Ranking NHL prospect pools – Top prospects, breakouts, pipeline status and more for all 31 teams in 2020-21

It has been a very strange year for NHL prospects, with several shortened seasons and/or long breaks between competitive games. It influences the development of the actors. But even though it’s a little more complicated than in normal years, we rank each pool and determine the top 10 prospects in each franchise, a potential breakout candidate this season, and those who could play a role at the level of the NHL next year.

I have divided the prospects of each club into three categories, which are shown in brackets in the team prospects ranking:

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1 Connected

  • It is very likely that NHL players will become top players (i.e. six forward, four defenders, or long-term goaltenders).
  • B prospects are more likely to become NHL regulars and artists.
  • The prospects indicate that he needs more development time or has deeper characteristics to become an NHL player.

The systems are generally judged on the first three or four perspectives, but I also put a lot of emphasis on depth. While there is often turnover in this organizational ranking as players graduate quickly and sometimes dramatically change the face of the system from year to year, this is how the pool of potential NHL players is built as we prepare for the 2020-21 season.

Pay attention: A player has to be a rookie to play. Players who participated in 26 or more regular NHL season games last season are ineligible and have not played at least 50 NHL games in their careers. And players are only eligible for prospect status if they are 25 years of age or younger.

Be part of the team:

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/All-the-rumors-news-deals-and-reaction.png http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605607042_682_NHL-Power-Rankings-Mid-offseason-edition.png&h=110&w=110.png

Top 10 prospects

Player Level
1. Quinton Byfield, C. A
2. Alex Turcotte, C. A
3. Arthur Kaliev, LW A
4. Rasmus Kupari, K/V A
5. Samuel Fagemo, Los Angeles. A
6. Gabriel Vilardi, Q/V. A
7. Tobias Bjornfoth, D. B
8. Tyler Madden, RW. B
9. Akil Thomas, C. B
10. Hell’s Grandma, D. B

No team has gathered as much perspective as the Kings. And with the addition of Crown Jewel #2 in 2020, Quinton Byfield has taken a great system and made it a class of its own.

Los Angeles’ system is very forward-looking and the vast majority of the best prospects are natural centers. They won’t all play on the next level, but if you want to be strong in one position, it’s certainly not a bad area to focus on.

In addition to Byfield, the team has five other prospects with an A rating and ten prospects with a B rating, which is a high rating for our entire team. Prospects Eight Kings is also in our latest top 100. The only thing missing in the system is a real goalkeeper, but they have some interesting players in Lucas Parik and Jacob Ingham that could develop.

Decisive candidate for 2020-21 : Alex TurcotteThe potential impact of the NHL in 2020-21 : Tobias Bjornfoth, Cale Klug, Mikey Anderson, Gabriel Villardi, Jareth Anderson-Dolan…


Top 10 prospects

Player Level
1. Alexis Lafrenière, L.V. A
2. Igor Shesterkin, G. A
3. Nils Lundqvist, D. A
4. Vitaly Kravtsov, RV A
5. It’s Andre Miller, D. B
6. Fry Schneider, D. B
7. Morgan Barron, C. B
8. Zack Jones, D. B
9. Carl Henriksson, C. B
10. Matt Robertson, D. B

The choice of number 1 in the 2020 project has led to an overload of the prospect pool with several top graduates, including Cape Kakko and Adam Fox. Alexis Lafrenière is the number one hopeful hockey player and one of the most complete wingers in the league, right after his concept picking for years.

In addition to adding a new No1 prospect, Rangers see Igor Shesterkin as a promising player who could be a Calder Trophy favorite after his short stint last season. He is the number two hockey player behind Yaroslav Askarov’s recent design and is a key element for the future of the Rangers. The same goes for Vitaly Kravtsov, who brought the CHL into shape this season. Meanwhile, the Rangers are still expected to sign Nils Lundqvist after he enjoyed one of the best U-20 seasons in the history of the SHL in 2019-20.

The Rangers not only have a large, high quality pool, but also a deep multiplayer pool that will appear in the near future. This is especially true on the blue line, since the club could look at K’Andre Miller, Braden Schneider, Zach Jones and Matt Robertson.

Decisive candidate for 2020-21 : Brett BerardThe potential impact of the NHL in 2020-21 : Alexis Lafrenière, Igor Shesterkin, Morgan Barron.



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