Notable Bets – NFL ‘dogs bark in Week 8, betting public suffers

Minutes before the Dallas Cowboys faced the Philadelphia Eagles in prime time on Sunday, an Illinois customer slipped a PointsBet sports book in the first quarter.

Better risked $270,000 on the Eagles to win the first quarter at -270. There was sweat.

The Cowboys, losers behind third row quarterback Ben DiNucci, won 3-0 and then picked up the ball from Carson Wenz on the front row of the Eagles. The Cowboys extended their lead by serving inside the Philadelphia 10-yard line before DiNucci spit the ball out to the second and second incoming 5-47 on the left.

Wenz led the Eagles on the field and, with two seconds to go, scored a 2-yard touchdown for Jelen Reagor to give Philadelphia a 7-3 lead.

A gambler from Illinois won $100,000.

Unfortunately for the public betting, it was one of the few Sunday NFL successes that some bookies have called the best of the season.

Here is this week’s edition of Notable Bets, our weekly overview of sports betting across the country.


– On Sunday the losers won with 8-4 against the litter, with six clear victories. The result is the most lucrative Sunday of the season for some bookies, just a week after one of the worst NFL Sundays in 2020.

It’s easy to choose the best Sunday of the season, said ESPN Thomas Gable, director of the Borgata sports book in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Just as bad as last Sunday, he’s almost caught up.


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– Nick Bogdanovic, commercial director of William Hill US, said the Vikings of Minnesota are angry because the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Tennessee Titans, who are the biggest winners in their books.

In William Hill’s sports books, 91% of the money was wagered on Vikings-Packers’ favorite game to cover the 6-point gap. Vikings 28-22 have won in Green Bay.

The loss of the Packers was enormous, says John Murray, CEO of SuperBook in Westgate Las Vegas. If it wasn’t the best game of the season in the NFL, it would be at the top.

The action was also one-sided for the Titans, who got 7 points on the road, and not for the Bengalis. Nearly 90% of the money distributed at the outlets was used to support William Hill’s books in Tennessee. Cincinnati’s never been crazy 31-20.

– The Kansas City Sheffs finished as favorites with 19.5 points over the New York Jets, the largest spread of the season to date, and the Sheffs were added to the favorites list with -2,800 on the silver line to win.

On Thursday, Iowa bookmaker William Hill bet $60,000 on the Chiefs to beat the Jets at minus 2,800. The gambler made a net profit of $2,142.85 while Kansas City lost 35 to 9.

Another William Hill bookmaker in Iowa risked $1,000 on the $2,800 cash line and made a net profit of $35.70.

PointsBet reported placing a $40,000 cash bet on Chiefs -2,105. The gambler won $1,900 net.

Prior to the William Hill National Sports Betting Competition, 72% of online bets were placed on the Jets Chiefs, but 93% of online bets were placed on the Chiefs.

For each online bet on the Chiefs, the Borgata has announced the acceptance of 15 online bets on the Jets.

– After the 24-3 victory of the Los Angeles Chargers in the third quarter, the Denver Broncos are expected to return to 20-1 and beat William Hill in the US. The Bronco sent the ball back, scored a touchdown at the end of time for a one-meter pass from Drew Lock to KJ Hamler and earned an extra point from Brandon McManus. William Hill reported that he bet $10 on the Broncos’ 20-1 win in the game.

– The wind played a role in several games and dropped the final results by several points over the course of the week. For example, the total number of thieves in Las Vegas – Cleveland Brown – increased from 55.5 to 48 with winds of 25 mph and winter precipitation in the forecast. The games of the Viking Puckers, Titans of Bengal, Patriots of New England-Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Holy Bears of Chicago also had a windy atmosphere. In these five games, however, it was all 4-1 against the consensual end result. However, the sly players who were defeated in these five games outside the numbers of the debutants, went to the game 4-1.

– Murray from SuperBook’s said Sunday was the second best Sunday in his store so far.

The morning was incredible, but the afternoon games were useless, he says. With the Sea Hawks we lost a lot (37-27 against 49), and with the Saints we lost (26-23 against the Bears). A beautiful day, but not as good as two Sundays ago, when it seemed as if almost all races were going to take place.

– Starting the Pittsburgh steelmakers season with a 7-0 result is very costly for Pennsylvania’s sports books. In the BetRivers books in Pennsylvania more money was wagered on the Steelers more points against the Baltimore Ravens than on any other team.

