Habit Trailer Turns Bad Girls Bella Thorne & Paris Jackson Into Hard Partying Nuns

When Bella Thorne and Paris Jackson entered the fashion industry, it was hard to envision what they would become. A few months later, they are now two of the biggest celebrities in the world, with their own television shows and massive social media followings. Thorne’s fame skyrocketed after appearing in the Disney musical movie “The Fosters” in 2013, and she has since become a household name thanks to her wholesome good girl image and fashion sense.

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Bella Thorne and Paris Jackson are two of today’s most talked about celebrities—and for solid reasons. Both women are human beings who have chosen to ignore their pasts. However, they are not the first to make that move.

Check out the new Habit trailer, which stars Bella Thorne, Paris Jackson, and Gavin Rossdale as nuns who evade drug lords and kick some butt like no other. It’s a fast-paced adrenaline trip with plenty of one-liners. The tagline, “They’re still nasty girls underneath,” is an understatement.

This edgy, outlandish thriller, reminiscent of early Tarantino, is one ‘habit’ you’ll want to develop, according to the official description. Mads (Bella Thorne, The DUFF) is a party girl from L.A. who obtains a job carrying narcotics for Eric, a washed-up Hollywood celebrity. Mads and her two hot BFFs disguise themselves as nuns after their money is stolen and Eric is killed by a rival drug lord. These wicked ladies, despite their costumes, are far from angels. Paris Jackson, Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect), and Gavin Rossdale also appear in the film (Constantine). Alison Mosshart of the English-American rock group ‘The Kills,’ who is making her film debut, and Jamie Hince, who has dabbled in the film scene,’ have both joined the cast.

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Thorne’s next project, Ben and Bella’s Musical Affair, is a TV mini-series that continues the music theme. Bella Thorne’s relationship with fiancé Benjamin Mascolo is documented in this series as they make their first move together while creating music. Thorne is directing, giving the audience an up-close look at her love life, film career, and Ben and Bella’s unabashed attitude to art, love, and fame.

For those not familiar with Mascolo, he is one-half of the pop duo ‘Benji & Fede’ (with Federico Rossi), and also now performs as a solo artist under the name B3N. In February, he released an EP titled ‘California.’ Speaking of ‘Benji & Fede,’ Mascolo said they aimed to “make our own path in our own way because I believe the sort of artist we are is different than most Italian people that came here before us.”

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Time Is Up, the Italian pop star’s debut film, was released in 2020, and he co-starred alongside Thorne in it. He announced the news on Instagram, writing, “side by side with my companion in crime.” In the autumn, the two were on site in Rome, filming the picture.

The pair met in 2019 during Coachella and announced their engagement in March.

And he let us in on their whirlwind relationship around a year ago when he captioned a photo of the pair on the beach, “You arrived like a UFO alien in my very regular Italian popstar life about a year ago and f****d up all my plans for an amazing Coachella weekend and summer in Ibiza and Mykonos. It’s safe to say that this was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and I’ll be eternally thankful to you, my lovely little lady. God bless the moment I overcame my shyness to contact you and say “let’s hang together.” Thank you for always being yourself and educating me about the essence of love and life.”

This year’s Christmastime is expected for Ben and Bella’s Musical Affair. Habit will be released in select cinemas on August 20, and will be available to rent on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital on August 24.

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