Wonder Woman 1984 Ropes in a Stunning Blast from DC’s Past

After countless delays and dramas, the long and overwhelming wait is now over – Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here. Even before the release of the film, we knew that the plot would bring back Gal Gadot to play the role of the hard Diana Prince, a.k.a. her. Wonder Woman, Kristen Wiig becomes Apex Predator and Lord Pedro Pascal de Maxwell becomes the center of a huge disaster. But rest assured, the war of 1984 contains a number of surprises, including a nostalgic cameo that successfully completes the story. And if our conclusions (and desperate hope) are correct, it should be more than a service to the fans.

(The following article contains the main spoilers of Wonder Woman 1984. Now turn away if you haven’t seen it yet).

POWERFUL : Why Wonder Woman in 1984, Diana dropped her sword and shield.

At the beginning of December, director Patty Jenkins explained to Collider how the middle credits of Wonder Woman 1984 will serve as a button for the film. But it’s not just the film’s conclusion, because the closing credits scene features none other than the original Wonder Woman, Linda Carter, who starred as the superhero in 1975! Better yet, Jenkins didn’t choose Marvel’s trendy multi-versal gadget – Carter doesn’t appear as an alternative version of an Amazonian princess from another universe. She is presented as Asteria, who died decades ago, long before Diana left Themyscira. But in a way, she’s still Wonder Woman.

Who’s Asteria?

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Because Jenkins wanted Carter to be the great revelation of Wonder Woman 1984, there were not many details about the character. In a short scene, the resurrected Steve falls on a shiny golden armor in Diana’s house and asks where it comes from. Diana then tells the story of Asteria, the bravest of the Amazon warriors. Years ago, after the warriors began fighting humanity, they had no choice but to seek safety on the island of Themyscira.

But when humanity threatened to kill her, Asteria offered to stop the attackers and let her comrades-in-arms escape. To give him a chance in battle, all the other warriors gave up their armor so that a strong and robust armor, the Golden Eagle armor, could be made for Asteria. Their sacrifice paid off and the remaining warriors fled to the island, but they never forgot her and even keep their annual games in her memory.

Diana tells us that in the years after the first film she went looking for Asteria, hoping to survive innumerable aggressors, and now just living among the people. But all she found was his armor. At the end of the film, Diana wears a golden harness, as can be seen in the trailers (although it doesn’t reveal why she chooses to wear it), during her deadly confrontation with Cheetah.

As for Asteria, it turned out that the attack she voluntarily committed to save her people was too great to survive. Moreover, since Diana never found a trace of her in the years she was looking for, we can assume that she died and was only named to give the golden armor a story about its origins.

Well, wrong answer.

Asteria is alive.

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It turns out that despite Jenkins’ aversion to mid- and end-of-movie scenes, the 1984 war has something. In a short scene we see a woman in a long blue coat walking down the street while a heavy pole starts to fall. He would have crushed the woman and her child, but this mysterious lady stops him in time with one hand. A grateful woman runs after him to express her gratitude, but the character turns around and makes three great revelations – the first, of course OMG, is Linda Carter! Yes, the speculation about the fans was well-founded, it didn’t just appear on the 1984 DC FanDome panel.

She introduced herself as Asteria, who apparently survived and… for a long time to subtly save people. So even if Carter here isn’t Diana Prince, she’s still the first Wonder Woman, and that’s all that matters.

Maybe it’s just a cameo to pay tribute to the fans of Linda Carter’s first race as a superhero. But since no other narrative arch was erected in 1984, which gave birth to the third film, perhaps the appearance of the actress rather points to a cinematic adaptation of some Wonder Woman existing in the comic book of the next episode. We have nothing against a second Amazon warrior, especially if it’s Linda Carter herself! Wonder Woman 1984 is currently being released on HBO Max after a limited theatrical release.

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