There’s No Water Left in The Sponge

Pending the final farewell scheduled for this month, World War II legend The Undertaker once again pointed out that he had resigned as a professional wrestler. Last June The Undertaker seems to have announced his resignation in an episode of the documentary series Undertaker from the Second World War: The Last Ride, which suggests that his cinematic style is in keeping with A.J. The Styles on WrestleMania 36 is the perfect complement to a 30-year career. Today Dead Man confirms in a new interview with the New York Post that he doesn’t want to go back to the ring.

I realized that I have taken and used every physical gift, every instrument I have, said the seven-time heavyweight world champion. There’s no water left in the sponge, if I may use that analogy. I managed to squeeze everything out of that sponge.

POWERFUL: Steve Austin’s new documentary film The Cold Stone was directed by the producers of The Last Dance.

Cinema games, such as the Bondar Battle between the undertaker and A.J. Stile, have the potential to extend a wrestler’s career, because these duels cause less damage to the human body than permanent blows to the wrestler’s ring. Junior admits that he could definitely participate in more of these games, but because he thinks it would be deception, he also says he’s not interested in the idea of having a movie-like game again.

I really don’t like it, because it’s actually a work that bypasses my limits, the director said. He uses some of my skills and some of my creative abilities to tell a story, but more importantly, he tries to hide some of my physical abilities at the time.

Thirty years before the day The Undertaker made its WWE debut, it will be released. In a company where wrestlers often change organisation or territory, a contractor’s career is important because he or she has remained very loyal to WWE as the company’s longest-serving wrestler. The first wrestler appeared on the 22nd. November 1990, in a Survivor Series pay-per-view, revealed as the mysterious million-dollar team partner Ted DeBeise. This year the series Survivor is also planned for the 22nd edition. November, and the show will include the final farewell party for The Undertaker. The event can be viewed on the WWE network.

Even if The Undertaker decides to stop competing in a square circle, it does not mean that the fans will not be seen as a seemingly random character. Recently Dead Man returned at full speed to take part in a special show called The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon performing his finishing manoeuvre with a tombstone on the finish line for a lifeless scarecrow. It is very likely that it will continue to appear strangely in the WWE program for some time to come, even if it is not registered in any of the games on the card.

When he retired professionally, The Undertaker also discovered many new things in his personal life. In recent years, he will always remain outside the arena in his role to keep alive the spirit of the mysterious undertaker. Recent video and print interviews of the man behind the character, Mark Calaway, have seen the famous wrestler speak much more openly and honestly about his wrestling experiences. This message is from the New York Post.

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