Tourism in New York City hit hard by coronavirus, recovery may take at least five years

New York is a popular tourist destination, but the coronavirus pandemic has destroyed the city’s tourist potential. The safety standards established to minimise the risk of contamination have become very important for businesses operating in the tourism sector. According to experts, recovery can take up to five years. Industry is suffering billions in losses and massive unemployment, and a recovery would be labour-intensive. In 2019, the city received a record 66.6 million visitors, including 13.5 million foreigners. The Municipal Tourism Promotion Agency predicts that such figures will not be achieved until 2025.

The Daily Mail UK quotes an official saying: At first, she’ll be very slow. He believes that the arrival of the vaccine will contribute to the revival of the population. Several companies are carrying out tests to demonstrate the efficacy of the vaccine. However, in addition to the closure of Broadway, the virus has also damaged a number of important areas, such as hotels, bars and restaurants in New York City. They have been blocked since March and people have to stay inside if they want to take to the streets to get rid of the boredom. Simple leisure activities, such as watching a film or visiting a museum or exhibition, are taboo. It’s a dark scenario. In the first three months up to 12 million people visited the city, but as soon as the blockade started, the numbers dropped.

Tourism has become a major victim, and it is literally suffocating in the breath. The trend is worldwide.

New York Pandemics Ruins Tourism

NYC & Company predicts that by 2021 the number of visitors will reach 38.2 million. In 2024 it will probably be 69 million. However, there will be fewer foreign visitors.

They are the ones who can spend the most money, and reducing their numbers would not help reconstruction. Broadway is a city landmark and employs almost 97,000 people. They’ll be without sources of income. Manufacturers negotiate with trade unions to develop methods for reopening.

The Daily Mail UK points out that many countries have banned international travel and imposed quarantine restrictions. They’re a deterrent. In September it was predicted that 64% of restaurants in the state of New York could close because of the corona virus.

Many people have fled New York

The Daily Mail UK reports that residents have left the city in the past month. There are thousands of them, and the migration is due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was the combined effect of increased infections, deaths and limitations. One of the attractions in New York City is the Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Rockefeller Center on the 2nd floor. December. Due to the ‘no hurry’ rule, visitors may have problems seeing the illuminated show.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in November, followed by Christmas and New Year’s Day in December, attracts a large crowd. This year, people could miss these events. Governor Andrew Cuomo has already announced new restrictions on bars, restaurants and gyms to test the resurgence of the virus throughout the state.

Pandemic-induced freefall in New York Tourism

According to the New York Times, this city is the most popular travel destination in the world. However, the pandemic sees empty double-decker buses around Manhattan. Crowds of tourists are missing on the ferries arriving at the Statue of Liberty. Some hotels in the city have very few guests, while others take in homeless people to contain the spread of the virus.

A sudden collapse of tourism-related sectors has led to job losses. At the end of October, more than 1.3 million people received unemployment benefits. This is not only the case in New York, but it is a global challenge for the tourism industry in terms of innovation. Singapore Airlines has converted its two stationary A380 super jumbo jets into restaurants.

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