The most popular props for BetRivers in Pennsylvania were those of Pittsburgh newcomer Chase Kleipul, who scored a goal and won the Steelers by +250 points. Pittsburgh won 28-24 and Claypool scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The Steelers, who started the season 25-1 to win the Super Bowl in the Super Book, are now in second place 5-1 behind the Chiefs.

– On Sunday morning during the Super Bowl, one of the players bet $1,000 on a raider to win the Super Bowl 100-1.

Trevor Lawrence (and other university football news)

– The book market surprised Trevor Lawrence in front of most major media.

On Thursday afternoon, rumours began to spread in social networks and sports betting forums: Clemson’s star quarterback Lawrence tested positive on KOVID-19 and went to the game against Boston College Saturday.

Based on the history of the line of the bookmaker Don Best Sports’ office, we offer you a chronology of events:

Daily news and information programme on sports betting (18.00-7.00 ET, ESPN2), which aims to better serve the millions of sports enthusiasts participating in sports betting and to contribute to the training of sports enthusiasts in general through in-depth analysis. Clock

Thursday, 6:30. IT : The point spread – Clemson -30.5 – starts to falter on the influential books on offshore sports, who shortly after take the game off the board with a line on Clemson -29.5.

7:05 : Professional sports betting provider Ed Golden posts ads on Betting Talk Slack : Sounds like Lawrence to Clemson. Shortly after, the line continues to Boston College and goes to Clemson 27.

8:22 : NFL reporter Mike Garafolo reports that Lawrence tested positive.

8:40 : In the United States, gambling bets are largely suspended in sports books.

Friday, 8:39: The line reappears in sports books with Clemson now -24.

Saturday, 11:00 a.m.: 85% of William Hill’s sports bets, which bet on the points difference across the country, are made at Boston College.

Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz and Illinois quarterback Brandon Peters also missed games last week after testing positive on the COVID test, resulting in significant changes in point spread.

Circa Sports, the first sports book in the United States to publish weekly rules about college football, opened its distribution office in Wisconsin-Nebraska, Wisconsin-9. Two days later, when reinforcements from Mertz and Chase Wolf were divested, the line returned to Nebraska at -3. Eventually the line came back to Wisconsin 3 before leaving the game.

During the two days the game was on the board, we wrote about $50,000, said Matt Metcalfe, director of sports books in Circa.

Metcalfe said situations like this with the Clemson and Wisconsin quarterbacks force him to assess not only the credibility of the news, but also how it is received, no matter how accurate it is.

I must keep in mind that the market can respect [news] more than I can, Mr. Metcalfe said. You need to think about interpreting what you just read.

Rumors, whatever their reality, can be an opportunity for bookies.

Often, in situations where you don’t even have to be right, a professional sports betting provider who has followed the Clemson line has told ESPN. We can only bet that could be true. If that’s true, you made an incredible bet. If it’s not true, you can walk away from him.

– Clemson opened as a favorite with four points more than Notre Dame au cirque. The direction quickly changed to Clemson-7. Metcalfe said that before Lawrence was removed from the list, Clemenson would be the favorite with about 11.5 points instead of Notre Dame.

– More can openers in the circus:

Florida vs. Georgia (-5, 52.5)
BYU in Boise (-2, 59)
Stanford in Oregon (-14, 49.5)

Coefficients and endpoints

– On Sunday Tennessee started in 19th place. List a regulated sports betting market and the first in the United States online.

The bet, posted jointly by Joe Fortenbo and Tyler Fulham, is available live and on-demand on the ESPN application and ESPN’s social networks on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Clock

– Sports clubs in Nevada earned $32.89 million, up from $574.6 million in September, according to sales figures published last week by Nevada’s Gaming Control Board. $574.6 million in revenue, according to data published last week by the Gaming Control Board. In September 2019 there was a slight increase of $100,000.

With the number of football matches played being much lower, NFL and university football rates have fallen significantly, from $377.5 million in September 2019 to $220 million in September 2020.

– NASCAR announced last week that it is partnering with Wynn Resorts in the sports betting industry to help the sports betting provider obtain a sports betting license in Virginia, one of three states that have passed sports betting laws but have not yet introduced the sports betting market.

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