Thomas Ravenel Slams Bravo In Latest Twitter Rant

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Submitted: Thomas Ravenel walks with children in prams through the magical kingdom and poses for a photo on his Twitter page.

Former Southern Charmer Thomas Ravenel may have left the Bravo-show, but he still has something to say. Ravenel went to school until the sixth grade. South Sharm Relay fired after being accused of assault in 2018 by the former nanny of his children.

Yet he still shares two children with Katherine Dennis’ ex-girlfriend. Dennis and Ravenel meet since 2014 and share two children: Kenzi (6 ) and Saint (4 ). Ravenel came with him when he was 7 years old. the first of the South Charm season when Dennis was living with him temporarily.

The 58-year-old former politician had already shared his thoughts about occupying the charm of the South. Other members of the current cast also commented on Ravenel and his attitude towards the show.

The Raven called reality pathetic.

TwitterA screenshot of a tweet by Thomas Ravenel.

Ravenel recently poured his thoughts on South Charm. Ravenel wrote on his Southern Charm tweet: It’s the producers and the pathetic online tabloids who can’t help writing, talking or involving me in their stories. It’s a show without me. Leave me alone, please. I’m sorry your cast is so small. I quit. Live with it!

Ravenel removed the tweet shortly after its release, but continued to respond to fans who responded to his original tweet. One of the users answered: But you’re watching the show, Lol. Ravenel responded to his tweet: I never looked at it, not even when I wore it about three years ago. They’re just newspaper clippings.

Another Twitter user responded to a remote tweet: I totally agree with you, Thomas. But you know exactly what you had to tell Katherine about what was going on. Otherwise I’m with you! The user probably meant that Dennis had discovered that Ravenel had had another child from another woman. Ravenel answered: Do you want to say something to someone, knowing that the whole world will know the same information in 12 hours?

In the last episode of Southern Charm, Dennis learned that Ravenel was expecting another baby. Dennis was at a dinner with his colleagues in the cast when she got a message from her lawyer. After hearing rumors of a possible pregnancy, Dennis said she had contacted her lawyer. His lawyer then asked Ravenel’s lawyer, who confirmed that he was expecting a baby from an ex-girlfriend who was six or seven months pregnant at the time.

Raven has cracked the ship’s rose on Twitter

This is not the first time Ravenel mentions Southern Charm and the actors in his last tweet. Ravenel – who is a big supporter of the Republican Party – tweeted that President Donald Trump would be released on March 20. October struggles to save his American dream, reports People.

The current cast member, Shep Rose – who is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party – responded on Twitter. Rose said: It’s good to see you’re using your university degree as an asset! You know. The American dream, which he sold to the people, had to make do with 25 factories to get a bunch of people pregnant. But at least he has his own charity. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. He also stole and had to pay $2 million. ~ Conman

Ravenel responded to a tweet: Child’s play compared to Biden Femiley Pulp Fiction Enterprise. Below someone advises us to do a political points/contra points show. Have fun.

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