Fed up Messi ‘tired’ of being blamed for all of Barcelona’s problems

Lionel Messi says he is tired of being accused of problems in Barcelona after former agent Antoine Grizman accused him of running a terrorist regime in the club.

On Wednesday Messi, 33 years old, after returning from the international service in Argentina, was greeted by a crowd of journalists at El Prat airport in Barcelona.

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A journalist asked him what he thought of Eric Olhat’s statement last week that he had too much control over Barku and Grizman could not bring into the club.

I’m tired of always being a problem with everything that happens in this club, Messi answered.

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Griezman has always claimed that he had good relations with Messi, and sources close to the French International say that it has been many years since he spoke with Olhat.

In Barca’s last game before the Interlandbreaker, both teams made a positive impact on the field and the dummy Messi scored a goal for Griezman.

But Messi’s recent statements will only feed speculation that he can leave Barca after his contract expires next summer.

The Argentine attacker would leave in August after his 8-2 defeat at Bayern Munich. Sources said ESPN Manchester City had announced a deal, but Barca wouldn’t let it go.

In a speech in September, Messi, who has been with Bark for 20 years, said that his main problem in recent years was the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his management of the club.

However, in October Bartouméou resigned and paved the way for his successor to negotiate a new agreement with Messi.

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Sid Lowe is saddened by the news that Luis Suarez will miss a match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona against Covid-19.

The new president will only be elected at the end of January and their first task will be to convince Messi that they can build a winning team around him for the final years of his career.

As long as everything is in order, Messi can negotiate a preliminary contract with any club in January and he can leave June next year free of charge.

If you’re lucky enough to have the best player in the world on your team, you need to keep that talent, said Victor Font, one of the presidential candidates, in an interview with Reuters this week.

When Messi comes to the match, we can’t easily find an alternative because there is no alternative to Messi. It is therefore very important to retain them in the short term.

Messi returned to Spain on Wednesday after Argentina signed with Paraguay after beating Peru in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

He will resume training with Barca on Thursday before taking over the invincible Atletico Madrid on Saturday, which will be without good friend and former teammate Luis Suarez after a positive coronavirus test.

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