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Davie, Fla. — Two quarterbacks, divided by a peak in the NFL interview in 2020, are likely to be tied for the rest of their careers. Tua Tagovayloa and Justin Herbert met for the first time when on Sunday (16.05 EST, CBS) the Dolphins brought the chargers from Los Angeles to Miami.

Football fans can only hope that this is the start of the next big NFL competition for the quarterback. There may never be such a Tom Brady-Peyton Manning again, but it’s very exciting to see how many young quarterbacks are playing in the AFC.

Tagovayloa and Herbert are rivals, but they don’t blow up that competition.

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According to Tagovayloa, all the media have to do is deal with it. I have no hostility to Justin Herbert, and for me it’s not even a match between him and me. This match is a chance for me to find out what I can do to help our team succeed in their defense. And I’m pretty sure the same goes for Justin.

Herbert added: Personally, I feel like it’s a game every week and I’m worried about the team we’re playing against. It’s always good to follow these guys, but it’s more important to win the guys you’re playing against, whether they’re Raiders or Broncos. … A quarterback game is one of the keys to victory, but in general, I think the key is how the offense and defense are played.

And there will be important battles in which each quarterback will have to fight the opposing defense individually.

For Herbert, who has done a great job with the Blitz this season, how he plays against one of the best and strongest defenders in the NFL at the Blitz will be crucial. Brian Flores, the dolphin trainer, admitted that Herbert made you think twice. In this game in general, the attack of the Chargers № 2 against the dolphins № 4 marks a defense.

For Tagovayloa, the attack and his comfort level will continue to develop without the 1.93m wide receiver Preston Williams, who was added to the injury pool this week with an injured leg. After his disappointing NFL debut, Tagovayloa opened scoring against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, unleashing an incredibly deep ball and an impressive move. So far he’s been closest to Alabama Tagovayloa, but he’ll have the defensive side of the Chargers, Joey Forest, after him and try to destroy his comfort.

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Stephen A. Smith says that Tua Tagovayloa and the Dolphins don’t have to go to the playoffs to be successful.

Both fights are very important, but most fans will still compare Tagovayloa and Herbert.

It’s Churgers vs. Dolphins, it’s a team sport. That’s what makes soccer so great. They have two excellent starting quarterbacks. This whole class has so far proven to be a pretty good class for starting quarterbacks, said chargers coach Anthony Lynn. I understand what will be said in Tua against Herbert or Herbert against Tua.

The three teams that made up the QB in the top 10 – Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow; Dolphins, Tagovayloa; Chargers, Herbert – are probably more optimistic now that they have found their franchisees.

Herbert is the first QB rookie since 1950, with more than 2,000 yards passing and more than 15 touchdown passes in his first seven starts. He takes an average of 307 yards per game, the third highest of all players in the NFL-QB (Roof Prescott of the Cowboys, Russell Wilson of the Seahawks), combined with 17 touchdowns and five interceptions.

Despite the fact that Burrow is the second most frequent KB this season (28), it was also impressive. He is currently the only QB rookie to have gone beyond the 400 yards in passing and scored 11 touchdowns on five interceptions.

Tagovayloa, with two starts, is probably the best game of a trio, a total of 283 yards, two touchdowns, no round and a fourth quarter comeback against the Cardinals last Sunday. Everything you need this week
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Herbert and Burrow participate in the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year race. Tagovayloa, the last of the three starts, caught up with the representatives but set the pace for victory (Tagovayloa 2-0, Herbert 1-7, Burrow 2-5-1).

Despite requests from coaches to focus on the team, the quarterback fights are increasing. Next month Tagovayloa plays Barrow for the first time. But there’s a mutual love between quarterbacks.

I look forward to playing [Tagovayloa] this week and hopefully I can say hello to him, Herbert said. He’s a playmaker, he plays big games in big situations. He’s a smart, athletic guy who throws the ball all over the field, so he had fun watching.

From the team’s point of view, it has a little more juice because both organizations spent a lot of time evaluating Tagovayloa and Herbert in the preparatory process. In the end the dolphins, who chose number 5, bet on Tagovayloa, despite their precarious state of health. He left the chargers with Herbert, but he doesn’t regret it.

We got the quarterback we wanted, Lynn said. Tua is an excellent young man and quarterback, but we are very happy with our quarterback.

The dolphins will say the same thing, and that can only be done in 2022 or later, until we find out who has the best argument. On Sunday the first battle of Tagovayloa-Herbert takes place and one can only hope that there will be many more.

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