curry, the Warriors seem to come alive.

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