Liga MX clubs unveil stunning new kits

If you are looking for the best new football shirts for 2020-21, forget about the Premier League or even the UEFA Champions League – the Mexican MX League has some of the best shirts you can find this season with this special edition Day of the Dead t-shirts.

Mexican sportswear manufacturer Charly has created a special event for its five MX League clubs – Atlas, Pachuca, Queretaro, Santos Laguna and Tijuana – in the run-up to 1 and 2 January. November: a series of Dia de los Muertos T-shirts with the theme of the third alternative.

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Charly was inspired by calaveras (turtles), orendas (altars), pan deuerto (sweet bread), campasuhila (marigolds) and other traditional symbols of the feast of remembrance.

The result is five shirts that truly capture the spirit of the Day of the Dead and that are uniquely Mexican, but at the same time exist as beautiful knitwear.

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The grey shirt Charly is talking about is inspired by the sweet tip that brings us the azucar calaverita [a sugar skull that is often eaten during feasts]. It may be just a choice, but the first knitted series of the series presented did not get a positive response in the social media.

Atlas de Guadalajara are outside the qualification zone, have not won the title since 1951 and just lost to the city of Classico Tapatio Civas when the jersey appeared on Twitter.

Fans of rival clubs rushed to ask cruelly if the Day of the Dead T-shirt shouldn’t be worn by the deceased team.

– Order for Atlas Day from Charly’s Dead Knitting Atlas Day.

The Los Tuzos t-shirt is a tribute to the color of care that can be seen in cemeteries and altars throughout Mexico and beyond.

The bright orange and yellow are supposed to lead the deceased by their smell and sunshine to the alley, where usually a favorite food, drink or music can be found.

There will certainly be no reason why Pachuca’s players shouldn’t select their teammates on the field.

– Order the pachuka on Charlie’s knitting day.

I will support you here and in your next life by reading an ad for a purple Keretaro shirt. Our passion goes to the other world.

On the shirt are women’s skulls along the stripes, influenced by La Dama de la Muerte (The Lady of Death) or La Catrina, whose painted face has become perhaps the most famous symbol of the Day of the Dead in the world.

– Order Querétaro’s Day of the Dead sweater for Charly…

The intricate designs are based on fine paper patterns, mainly of turtles, which are used to decorate the altars that families place in houses in honour of deceased family members.

The green and white shirt should be protected as a warrior, even after death, says the description of the green shirt of Los Guerreros.

– Order Charly Santos Laguna a day of dead knitting.

The red Tijuana T-shirt – whose nickname is Los Xoloitzcuintles (Mexican bald dogs) – is inspired by Xolotl, the god of the Aztecs, who is often depicted as a man with a dog’s head serving as a guide for the souls of the dead.

– Order Tijuana the day Charlie died knitting.

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